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Animated competition marked the sec ond of the season's wool sales, which was commenced at tbe Wool Exchange, Perth, this morning. All firms regard the sale   as satisfactory.

The general tenor of reports is that prices remained firm on the level of last sale. The attendance of buyers was again very representative, and the keen competition of last sale was well sus tained. Bradford types, and lines suit able for the Continent, sold readily, full clearances being effeted. Up to the time of going to press the highest price realised was 28½d. This was secured for a highly attractive quality of superior combing, submitted on account of the Boolardy Pas toral Company, and included in Dalgety's catalogue. Another interesting feature of the sale was that summer lambs from the Murchison bronght 24d, this price being obtained for a lot forwarded by C. 'W. Dowden, of Challa Station, Mt. Magnet. WESTRALIAN FARMERS LIMITED. This company were first sellers, and sub mitted a catalogue of 2.100 bales (in cluding bags). Competition was keen   from the outset, all sections of the trade bidding freely. Competition was excep tionally keen on crossbred fleece. Pieces and bellies' also met with   a very strong demand. This cata logue comprised an excellent selection, drawn from practically all districts be     tween Geraldton and the goldfields, the Murchison and the north to Gnowangerup, and the south. A large proportion was   from the agricultural areas. These wools opened up in good order and sold well. The highest price realised under the hammer was 25¼d for 8 bales of AA. Mo, grown by Mr. D. Wilson, of Woodanilling —a bulky, stylish wool, and, considering the weight cut by the sheep, the return per head must be a handsome one. The well known brand MM/Moana/WA. account of Mr. M. Milne Borden realised up to 25d for two bulky, stylish lines. Gunbower, account of J. Boucher, Dum bleyung, opened up father short but very tine, and was taken by a Continental buyer   requiring fine quality wool, at 24¾d. Comeback wool -made up to 213d, cross breds to -203d, pieces to 202d. bellies 17id, and lambs 18Jd. The second portion of the Irwin House 1 clip was offered, and realised prices prac tically identical -r;ru *li^e renWd in the September sale. This also armlies to the Lakeway clip, from . the Eastern Murchi son. . . The first portion of _ the well-known Greenwood/Murchison 'clip was offered, ? and made uo to 23*? for hoggets and 23Jd for wetherw. Other prices realised were as 'under:— D. Wilson, WoodaT.:ilin2\ 8 25R 3 22^d,

