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MELBOURNE, February 12

Remarkable cricket was witnessed in the first day's play of the last teHt. In 8B minutes the South Afri cans were dismissed for only 86, one of this smallest test scores on record. The wicket certainly. assisted the bowlers, but it was by no Vneans bad. The visitors' failure could not as scribed mainly to the wicket. Sorou were caught off good strokes, but others comm'tted suicide, and a couple were victims of spectacular


Nash made a spectacular first ap pearance in a test match. He bowl ed well and took two splendid catches. Ironmonger was again prominent with the ball. It was remarkable to f'nd a test .team bdlny dismissed without Grimmettta bowling. O'Reilly, too, was not required.

Darling fielded In place of Brad man, who prior to th^ commence ment of the game, sprained Ms antta In the dressing room.

Australia also commenced badly, but a good partnership between Fin gleton and Rigg saved the situation. F'nglcton gave a n«at display.

In about a quarter of a hour, the South Africans lost Christy. In all 20 wickets fell during the day. The at tendance was 6870 and the takings £602. It was officially stated to-night I that Bradman's injury was not serious

and he will bat in the second Innings. The wicket at ths -failsh was quite f'rm, but was cut up to some extent by Nash. *

Nash opened the bowling to Mitchell, who bad Cumow as a partner.

Both Nash and McOabe made the ball rise menacingly. At seven Mitchell, who had made two, was caught by Rigg in slips off McOabe. Christy filled the vacancy and when the score was 16, scored in half an hour, Ironmonger re lieved McCabe. Nash Obtained his first wicket for four, when cumow was caught by Oldfleld. Taylor had not scored when he hit Nash to Klppax at cover. Three were down for It.

After vuioen had a very narrow escape of being run out, Christy was caught by Grlmmett off Nash, who had taken 3 for 4 off seven overs, Including four maidens. VUJoen was then cleverly snapped up by Darling off Ironmonger, Cameron varied the procedure by on driving Nash for two and three, but It was only a temporary halt In the pro cession to the pavilion.

At 26 Morkel was caught by Naab off Ironmonger. Cameron got the first boundary by cover driving Nash through point. At SI Nash, with a great catch off Ironmonger, dismissed VttHMnt. Ironmonger hid then taken (our wicket* tor one.

In the last over before lunch Cam eron was splendidly caught by MoCabe in the slips off Nash. At the lunch ad journment the total was nine for 33.

I Only three were added, after the in ' terval and Bell was stumped off Iron


Woodfull and Knglelon opened for Australia, but the captain was bowled by Bell's first ball. Rigg tiartnered Flngieton and the tuns came slowly. At s22 Rigg was caught In slips off Qulnn, when the total was 51. At 74 flngieton paid the penalty for snick ing Bell, and MoCabe was caught by Cameron off the next bail.

At tea the total was four for 78.

Nash took the total to 100 after 101 minutes with a lusty boundary hit. The Tasmanlan had made 13 when he was bowled by Qulnn. Klppax soon after made himself top scorer, passing Hngleton's 40. At 124, however, he was caught off McMillan. Only six were added when Oldfleld was splendidly caught at long eff by Cumow off Mc Millan. Curnow was also responsible for the dismissal of O'Reilly. The Innings ended when Grlmmett was caught be hind off Qulnn, the total being 163.

The visitors second innings com menced badly, Christy spooning the first ball he received from Nash. At stumps the total was one for five.

The scores were:

SOUTH AFRICA-First Innings.

MltoheU, c Rigg, b McCabe 2 Curnow, c Oldfleld. b Nash 3 Christy, c Grlmmett, b Nash 4 Taylor, c Klppax, b Nash 0 VUJoen, c Darling, b Ironmonger .. 1 Cameron, c MoCabe, b Nash 11 Morkel, c Nash, b Ironmonger ....' 1 Vincent, c Nash, b Ironmonger 1 McMillan, 'stpd. Oldfleld, b Iron

monger 0 Qulnn, not out "..... S Bell, stpd. Oldfleld, b Ironmonger 0

Sundries 8

Total ,f 96 Bowling: Nash 12 overs, 6 'maidens, 18 runs, 4 wicekts;'McCabp 4, 1, 4, 1; Ironmonger 7, 5, 0, 6.

AUSTRALIA-First Innings.

Woodftill, b Bell 0 Flngieton, c Vincent, b Bell 40 Rigg, c Vincent, b Qulnn 22 Klppax, c Curnow, b McMillan .... 42 McCabe, c Cameron, b Bell 0 Nash, b Qulnn is

Oldfleld, c Curnow, b McMillan .... u. Grlmmett, c Cameron, b Qulnn .. 9 O'Reilly, c Cumow, b McMillan .. 13

Ironmonger, not out J 0 ] Bradman, absent :> oi

Sundries ... *3

Total- 143 Bowling: Bell 16, 0, 62, 3; Qulnn 19, 4, 29, 3; Vincent 11, 2, 40, 0; McMillan 8, 0, 29, 3.

SOOTH AFRICA-Second Innings.

Christy, c and b Nash 0 Curnow, not out l' Bell, not out 4,

Total for one wicket '.... 6

Bowling: Nash 3, 0, 4, 1; Ironmonger

2, 1, 1, 0.


A new moving picture camera, cap able of taking 3000 pictures a second and covering about one-third of a mile of film in three minutes, was demon strated recently before the College of Franoe by it* inventor, Professor Mag nan. By means of the camera the movement of the wings of a dragon fly In flight tnay be studied in detail on a screen. Students, saw a blue

bottle in flight-its wings move' up and down 200 times a second-and films of flying mosquitoes and butterflw.