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  • timewell 21 Oct 2012 at 13:39
    These pars attach to the article in the previous column head POLICE COURT.

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For the defence, Frank Riethmuller, clerk and storekeeper for Peace and Sons at Ravenswood Junction, stated he remembered the 10th inst. He was in the office with complainant after 2 p.m. and again after 9 p.m. Witness was going to close the shop. When he walked to the door of his office he saw complainant talking to the two Messrs Peace. Complainant appear ed to be under the influence of drink. Complainant said, "You have continu ally made false statements to me." Witness told him to be careful or he would put him outside. He repeated the words. He also said, "You are an imposition on the firm and also an imposition on the men working for the firm." Witness placed his hand in the direction of complainant to hit

him, hut he did not hit him. Com-   plainant attempted to get out of the road, and shifted his position to a corner where there was a safe with three large ink bottles on the top. He made a grab at one of these and wit- ness caught hold of him and took the ink bottle from him. In the scuffle they both went to the floor and the ink went on their clothes. Witness did not strike complainant. There wire three days pay at 5/ per day coming to complainant. Witness was still in the employ of the firm.

Mr. Boyce: He did not come to   the court to plead guilty. He did not try to square up. He employed a lawyer about five minutes before court, and had always intended to de- fend. The two Peaces were very busy men and the matter was not im- portant enough to bring them to the


By Mr. Johnson: Complainant had not subpoenaed them.

Defendant was fined 5/-, costs of court 5/8, professional costs £2/2/.