1 pes 20fd; M. A. Milne, Borden, 9 25d, 5 24d, 7 23.!d, 4 22jd; J. Boucher, Dum Weyujigr, (3 24:]~d, 7 ?lfjd, 1 2L}d; J. R. Bremner and Sons, Leverlcv, 6' 24d, 15, i*3j], 3 22.?d. 1 21:1 d, 3 Cbk 21d, 1 pes 20fd; H. P. Tueklield, I'ea'eriug. 4 23id, 2 22d; Greenwood Pastoral Co., Mcekatharra, ll 23id, 5 2310, 12 21 .id, 7 213d, 4 202d; A. L. Neville, Yealcring. 4 2&1, 3 22d; J. A. Green, Yealcring. 6 23d 4 22|d; C. H. Cardwell, Noman's Lake, 14 22|d; W. J. Cook, Dandurragan, 16 22-Jd, 9 21d; J. A. Stewart, East Pingelly, 9 222d, 3 22-}d; S. B. Rudduck, Coorow,' 15 22£d; Lakeway Station Co., Wiluna, 5 22^d; F. Reynolds, Meckcring, 2 22{d, ' 22d, 4 21d; R.'Mann, Shackleton, 2 22{d, 4 21*d; J. Schell, Goo malliug, 1 221d, 8 21£d: J. H. Larsen. Jenjicubbine, 2 22id, 3 213d; H. D. For ward, Jenacubbine, 2 22-Jd, 8 21d; G. How den, Yealerinjr, 3 22Jd; A. W. Morrell, Meckering, 5 22d, 1 21-^d; Marwick Bros., York, 5 22d ; G. Donald and Co., Northam. 10 21|d; A. Veitch, Balkuling, 3 213d; J'. M. Young, Gwambypine, 1 21|d; Squire Fletcher, Belka, 6 21 id; C. W. Turner, Qarnamah, 4 2Ud; Carter and Sons, Three Springs. 10 21$d, 1 21d;'Mrs. A.P. Cullinane, Meekerin 4 21£d; H. G. Johnston, Dangin, 8 21Ad; O. B. Rustand, Gutha, 4 21-jd; J. K Hebiton, Three Springs, 8 21d; Sadler Bros., Goomalling, 5 21d; Mrs. Scroope, Irwin, i 23|d, 9 22d, 5 21id; R. Barton and Sons, Baandee, 2 21|d; J. H. Jacobs, Erikin, 3 21Jd; A. P. .Bergin, Wickepin, 1 21£d; C. J. Martin, Wyening, 1 21£d: W. H. Grace, Korrelock ing, 2 21-}d; G. J. Sutherland, Mt.Kokeby, 2 21:id; Taylor and Sons, Dangin, 2 21^(1 ; C. S. Blatchford, Goomalling, 1 21 Jd; C. J. Gent. Kellerberrin, -3 21£d; A. E. Walshe, Yealering, 1 22d; Mrs. R. Raston, Tammin, 2 22d; A. E. M'Lellan,. Keller berrin, 10 21d;' J..McPIierson, Jennapullen, (j 21d; A. J. Smith, Northam, 8 21d; L, and L. Wilson, Yealering, 7 21d; J. J. Page, Kulyalling, 4 21d;. C. C. Bothe, Coorow. 1 21d; A. Wliyatt, Gnowangerup, 1 21d; A. G. Colliver..' Tammin; -2 21d, 2 21-ld; L. M. Baikie, Quairading; 1 Cbk 21d; J. Murphy, Nanson, 5 20|d; W. D. Johnson, Bruce Rock, 8 203d, 4 20d; A. E.' Collins, York, 3 Cbk 20|d; G. S. Jasper, Cunderdin, 1 Xbd 203d, 5 20£d; S. T. Bean, Northampton, 9 20£d; A.- Criddle, Naraling, 5 20id; Teasdale Bros., Belka, 2 20id; M. Fuchsbichler, Bruce Rock, 2 20Jd,~3 20d; P. Dix, Moora, 1 20Jd; J. B. Kitto, Cunderdin, 1 20Jd; F. O. Teasdale, Korbel, 1 20Ad; J. A. and L. A. Garside, Belka, 1 20id; G. R. Barnes. Gutha, 4 20Jd; Robt. Pollock, Belka. 4 20id; W. L. Webber. Geraldton, 5 203d; T. Kelly,

Meekerin, 1 Xbd 20^d, 2 20d; E. G. Ruffin, Ajana, 5 20d; Lansford and Turner, Yoting, 4 20d; Cousins Bros., Arrino, 5 20d; A. H. Jones. Coorow, 8 20d; E. Mit ohel. Kellerberrin, 6 20d ; E. F. ' Taylor, Doodlakine, 1 20d; Thos. Watson, Straw berry, 1 20d: J. O'Shannessy, Arrino, 3 20d;' F. G-. Hancock, Frenches- Siding, 1 20d; H. Slocum, ? Wyalcatch'em, 2 20d; GOLDSBROUGH, MORT AND CO., LTD. Our catalogue comprised wools repre senting the Ashburtbn, Murchison; Eastern Goldiieids, agricultural and Great South ern districts. France and Germany were again active on wools suitable for their trade, strong support being ? also forth coming from Bradford. As we continue