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r,;.;; Thevtwi:'- -.;;?? '

vTest'erday's meeting at _ Bicton was . .'well attended,. and the speculative pub £iic must-have had a._fairlK spod day, as 'three first and a second favorite scor -t^.edjn four of the- fi'.v.fi;ev'ents. which' -con- --stituted- the programme. ----

?'^'star£-Tva^ made-with-'-.the - -Txial ^Handfcap; whLch' attracted] half a' dozen ''runners. Two of Diamonds (Eminence' — Kitty Clover) was spiritedly' *sup ported, and finished up favorite at 6 .to 4. Buoyant and Memberup .were next7;in .request at- 3, to ,1 and 7 to 2- respectively., .-;Nothins had a chance 'yith.'jTw.o- of -Diamonds, who--\von by two ..lengths froni Myall - Prince, with Memberup a 'rieck away third. The stipendiary~stewards were not 'at all ?pleased with the performance of Buoy ant' : CM'Cauley); and after opening an inquiry adjourned further ? investiga tion until to-night. M'Cauley was ?suspended for the day. Another rid er carpeted was * Collins, who piloted Memberup. The way he handled his:. .mount did not .meet with approval, 'and he1 was severely cautioned. ? , ? / ~! ; Ten contested the Height Class Trial Handicap, and D..T., Coolaba, Scarfella, The 'Indian, and Thrush wer6 all solid ly supported.' The first named ifinish ed up favorite at 4 to 1. a point longer being on offer against' the others. D.J. pulled supporters through, winning 'br a length and a half from Coolaiba, with Cartiarn a length away third.'

Half a dozen sported silk in the Sec .vond .and. Third-Class Plate, and those ^nids't ' in.'' 'demand were Poti, ^Irs. r--Wisgs,-a'nd Astral at 2 to 1, 5 to -2, and' 'S' to^l'^espectivciy. ? It was the closest ~ finish ,of.'the afternoon, Mrs. 'W'i-ggs v'(T.h^^irisE_ Horse— Ban Ceontha) win '- ningTby:.a;ne6l£v:from' .'-rtriai; with Scot . chman a., fajr third. An .inquiry was held fry the stewards,, who thought the performance -of the winner was incon 'siste'nt with previous -ones. A- satis factory explanation was, however, giv «n. . . - 'RaffAa and Tonite'disputed. favoritism, inrttie Third-Clasa' Height Class Han .dicap, 'but Biack ,Cloud and Servian Maid t were also* well supported. Vic : 1 tory went to Tonite, ,who defeated Black. Cloud by a couple of lengths, with fjervian :Maid a similar distance away third. An inquiry. was opened ..concerning the running of Off Star, and adjourned. . Proceedings terminat red with. the- Second and Third Class' Purse, and- in a field of eleven/Cupar r' was made a' '5 to 2 favorite, Varlee and Two of Diamonds being- next inquired for at 4 to 1. Winner turned up in Miss'.'AltpV who got home three lengths in front . of Varlee,. with Regret a ? length 'and.a -half further away third. -:— Handicaps and weights for Satur

day's meeting at Goodwood were is sued at i ;. o'clock to-day, and will be found- in our late snorting columns. In connection with Saturday's Good-, wood meeting, a special - horse ? train will leave Premantle at 12.5 and Perth at 12.50. (Special passenger trains will leave Perth central- station at'l.4O and 1.53, and a ten-minute special tram service will bea\-ailabie from the cor ner of Barrack and Wellington streets. Bookmakers' licences and extra lads' and attendants' tickets may be obtain ed until 11.30. on .Saturday morning. - The stipendiary stewards' at the Bicton meeting yesterday were hard on the trail of suspicious ha-ppenings, and quite- a batch of inquiries were hcta, ana 'adjourned until to-nig-ht. The ednneetions of [Poti, Off ' Star, ,and. Buoyant are cited to appear. Stakes won at the Fremantle Race Club's meeting yesterday are payable at the club's office at 2.30 to-morrow. (Abbey Craig, who won a double at Hamilton -quite recently, is a half brother .by Wallace .to ^armont.

