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The subjoined official notes of the mining industry In Western ' Australia have been supplied by Mr. L. N. Shap cott, of the Mines Department:— N

NANNINE DISTRICT. In' the Nannlne district of the Mur chlson goldfleld a number of good crushings were reported for the month of August. At Garden Gully, from the Kyarra, 104 tons of ore were treated, for 273oz. of gold; and from tho Sab bath 34 tonB for 44oz. At Meekatharra, from the Lone Hand, 65 tons wore treated for 1B3oz.j and from the Fe nian 1,020 tons for . 1,170'oz. of gold, From the Federal 'City at Bumakura, 203oz, of gold were won from 300 tons of ore. Two prospecting areas at Gum Creek give goo'd results— one owned by F. H. Bowen, 7*402. from 40 tons of ore, and another owned by T. Calms, 60oz. from 40 tons of ore. Tho Con necticut mill .commenced crushing operations at Gum Creek early last month, the first crushings being taken from the areas last mentioned. From the Gibraltar Rock at Jllawarra 44.5oz. of gold were dollied. The Klondyke, Nannlne, returned 29oz. from 12 tons of atone, and the Nannlne Gold Mines treated 130 tons of ore for 254oz. of gold. . Some time ago the Champion leases at Nannlne were abandoned, and more recently' tho machinery was sold. The Hunter Brothers have now taken up the original Champion lease, and are erecting' a four-head mill close to the old battery site. Messrs. Hawke Bros, own the 'Welcome Strangor,' an adjoining property once held by a company, on which -valuable etono has now been discovered. It Is expected that a crushing ? booked at the State Battery will yield 2oz. to the ton. The Caledonian la being unwatored in order that the mine may bo sampled by the Great Plngall Consolidated. The Nan nlne Mine. Is being steadily developed, and stone of fair value is being raised. At Qulnn's, Mr. William Short has discovered. a ^uno' quartz reef, running parallel to the Phoenix line. This roof Is in the Parramatta lease, and has been picked up by Messrs, Cooke and Watson on the southern boundary of the property. Dollied stone averages an ounce to the ton, At Bumakura, tho prospects of The Federal City are very much . brighter than they wero months ago. Recent crushings show that the ore values have Improved. The Kohinoor, at StaHo Well, has been acquired by 'the syndicate work ing the Kohinoor South G.M. Oa's leases. Mr. Richard Eades, a mining en gineer, of Melbourne, has secured a six months' worklrig option over Mr

Savage's leases 93 and 901 N, at Meeka tharra, located close to the Meeka tharra townslto, and not far away from the Stato Battery. Tho August crush .'lng from th« South Block, 93 N, was $12 'tons for 2Wk-z. of gold. The lease was taken up 15 years ago, and the pre sent owner has held it for 12 years. N . On September 10, Edward Dare and William Hawker applied for a reward jClalm of eight acres, and- two gold mining leases of 12 acres each. The applicants, who are well-known pro spectors, roported that they had discov ered payable gold cloven miles west of Meekatharra and IVk miles N.E. of Trlgg 8, Mt. Obal. The new find is on Mr. Charles (Smith's pastoral leaso, and is. not far from tho old Peak Hill road. Specimens weighing about 4cwt,, picked ivp on the surface (by the prospectors, give an average return o£ 6oz. to the ton. Satisfactory results wero obtained from samples of stono taken from the roef, which is two feet

wide, and has been traced for threo quartera of a mile, It runs north and south throiigh a diorlte flat. Some eighteen leases have been pegged. Messrs, Dare and Hawker hold a. very high opinion of the discovery, and surface Indications are very encourag. Ing, but so far no shafts have been sunk. Water 1b not scarce In tho locality. Recent reports received at Nannino from .Mt. Egerton are a little disap pointing. Several prospectors on route for thlo centre havo met men on the'r,eturn journey. Nannlne hats been responsible for sending out a number of well equipped parties. 'There are a number of leases and prospecting areas at the White Horse, five miles south of Abbotts. The Cres cent' lease In this locality, is looking well; At Abbotts there is a little prospecting being done on one of the old leases, .