selling this, afternoon the star portion of our catalogue is- not included! in the principal prices appended: Agricultural and Great : Southern :— Morrell Bros., Jennapullen, 1, 20|d, 2, 20|d, 7, 19^d; Mrs. A. Niven, Carnamah, 2, 202d, 1, 18|d; George Nottle, Corn Hill, 9, 19|d, 1, 18|d; 1. S. Powell, Bruce Rock, 6, 19id, 2, 18d; E. W. Richards, Dangin,' 3, md, 1, 1914, 6, 20df\Vj. \J. Robinson, Mingenew, 3, 21d, 2, 18id, 4, 20£d; G. H.1 RoAvan Wooree, Geraldton, 4, 21Sd; 'Mr. H. A. Ryan, Tammin, 2, 19d, 2, 18-Jd; Mrs. E. J. Shannon, Nomans Lake/4, '22d, 4, 21|d; P. M.- Shannon, Noman's Lake, 9, 22JcL. 8, 21^d, 1, 20^d;; H. T. Smpson, Quairading, 3, 19d, 4, 18dj. H. 0. Sims, Beverley, 6, 21fd passed, 8, 22*d: T. AV. Slee, Pingelly, 1, 212d: Wnii Xe*i-r, Opawa, 2, 20£d, 7, 20d, 12, I8d, 4, 212d; Estate of late John Stewart, Glen garry, Gnowangerup, 10, 23d, 8, 22|d, G, 21d, 4 19|d; T. Bailey, Noman's Lake, 3, 20id, 6, 21£d, 4, -.22id; Chas. Ball, Dum bleyung, 5, 22 Jd,' 2i 20 Jd; H. H. Bates, Belka, 1, 18d, 2, 18^'d; Mrs. E. Beard, Northam, 7, 21H 5, 19^d; W.A. Beeek, Katanning, 9, 22d; F. A. Berry, Kunjin, 5, 19d: T. A. Black,; Moora, 5, 20d; Ev A. Butcher, Bruce Rock, 2, 21d, 2, 19d, 1, ,18d; J.. L. Butler, Bullock Hills, 6, 20|d; Mr. B. M. Cahill, Nangeenan, 2, 18dj R. Ca porn, Yoting, 2, 19d; H. J. Charsley, Nyar bing, 4, 23^d, 5, 21-Jd passed; B. P. Chid low, Northam, 2, 21d, 1- 20id;' W- H. Darlington, Kellerberrin, 0, 21£d, 2, 20.1d; M. Drake-Brockman, Northam, 3, 20|d, 1, 19fd, 2, 18^d; W. L. Eviuis. Kellerberriu, 4, 18£d; K. F; Forrest, Ciibbine Station, Forrest, 7, 20|d passed, 5r 20H passed, 4^ 19 id passed: J. E. French, Northam, 1,' 203d, 1, 193d, 1, 201d, 4', 21id/8,10id; Chas. Griffin, Jarring,. 4, 21d, .2, 18d; S. Haniner, Yilliminning, £-,' Slid; C. W. Heal, Quairadiug, 7, 19£d passed, 5, 18-Jd passed; J. T. Heal, Quairading, 1(5, 19fd. passed; W. P. Henderson, Wagin, 4, 22d, 2 20Jd; Earnest lliil, Harrismith, 5, #Ud; R. C. Hitchcock, Northam, 2, 21d, 1, 192d;. Frank Hoyle, Toolibin, 9, 22id, 4, 214d passed: C.*E. Hyde ,?-- d Sons, Dalwallinu, 4, 18d. 13, 17id; M. R. Kealley, 3, 23d, 2, 213d; Lawrence Bros., Northam, 5, 14?d; R. Lawrence, Northam, .3, 19d, 1, 20^d, 12, 19Jd;S. J. Lawrence, Grass Valley, 2, 19d, 4, 194d; W. A. Leaver, Dalvrallinu, 2, 21d, 2, 19d; J. Linto, York, 2. 23d; J. W. Mann, l,-21d, 2, 19£d, 3, 183d; T. and G Marchant, Wickepin, J), 22d, 6, 19d; n. C. Mills, Greenhills, 2, 20^d; G. H.- Moore, Shaekleton, 4, 18id; J. A. Tibbs, Bruce Rock, 3, 18Jd ; H. O. Timms, Gnowangerup, 17, 23Ad, G, 22-ld, 10. 21id; R. A. Tunney, Jarring, 3, 19?d ; M. Tyndall, Jennacubbine, 4, lfljjd passed; Carl ton Wisbey, Nyabing, 4, 21d passed, 1, 21fd; C. A. K?ng, East Wagin. 1, 24d. Murchison -.-^C. H. Rowan, Woorte, Ger- j nldton, 4, 212d, 5. 18d; A. D. Brand, Nar- ! loo Station, 12, 23^d. 6, 22d, 5, 19d; A. E. j Burt, and Son, Oudabunna Station, 5.