The two-year-old 'filly Gemlet, who cost .1,000 guineas as a yearling, is to be retired to, the stud. - ; From Melbourne comes word that Walter Hicken'ootham has taken in ?hand. at.Fleimngton a couple of realiy nice' yearlings by' Wallace. . One is from Cross Keys' and the other from Shell. They are the property of Mr. H. A. Currie. . , ~ ' ' ) ' Mr. P. Morton, who /had the im ported mare Averse on lease from Mr. J. H. Aldridgc, has purchased her out right. The price, was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 gns. The ?Sydney sportsman scratched the Orme ?filly for all. engagements at the Ade laide Cup meeting.

The filly , by Charlemagne II. from Armilla, for whom the Melbourne sportsman who races as Mr. -rS. A. Rawdon'' gave 600 gns. at Messrs. K. Chisholm and' Co's. sale, is full sister to the two-year-old ; Charmiila, who recently put ujp a record of 1.11 4-5 for six' furlongs at the Canterbury Jockey' Club's Autumn Meeting. Thus 'M'ili'oy': It is- always foolish to condemn ' a thoroughbred until he is dead and buried under the ground, l' see a fairly large number of the^ breed every year, aS)d mix with men who are ? up to every -move in the; game; ' but- at Hawk'csbury I, and not a lew. others, picked out two horses that seemed quite safe to condemn, on looks, as racehorses. They were Lilyveil and. The Christian Brother, ^ancy either of these going up before a Government, veterinarj* surgeon for the right to live! They would get a ticket for the nearest gate' almost*'as ?quickly' as a vet. would hand out. a knife warrant '? to Maltster. This pair are defective «in. shape, but both, are full of the very necessary asset — vitality. The- two-year-old Imshi and Ra vello, rboth winners at the A.J.-G. meet ing, are being spelled. f La' George scored his fifth consecu tive win when he won the Eight Hours Handicap at Moonee Valley. His win ning sequence started a't Aspendale or. March 23. and the stakes won by him in five races are as follow:— Aspendale Jumpers' Flat Race, £ 60; Epsom Han dicap, £S5; Wii!iams:own Easter Cup, £400; V.A.T.C. Glenhuntly Cup, £5OT; Moonee Valley Eight Hours Handicap, £500. . .. ?

'CommeVitingi on St. Medoc's recent victory, the same writer says: 'St. Medoc has 'been a most unsatisfactory horse for ,the public. He ibegan by wanning a handicap as a two-year-old at.. a ivery short* price. Without any solid reason, the handicapper subse quently /made him' out tlie best ' in training. .'Taking the handicapper's tip, in the spring speculators accepted an absurdly short price about St. Med o'c for' the Rosehill Guineas, in which he-finished last. Subsequently he ran well, in a few races, tout was always fairly overmatched at the weights, and Messrs. W. and -F. Moses sold him to his present owner 'for 94)0 guineas, and he'was'not long in coming down in the weights. He went to Melbourne with' a-iflourish for the Newmarket Handi cap, and after seeing. 20 to 1- started at oOtol. The next, we saw of him was at 'Rosehill, where he finished in great style at the end of the Camellia Stakes, and put. up a performance that drew special attention -to.' him for the Don caster (Handicap. ' St. Medoc was en tered in, several events for the AJ.C meeting, but did not appear in the limelight till Saturday, when he was partly forgotten (racecourse memories are often very short); -but he pulled the* Tight people through in the Welter, and.re'minded others that it does not pay to 'forget^ especially wtien a horse has 'been dropped a'dealjn the weights.

At Hawkesbury St. Medoc was handi capped within '4lb. of Lochano, who gave Moonbria. 171b. and a clever beat ing at Randwiok. In a recent Weltet1 St. Medbe was 4lb above Moonbria, therefore if the Ilawkesbury assess ment was .right the Sydney weights were very much in favor of St. Medoc, who, however, only won bV a very nar row margin,' but all sufficient to, en a'ble his party to collect a barrelful of coin.1' ' '

'Aleconner, Baverstack, and Delcasse are to be treated to a short spell at Lederderg, ( Bacchus 'Marsh. Their ?places- in ' F. Muagrave's successful stable will be taken by Messrs. Baii lieu's recent importations, William of Orange, The Sap, and the wa'!ace— Carissima filly Amata. The 'latter carried the colors of Mr. Walter Len dale into second place, iii the St. Clair Trial, won by Upright in the V.A.T.C. autumn masting at Ca'ulfield, on Feb ruary 21 last. ?Moving Picture, by Ibex— Iodine, one of .the handsomest horses i at Randwick, has renewed his acquaintance with the training tracks. Some eight months ago he was operated upon for roaring' troubles. The iiorse is a splendid spe cimen, and though he may never get a distance, he should certainly win in any .short, races.

