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The trustees ot the Buchanan estate have sold <jlengyle Station and stock

to Mr. S. Kidman.

Oub Coumw, a railway settler's child, ON suddenly at the ballast pit, near the meat works, yesterday. Rail way lengthsuieu brought the body to town ou a trolly for Interment.

IXGHAM, May 27.

Jarae* RaniBay Kdblc, aged 74, a blacU&mllb, whs round dead early on Sunday morning at the hotel where he was staying. He retired parly*-on Saturday night, juid death was due to heart (allure. He was well-ktfown

In TovnsvJIle.

The cockatoos are dolug considerable damage to the Stone Klver by pulling

out the cane plants.

The Hibernian euchre party on Saturday night' was very successful.

BAttOALDiNE, May 27.

FL P. Laldler'a drover, In cbnrge oft 143-fCltansa taills, en route'for Augus tus Downs, Lelchhardt, arrived- "here, and was this afternoon fincg £25 anc cn&ts fiT not reporting that lie had dis favored ticks in Iiia catUe. Dc-feudant ant stated be had. sported when «t Aramac. He found two cases of red-'

water, nnd was ordered 4iy Inspector i Collins to paWcck bis bulls and await

the luspectc/s arrival, but no one would tHlow him to use a paddock. He ihefc. went on to the 39 mile, "where he btopped. The P.M. enlarged upou tiid seriousness ot the pfieuce, as the cat tle wero parsing through clean coitu. try, finil moliB coming along could I>u


BUlSiiAiN'h', May 21.

Dr. Gibson, tuq newly apiioluted general manager ot tlie Central -Mills, is engaged in getting into close iouch \v41b. the whole of the mills under his control. Dut-lug last week lie visited Maryborough and the Mount Bsuplc districts, wtiere be found conditions ! rather dry. To-morrow he goes to ! Nerang, alter which he will probably

visit (jlu Gin, and then go on to FroB orpine. The work ot visiting the fur ious mills will occupy his time till

the end of June.


The preliminary count o£ the num ber ot live stock In Queensland on January l, 1912, shows the following figuresHorses, €00,468, an increase of CC55; cattle, 5,024,182, an increase of 107,517; sheep, 20,387,268, an In crease ot 7547; swine 169,126, an in

crease of 16,914.

!h connection with the demand for increased wages received hy the Bris bane Master Builders' Association, the Secretary of the Association has writ ten, pointing out that the members of the Builders' Laborers' Federation are working under an Award of the State Wages Board, but no discontent has been expressed by the men, and that there is therefore no necessity for the Masters to accept the Invita tion to proceed to Melbourne to dis

cuss the law.