22fd, 12, 20 Jd, 8, 21_2d passed; 5, .20d ; Leo nora Pastoral Co., Leonora, 5, 20d passed, 7, 22d. 7, 20:1(1, 5, 21{d, 24, 18 Ad, 4, 183d, 7, 16:1 d. North- West : — Burt Bros., I'uedamulla Station, Onslow, 7, 213d, 8, 183d, 12, 19id, 4, 21d, 5, 183d, 10, 193d, 5,' 173d, 5, 17d, 7 181d. ELDER, SMITH AND CO. LTD. Our offering of 9,564 bales inclusive of fadges and bags (the largest offering of the. sale) was drawn largely from the pas toral areas, comprising the Port Hedland, Gascoyne, Murchison and eastern goldfields districts,' as well as a good representation of clips from the Midlands, eastern agri cultural areas, portion of the Great South ern and a few clips from the Gnowanger up district. Competition was spirited from the out set, resulting in an excellent clearance of our catalogue' being effected. The market was steadv on opening sale rates for superfine qualify, broader fibre descriptions selling in growers' favor, especially where showing character, pieces are selling equally as well as at the opening sale. The highest prices so far obtained by us are as follow: — Gnowangerup District: For Dr. F. M. House, Privett, Gnowangerup, 2(3Jd for 5 bales AA Com. . Murchison District: For Wandarrie Ltd., Mt Magnet, 25}d for 6 bales AA Flc. For Yarragadee-Nalbarra Pastoral Co., Nalbarra Station, Mt. Magnet, 25id for 4 bales AAA Com. Midlands District: For W. Coaker, Moora, 25d for 4 bales AA Mo. North-West: Vov Giffovd Creek Station, via Carnarvon, 24d for 8 bales AAA. Eastern Goldfields:- For W. H. Halford and Sons, Credo Station, via Kalgoorlie,   22¾d for 16 bales AAE. Interlotted Lots : 24d for 10 bales agri cultural and same price\for 4 bales Mur chison wools. The following prices 2tid and over were obtained by us for greasy merino fleece (unless otherwise stated): — .Inter-lotted lots: The .first portion of our catalogue comprised inter-lotted lots, for which was keen competition, the first lot of 10 bales realising 24d and over 50 per cent, of the .fleece wools sold at from 20d to 24d per lb. The sundries also were cleared' at prices fully equal to last sale's rates. . ,«; Agricultural districts : For W. Coaker, Moora, 4 bales 25d; N. T. Hannagan, Nor tham, 5 23Jd, ' 10. - 21|d, 6/ 21d; Mrs. C. yinklestein, . Shackleton, 5 20d; W. J. M'Lelalnd, Kel lerberrin, 5 23d; Egan and O'Brien, Kel lerberrin,, 9 21d; R. T. Kings, Northam, 10 21|d;.H. E. Wynne,. Baandee, 4 20-Jd : A. W. Auldj East Chapman, 9 202d; J. B. Taylor, :Cbrriginr4 21£d, 4 20£d; C. E. Ma ley, Arrino, 4 21d; H.' Hodgson, Korre .lockino;, 4 20d; Hon. C. F. Baxter, Waeel, 5 20|d; G. L. Burges, Meckering, 10 22jfd; 7 