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Produced in Australia by artists who claim Australia as their- native country, 'The Reprieve,' which is to be screen ed initially at the Shaftesbury- The- atre, this evening, is -said to be one

of the (finest Australian films which -has yet been projected on to the picture screen. Owing to the proposed duty to. be placed on imported films, 'the production of moving pictures- in Aus tralia has -received a good deal of at tention, and the high standard of 'The Reprieve' clearly indicates that films of a superior class are capable of being produced in this country. ?; Supporting the star item this evening will be a beautiful Essanay , production, en titled 'The Chasm,' while a fine pro gramme of orchestral music will be rendered by a capable orchestra under Mr. H. Partington's conductorship. On Sunday evening ' a specially; selected pictorial and musical programme will

be presented. Nocharge will foe made for* admission, but a collection will be made in the theatre. Madame Bennett Wilkinson has the programme and' general arrangements' well in hand for next Thursday even ing's Liittle Belgium musical entertain ment at the Town 'Hall, dn addition to other items, there will toe elocutionary pieces by Mi§s Doris May, and a .bari tone solo 'by Mr. '?: Harcourt Hammatt. Sir Harry Aid' Lady Barron have granted their patronage. The star item of to-day's new- pro gramme at Queen's Hall is an. exclusive film, which depicts King George re viewing the British Fleet, and in view of the recent navol victory, the film should prove an exceedingly popular attraction.: The supporting programme includes uniformly meritorious items, the most - notable being 'The Eclair War 'Journal,' depicting the latest il lustrated news of the war, and a su perb drama entitled 'Mystery of Bos combe Vale.' The final screening of the current programme at the Pavilion Theatre, which includes as the . star item a superb dramatic study, entitled 'The Viper,' is taking place to-day. Com mencing on. Monday, 'Beautiful Bun bury,' a film depicting the exquisite

scenery of the South-Western port', will be screened.' 'The Mystery of the Old .Mill,' a thrilling detective drama, heads the current programme at the Town Hall,1 Fremantle, and other' enjoyable items are 'The Resurrection of Caleb Worth' (Edison drama), a Vitagraph comedy, entitled 'Fatty on the Job,' an exqui site scenic film 'entitled 'A Visit to Spain,' 'Vic's Topical Budget,' and a comedy which illustrates the humors of dancing, entitled 'The Terrible Tur key Trot'

Spencer's now give their patrons the unique opportunity of -seeing their pro gramme either in the cosy Theatre Royal or in the open air at the Espla nade Gardens. . A splendid -programme containing the same items is shown in fcoth .places, so that patrons can be sure of a first-class entertainment in either place1. .Popular prices prevail at the Gardens, while' the asual prices, without extra for' booking, still hold good at the Royal. 'Excelsior,' the star picture on this week's programme, is a magnificent spectacular produc tion, well worth seeing. Spencer's Esplanade Gardens will be opened on Sunday evening with a spe cial programme of , pictures (weather permitting). Four fine dramas and good music by the Esplanade Orchestra will be a feature of the entertainment. . Some very fine films will be shown at the. Fremantle Continuous Picture Pa lace to-night. Included in , the pro gramme will . be - Sherlock Holmes in 'The Beryl Coronet.'; another Keystone roar; '.'The 'Eavesdropper,' 'Making a Railway,' 'Jack Sprat, a Policeman.' Special Note;— Between the.hours of 12 and 6 every chila In addition to the great programme, will receive a bag of lollies. '