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9iff Jane

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New Cotton Fabrics For Fashion

Cotton, although there is a world-wide shortage of it, is fashion news this summer. -Cotton is no longer regarded solely as fabric for aprons, tea towels, hand

kerchiefs or cheap knock-about frocks, but as material smart and beautiful for finer .

clothes. '

Cotton is fashionable for

Summer day frocks; Evening frocks; Summer hats; Raincoats;

Shoes for evening;

Gloves for daytime; Lingerie.

Designers have been experi menting with cotton fabric for a long time. New designs, weaves and colours are coming out of the great cotton mills of Lancashire.

There are cotton poplins with silk-like finish and mixtures of cotton and rayon, which drape and fold to the dress designer's whim and fancy. Artists have designed new and fascinating patterns, which-are screen prin ted on to cotton fabrics.


Soft coloursf&ave been, added to the previously restricted blues and reds. Nc®r there {are melting pastels, lemon; yellows and pinks.

Soft fabrics; which may be ruffled, gathered and tucked are being used for lingerie. Some beautifully fashioned lingerie is available in several Mt. Gambier shops.


New for summer are hats made

of cotton material in stripes, spots and Paisleys; cotton shoos for evening and cotton handbags and gloves.

Rainy days will no tonger "be an excuse to wear dowdy mackin toshes, becausea rainproofed cot ton material, 'new and porous but completely waterproof, will be used for smart raincoats.

? y *V.-- i

Soft draped shoulder line - and simplicity of cut lends charm to this after n oon frock of white


It is worn with a wide brimmed hat of black straw and black

gloves reaching . just below the