21d; A. W. Edwards, Beverley, 4,20gd; C. L. Elsegoodl Yealering, 5 21id; Oliver and Brown, East Dumbleyung, 11 233d,' 4 21-^d; A'. E. Southall, Wickepin, 4 22^d; H. J. Wallace, Wickepin, 6 21|d; J. Cour thope, Yandanooka, 5 20 Jd; B. Humber ston, -Northampton, 4 21:}d ; J. W. Hodg son and Sons, Wickepin, 7 20Ad; C. B Wil liams,; Moora, 5.213d; S. B. H. Lang, Wic kepin, 6 21id; H. E. Jasper, Cunderdin, 7 22£d; J. G. Williams, Piawariing, 4 2Ud; W. Suckling, Northampton, 6 20d;S. Tot terdell, E. Pingelly, ,4 22|d ; G. H. Purser, Piawaning, 5 23£d; Mrs. S. E. Park, Nara ling, 7 22d; T. P. Duggan, Yericoin, 6 22^-d; K. B. Wood, Tinkurrin, 6 21id;W. J. Pet tit, Cunderdin, 4 20d; A. M. Haack, Wieke pin, 4 20^d; A. J. White,, Southern Brook, 4 21|d, 5 21^d; England Bros., Moora; 4 22^d, 5 21^d; A. Lumbers, Moora, 5 22£d;A. W. Mutter, Northam, 4 20Jd; F S.. Jaques, Quairading, 7 20|'d; R.'A; JF, Soiling, Irwin, ;0 20d; J. Silcock.V Ger aldton, 9 2Ud; G.: Masters. Northam, ^5 20id; J. A. Kitto, Cunderditt, 6 21|d, ^7 21^d « E. T: B. Cai^well, Yandanooka, 11 20d; T. Shannon, Mullewa, 9 20d; W. T. Clark, Moulyinning, 5 21d; J. M. R. Abra ham, Kw.ol.YJh, 4 20gd; E. T. Carter, Mec kering, 13 22d; E. A. Trim, Coomberdale, 4 22d; S. S. Maley, Toodyay, 4 21gd; Woodcock Bros., Northampton, 15 21^d; 5. A. Brown,, Bruce Rock, 7 20|d; M. W. Roberts,' Dandarragan, 7 20|d; G. F. Dow nie, Yealering, 6 233Jd; Mrs. E. T. Ash bury, Quairading, 20Jd; E- A. Taylor, Tinkurrin, 5 20'^d; Miss E. A.Finnerty, Howatharra, 6 20|d; F...W. Benham, Yan danooka, 6 201d; T. Silver, Tardun, via Mullewa,1 4 203d; E. T. Reynolds, Mec kering, 4 2l£d, 10 23d, 5 21jd; A E. Whisson, Waeel, 7 20d; J. S. O'Halloran, Mingenew, 9 20|d; Haussler and.'Zucgge, Winchester, 13 22^d; J. W. Ma^vby, Maw son's Siding, via York, 6 20?d; W. Dawes, Lake Yealering, 5 ,214(1; G. S. Bradley, Dowerin, 4 20d ; Pearce and Co., Berkshire .Valley, 8-21d, 4 20d, 5 AA Xb 20Jd; De partment of Agriculture, Merredin, Expe riment Farm, Merredin, 7 20d ; E. H. Neu mann, Dalaroo, via Moora, 6 23£d; J. Lin to, York, 6 221d; Gibson Bros., Wath eroo, 6 20-id; J. Glass, Northampton. 4 22d; L. Metcalf, Dowerin, 4 20}d; A. Hather ley, Walkaway, 5 24d; C. W. 'Sainsbury, Lomos, 6 22^d; Smith Bros., Nor tham, 4 20*a; T. Chedgzey, Moora, 5 20|d; Salmon and Lowe, Northam, 5 22gd, 12 21d; J. Meredith, and Son, Moulyinning, . 10 21d; J. j. Mann, Balkuling, 4 21|d; V. P. Davidson, Moora, 4 21-^d; P. G. 'Lavater, Toolibin,. 