Though that good co!t Beragoon te still a visitor at .Randwiek,. and inr dulgea in easy exercise, he is not likely to race -again, as he goes to the rtud when the season, opens. Mr. J. E. O'Brien, Beragoon's owner, intends taking a lengthy trip through Ame rica and England, starting at the end of the year, and is desirous of having nothing on his mind, while absent. Eeragoon's fee will be G0i guineas.'' The chestnut horse Ow«n Roe, which came from Queensland with a good re putation, 'but failed to retain it at the recent race meetings, has been leased bj) 'Mr. 'J. Birks,'. and will in future ,be trained by C. O'Rourkc at Victoria Park. - . J. Barden has a'rranged to .put Duke Poo to iut'o active training at once. .Messrs. Baillieu's imported horse' Almissa has finished his racing career, and will retire to the stud this season at -Messrs. J. Thompson and Son's es tablishment at Widden, X.S.W., where the successful sires Maltster and I-:n- acre are at service. ? A'lmisra struck' himself while galloping some time back, and it was decided ^not to fur ther persevere with him for racing purposes. He was bred by the Duke of. Portland, and is by the -successful sire Ayrshire from' La Roche, by St. Simon from 'Miss 'Mildred, by .Melton from -Merino, and since coming to Vic toria in 1911 he was successful in tha ?Moonee Valley Cup. Williams-town Cup, and Australian Cup, besides finishing i fifth in the Melbourne Cup won by Piastre. La Roche, dam. of Almissa,' was a great stayer, and her victories included the. Oaks in 1900, the (Man chester Cu-p?\and .othsr important events.

Even if the 'first Tuesday in June' is a long, way off, it is a day fraught with the utmost importance to owners' of horses all over the Commonwealth. That is the time appointed -for the closing of entries for all the big han dicaps of the coming spring, as well 'for the' young' races of .next and fol lo-wing seasons. Included among -them are all 'the rich stakes, so that horse owners cannot profitably, afford to lose sigM of the engagement That good mare Ventura, who suc cessfully carried Mr. E.- J.- Witt's colors recently in New Zealand, .has returned ' to Sydney, and will /oe pre pared for future engagements by the veteran H. Rayner. As a twoyear old Ventura, who is a daughter of Traquair and Sonoma, won the -A.J.C. Breeders' Plate and -G-imcrack Stakes, and at the Auckland meeting last month she was successful in the Easter Handicap, in' which she car ried 8 st. 1-3 lb. over a distance of one mile. It is announced that The Parisian has been returned toy 'C. Wheeler, who had him on lease, to: 'ills owner, Mr. J. T. iKirby, and that is sufficient to say that that undoubtedly good horse and genivine stayer has . seen the last of the racecourse. As The iParisian is within easy, reach of being nine years' old, and 'has 'broken down more than once, he has. well' earned a rest. The story, goes that Mr. (Kirby will let his good old. .slave* end the remainder of his days quietly. The Parisian did not make such, an early acquaintance with the racecourse as 'most performers ?have done, for he did not carry silk at two 'years old, but he subsequently made up for- it, and has. not missed a season since. For a horse which, has lasted so long oh the turf, The iParisian did' not pile up a lengthy list of successes, though he was very often in a place, and ,he was a long time in displaying the form wlvich onade him famous. In his threeyear old season he won but once— Trial. Handicap at Mentone—and his suc cesses at :four years old comprised Hamilton Cup, Warrnambool Cup, and

V.R.C. Coreena Handicap. ' lit was as a five-year-old that The (Parisian first left ' his mark. ? He .won but once, but it was the Australian Cup, and though he failed in Memsie Stakes, 'St George Stakes, Essendon Stakes, Sydney Cup, and other races, probably showed a fine profit, on ?the year's transactions. Though getting The Parisian .'fit' was a difficult proposition;1 that ''horse won

Melbourne Cup at six -years' old, and in the next season ran third: in Cham pion Stakes -to- -Piastre' and Cadonia, while Radnor 'beat him in .the Cham pion Stakes a few- weeks ago. ??* The iParisian was a horse that- required much, more -work than most others;, and, had he. stood tl«e necessary pre paration, might have run well in Lily veU's Sydney Cup, but he cracked' up a few days before the race, and could not be produced for any. of his engage ments at that meeting. /