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Contract Incomplete ? /

Eva Novak left Australia ;by the Sonoma recently, bound for Honolulu. :? r contract with Phillips Films, is still In force, but whether she will return to complete it depends on the company's ability to carry on production. Other wise she will spend two months' vacation in Waikkii and then go to Hollywood. Her departure rings down the curtain on one phase of 'an eventful produc

tion enterprise, and Australia has now lost almost the entire contingent of American players and technicians who were working at full pressure twelve months ago, says 'Everyone's.' Miss Novak first appeared in 'For the Term of His Natural Life' for Austral asian Films, Ltd. The picture is said to have grossed more than £40,000 in rentals in Australasia already. Upon its completion an independent concern, Phillips Film Productions, Ltd., was floated to make a series of starring vehicles with Miss Novak. Only one has been completed, 'The Romance of Runnlbede,' and there is little likelihood of an early resumption of work. Miss Novak's contract called fc- £160 per week, plus certain percent ages. There. are some arrears that may be met by Miss Novak taking the American rights to 'Runnlbede,' if pros pects are not sufficiently bright to jus tify her in returning to Australia. Wm. R. Reed, production manager, and Dal Clausen, camera-man, will re main behind', engaged on an indepen dent venture. Meanwhile 'The Romance of Runni bede' is being released throughout Aus tralia, and James V. Bryson, head of Universal In London, has requested the English rights provided the picture can be admitted under the British quota.