4 22 £d, 5,22d, 6 cbk 20^d: J. Jackson. Coomberdale, 5 23d, 18 21$d ; , G. E. Sewell, Geraldton, 18 20d; L. M'Maniis, Southern Brook, via Northam, 5 :203d; George and Beetson, Greenhills, 8 23d; V. E. Car-ter, Meekering, 5 20|d; W. P. Oyer heu, Lomos, 4 22|d; F. Combley, Mecker ing. 4-21fd; F. T. Carter, Tammin, 9 22£d, 4 20^d. ' DALGETY AND CO., LTD. Our catalogue, is a most representative one, embodying some of the choicest clips grown from this State, and particularly may this be said of Murchisons, and those included on behalf of stud floek owners. The attendance of buyers is quite as large as at .the- opening sale in September, and it was pleasing to note that from the commencement competition was exception ally keen, and has been well sustained to the time of reporting. So far as values are concerned, these are fully up to the level of September, and in some eases higher. Wools suitable for,' Bradford are in keen request, and an exceptional fea ture of our sale was the high prices paid, for lamu.1*. We have at present only submitted our star lots, but experienced a very satisfac tory sale, a line of Boolardy snbmilted on behalf of the Boplardy Pastoral Co. bring ing 28id. An idea oC the keen demand ? for la rubs may be gauged from the fact that Challa summer lambs (account Mr. C. W. Dowden, of Challa Station, Mt. Magnet); brought 24d, and another line (account Mr. T. Wilding, of Mokine) AA lamus brought 23}d. Following are prices of some of ihe clips offered by us tliis morning, and are' for fleece wool unless'*othenviso stated: — Kimborlcy and Nor '-West Districts.— Messrs. A. J. and P. Rose, Quanbun, Derby, 2 18d; Webster and Watson, My roodah, Derby. 2 18d, 1 AA Pes H IGid; Stewart iindWehl, Bonney Downs, Nulla gine, 1183d. 1 18:|d, 1 17d; De Marchi Bros, and Coppis, Nimingara. Pt. Hedland. 1 A A Pes 184(1, 3 Nks H 18d, 3 Nks W 17id, 2 AA Sinr Lbs 183d; Mrs. L. H. Browne, Pilga, Pt. Hedland, 2 AA Pes 15.ffl: C. Keri-, W«illareenya, Pt. Hedland, 1 173d; C. Coppin. and Sons. Yarrie, Pt. Hrdl«iifl. 2 j.55(l; J. Stanley, Ynndyarra, Pt. Hcdlnml, 1153d: De Grev River Pas toral Co. Ltd.. Pt. Hedland, 1 15d; B. H. Shnrpe and Co., Mardic, Onslow. 2 18d, 2 174*1.-2 17(1: B. H. Rharpe and Co.. Bal -ornl. Onsl')w. 2 ;^A Pc- 18R 1 17^1, 1 ifiVl. 1 «p?v lbs ]Srl; Estate late J. L. M'GnitJi. Koordarrie. Onslow, 1 Hid', Yim-oj-'P.-slorw' Co. Ltd.. Onalow. 2 21:}d. ?T 21(1. 2 AA Pcf Ifl-M: Wogoo!-- .Station, OM«li)w. 1 17:{.l. 1 IT'.d ; Stove Bros.. Ill ?Wcl'onip. R-r!)minu\ 1 2.1.'.d, 2 39id. 1 191(1. 1 A S Lbs C 21(1, 1 A A Lbs C 2n», o AA i'cs E C 17id; Estate late C. M. 1

