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*. rliOKOO'K, November. J3,


' pi*Jllr,a Biek, ' "?

; Ma?? iluufjafc' r^cjiip Jfl d«me tvlUn tKij? another .V«*r (writes Centaur, ourl racing cgrr$»oncient>, we c&r. .. it' dowfe iti our leisure hours, and rr-fi^ct j on btptenings p{ the season. It has' not been sufh a bad year for backers I ".5 Is often the ease, though when Dark

Watflor (at 2g to 1) and M'ippcrury I

Tim <100 to 1) sccured thi- Spring uoubjo U looked as though \vu wore ml for another pld-fnshlonoi) yi>ar ut dieidfwl. ouUldert. Vantogo UolU <30(> to'7) then caiuo along to take tlio .Newbury Cup, while Alamiy to 1) , and Priory Park (20 to 1), by register

ing the "double" at the Important first rtieetlng at Epsom, did not greatly alleviate the situation. Felstoad in the perby, indeed, rather aggravated It. But fi&nwing. the .su^osa of .T/>bog» Han «n the-Oa^e, and of Abbot's Bpefejl 4n the "JpUUee" at Kcmpton, thlnga took a.profipvnced chango for tire better, and popular winners like Priory

. Pufk (Royal Hunt Cup). Navigator j

(Steward's *Ci4p), Fairway '(Eclipse and] 6t. Leger), all helped to restore the backers balance, and to lnsi.lL confid ence. There in no doubt that Fairway is the beat ,3-yoor-old of the season ' aftd we can say this with greater em phasis when we bear Jn mind the fact that liiN -staVte companion, the filly Toboggan, Is not to face again. A clcse studfeht of the book of form ' mlfht argue that 1 should rate Fel

Btc-(id as good as Fairway, seeing that '* ho won'the chief classic, rtnd tho com

piler of tho Freo Handicap, of course, confirms the notion. All the flame, - I prefer to honk on what I have aeon with my own eyes where the two horses nre concerned, and If ever they meet again-it is doubtful owing to the unsoundness of Folatead-I shall

expect Lord Derby's colt to trounce the other well. 1 imagine that the first really big effort ot Fairway next sea port will be In tho Coronation Cup at j^psom. He may be an Asnpt 'Gold Cup

corfiehder JMe*/hut ft'-air depends on

how he Aliapee when tho stamina test Is. applied/

/ With the exception ot Toboggan, wo -Jmd HQ really good fillies, although , ^tho King's One Thousand Guineas

winner, Scuttle, promised to do big cthlngs early in the year. She gradually -went to piece*, However* altx-r her

.(failure In the Oalf*, and her defeat In

*lliat .particular eVeqt was perhaps the ^biggest d isnppotntmfat the. public had t^to swftilow throufftioift tfce season. Lord

'.t JSUestaero is tho Senior Steward of the

'Vtaekey Cluh thlsr9«^r. and, while he is Tiot & big owner * ttoyradays, we find ."that heo's lucky <en(>ugh to possess the

Unbeaten 2-yeatr*4ia filly. Tiffin. This, . jo£ course, Jjos 'made, his tenure of

than ordinarily delightful.

' '1-daughtar of tho

~ tily) was once

nptbn 2-year old t/«rid bf the sea

Ntfelcnow ^undisputed best

*l?ay& although

, She ^gallops j Is more im

.portfintratfll^^nitr to stay welL Her future, course, Uasri th* lap* of the -soils, but it is hard to fcfllsve that aha '-.will not nUuln t^asto fl^s'jtfaictJwi if . goes wall^yith

r-.4 BhoiDd -^Ke lo^jejdd? .thatTw ;one inn* ' *ha waa 4Bflg*ult>to trtan^aod^F* I>att*

fngmadfteft'Sr. the -,4booV"

* owned 1)7 tho "Agr ' -Khan, cpipM;oiit hept^pf the S-^ear-old

fcuijgfc taust tipt ^ecept tbta'tfact s®^^ol®^rted!y. Whbn *e wonWhe v^Hiadle ^^;8takes the going was Just "l to bls ufinfe and . pumps .8lr V.

: yCoason^s^ colt, Qay JDay, will one day

jjrroyp tl^at.he hsfe tfie'rtght to be called 4hav Klng-Pln amogig 1-year-olds. Gay . waft fourth behind Ooatald Paaha . 4n^the nabe.X htivh. iusV named, but he

got badly away, - and was never really f& the race wJth a chanca. In my next 'measage I will deal with ' lt»9 prospects .the Jumping season

wuich^lfli.always. prnty dull until thoi 1 l^ew T^ar oom«s along.