Strakcr, Hamersley, Roebourne, 3 A Pes E lUd, 3 Bis 14} d; E. G. Meares, Karratha, Roebourne, 1 Iti-id; J. H. Church, Mt. Flornace, Roebourne 1 17;id; Ferguson and Cusack, Tambrey, Roebourne, 2 19d, 1 ISjfcd ; Mulga Downs, Ltd., Roebourne, 2 18id, 2 ICid; A. G. M'Rae, Woodbrook, Koebourne, 1 lGd. . Gascoyne District. — J. and L. Craig, Yalbalgo, Carnarvon,! 17|d, 116d; Chap man and Scott, Mooloo Downs, Carnarvon, 1 172d, 1 16dd: H. C. Marchetti, Manilla, Carnarvon, 1 AA Mms Mo 15-Jd; Dairy Creek Pastoral Co., Carnarvon, 3 21d, 1 20d, 2 19^d; A. D. Milne, Coordewandy, Carnarvon, 1 ?^d, 1 19id, 1 AA Pes 18d; Charles Collins, Glenburgh, Carnarvon, 3 18d, 1 17-ld- Camerer and Co., Eudamul lah, Carnarvon, 1 17|d; G. Gordon Gaoch, Wandagee, Carnarvon, 1 19id, 1 AA Pes 183d, 2 Bkn md; G. G. J., 2 22d, 2 A Pes 163d; Lyndon Pastoral. Co. Ltd., Carnar von, 2 Nks E 17^d, 1.17£d, 1 Smr Lbs 192d ; W. Hatch, Lyons River, Carnarvon, 1 21d. Murchison District. — M'Kenna Bros., Carlaminda, Yalgoo, 1 24^d ; Le Jeune and Sewell, Boodanoo, Mt. Magnet, 1 Pes W 173 d, 3 AA Lbs 20£d; F. and W. Walsh, Judal, Meekatharra, 2 1?^-I; A. L. B. Le froy,, Coodardy, Cue, 1 20 £d; A. E. and F. R. Broad, 'Kirkalocka, Mt. Magnet, 3 A Pes Wnrs 19|d, 2 Nks' Wnrs 18|d; Goolam Badoola, Bulgabardoo, Mt. Mag net, 1 21^d, 2 Nks 17£d; Mrs. L. D. Mit chell and Sons, Yallalong, Mullewa, 1 AA Pes Rms 16d; Chas. Mitchell, Barnong, Wuraga, 1 Pcs~ Rms 13id; J. P. Meehan and Sons, Ltd., Austin Downs, Day Dawn, 3 A Pes H and W 20£d; Monger and Lee Steere, .Wongoondy, Mullewa, 3 21|d, 3 21:id, 2 19|d, IPes 16Jd; Morrissey and Co., Munbinia, Yalgoo, 3 22£d, 2 24d; Boolardy Pastoral Co., Ltd., Boolardy, Yalgoo, '2 28id, 2 A Wnrs 23|d, 1 S Lbs 23id; Beaton Bros., Thundelarra, Wubin, 2 24d; H. F. Broad, Wagga Wagga, Yal-' goo, 2 22d, 3 20id. Geraldton District.— E. C. Clark, Ger aldton, 1 10 £d; D. E. Grant, Yoon, Ger aldton, 1 23d, 1 21£d, 2 22d, 1 20d; F. Green and Co., Narra ? Tarra, Geraldton, 1 21^d; R. S. Hudson, Munyaca, Northamp ton, 1 182d; A. Suckling, Northampton, 1 20d; A. O. Mitchell, Alma, Northampton, 2 21-^d; P. H. Ryan, Pine Grove, Mullewa, 3 Bkn Nks 18^d. ? - Agricultural Districts.-r-Alex. Campbell, Bimerah, Konnongorring, 1 18|d; T.| C. Hodgson, Cunderdin, 1 20£d; R. L. Mc Levie, Dalwallinu, 1 16|d; West and Oli ver, Kqndinin, 1 21^d, 1 18d; M. L. Logue, The Island, Walkaway,. .2 18id; Albert. Maisey, Dowerin, 1 AA Rms 18|d; H. H. Side, Toodyay, 1 21Jd; E. G. BarrettLen nard, Milepool, Beverley, 1 M AAA Bis, M AAA Pes 18|dy 1 Bis Mo AA Pes 18d; R. M. Hamersley, Walkaway, 1 W Com 18 Jd ; Kelsall and ' Sons,' Exmoor, , Moora, 1 22d, 1213d,- 3 20Jd; J. A. Tonkin, Koo ringa, Coomberdale, 1 19|d; E. K. Jones, Gingin, 2 21*d;' Green Bros., Hillbrook, Dandarragan, 1 22^d, 2 22|d. 1 21fd; John A. Roberts, Homewcod,' Moora, 1 Xbd Bis 7-£d; Phillip Lynch, Three Springs, 2 Bis A Pes 133d; F. R. Walsh,1 Egoline, Nor tham, 1 24d, l--20|d, 1 21d;,T.-H. Wild ing, Mokine, 2 221d, 1 21|d, 2 20id,l 21d, 1 AA Lbs 23id; 1 AA Pes A Pes 214; Mrs. H. Dreyer, Northam, 1 19d; H. Withnell, Northam, 1 17d; T. W. Boyle, Hookina, Greenhills, 1 21d, 1 20|d, 4 20d, 4 18d, 1 18ld, 2 19£d, 1 20d,, 2 AA Lbs 19d; P. .Gault,- Greenhills, 1 20|d, T. W. Boyle, T B, 3 Crutchings Rms Lbs 7£d; E.(Marsden, Pingelly, 1 2IR P. Ledsham, Balkuling, 8 22|d; J. F. Lewis, Konongorring, 4 20^d; A. O. Dyer, Kellerberriu, 10- 21Jd; J. H. Corry, Kwe da, 7 22|d; C. C. -Haley,' Three Springs, 13 20Jd; G' R. Lukin, Brookton, 25 23d; R; E. Burges, Meckering, ID 22d, 6 20£d; A. J. H. Watts and Sons,- Waeel, 4 22R 8 21Jd, 6 20id. , , ; Port Hedland district: For Muccan Pas toral Co. Ltd., Mucean Station; Marble Bar, 4 22R 12 21id, 23 20^d. ? ,- Onslow district: Minderoo Pastoral Co., Onslow, 4' 22d,6-20id. : Eastern goldfields: For Hawker, Chom ley and Co., Leonora, ll 21d, 10 20^d; W. H. Halford and Sons, Credo Station, Kal goorlie, 16 222d, 13' 21Jd; Tarmoola Pas toral Co., Leonora,. 10 -202d, 4 20d;.R. H. Adamsbn and Co., Lawlers, 12 22id, 12 213 d, '10' 20|d. . ?????:' - ????-.. Gascoyne: For Mt. Augustus Pastoral Co^; Mt.' Augustus Station, via Meeka tharra, 8 20|d; Brickhouse Co., Brick-' house Station, Carnarvon, 6 20H. 18 20d; Minnie Creek Pastoral Co., Minnie Creek Station, ?Carnarvon, ,8 20gd; G. H. Burt, Yinnetharra Station, Carnarvon, 6 212d, 27 21d, 21 20d,- 9 A A pes 20 Jd, 6 AA pes 20-|d; Butcher Bros, and Paterson, k-Hill Springs Station, Carnarvon, 6 22^d; Doo rawarrah Pastoral Co. Ltd., Doorawarrah Station, Carnaryon,,12 .202d; Doorawarrah Pastoral Co. Ltd., Doorawarrah Station, Carnarvon, 12 20fd,ll 20Sd, 5 21d, 26 20dJ Gifford Creek Station, Carnarvon, 8 24d, 5 23^d, 16 22^d, 8 21id, 12 20fd; Cooralya Pastoral Co., Carnarvon, 17 20id. « Murchison: For Wandarrie Ltd., Wan darrie Station, Mt. Magnet, 6 25 id, 11 24^d, 14 24^d, 21 23d, 12 22fd, 11 21Jd, 4 AA pes 20§d, branded LEW 17 2Ud, 5 21d, 7 20Jd; estate late H. W. Clarkson, Noondie Station, via Yalgoo, 5 25d, 7 24id, 14 24d, 10 232d, 5»23^d, 10 22|d, 5 22H 5 21Ad, 5 202d, 8 21d, 14 A pes 2Ud; Dan daraga Pastoral Co., Sandstone, 12 24|d, 10 23d, 9 20|d; Solomon, Naughton and Co., Perenjori, 4-24^d,-8 22d, 5 215d, 7 20^d; J. F. Loughnan, Mullewa, 14 23^d, 8 2lid; Clinch Bros., Burnerbinmah Sta tion, Mount Magnet, 16 24|d, 5 24Jd, 12 22-ld, 6 22d. 11 21fd, 6 20|d; Belele Pas toral Co. Ltd., Meekatharra, 13 24^d, 5 22id-, 6 21d, 12 23fd, 19 221d, 20 22£d, 5 20|d, 5 20d, 6 AA pes 21d.