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"On the Wallaby."  

("By 6 x 8.

"What about the cooks, Dick?"

Here the impressible Mayne chipped

in, with, a sarcastic grin on his hard chivvy. Bill must chip in. He can't let me tell a tale but he must have a cut-in too. " Yes, what about the

cooks?" he inquired. You've never

mentioned them. Some of them, no

doubt, are decent fellows, and good at a 'hand-out,' but most of them are the biggest dodgers we have to encounter. They've got eyes like eagle-hawks, and

noses like a Woolloongabba Society

damsel. They can see a hungry bag- man three miles off on a plain, and smell him two miles off in scrub land. Then away they rush, and the doors, and if they've a bit of meat or a puddin' cooking in a boiler outside,   they'll hook it out! When you arrive all is silent, not a soul or a smell of tucker to be seen anywhere. Should, by any chance, you come upon them suddenly to tap, whisper or interview the 'poisoner,' he'll bang the door with

a loud, fierce, uncharitable bang! The worst of it" continued BUI, getting off bis rags, and viciously Poking the Are, " When out of work and en t£* track themselves, these a*t$ the very fellows who sl.lte about hSvfing got tb« sack In the last place for giving to* much Mirker away 10 travellers! E»h, it mal luo wild, end all f»itb

humor'tv (R?}] is pelting better ooW)"> ..anj «Viflj>e all cool^? on the trSck o.*cn J'vo 'lolged the Income 15s*.

flrar clr.ce (ha1 atrocity fame been ft»*' tpr#»d *iipoR 11?!" Here be lit bis pttft and 1 thought he had blown off Jilt MIe. Bui nKMiig of She aort,

* and TOeotive draw {jrtwo CWa v*pri! sn?rking dry tea leave®

chanjjc. W>> had smoked 90 BBff?

foba':.*> lnfc!v that we'd g"Ot fiUrly JfH t?f it) he uprnod nu.t once more. . -Ag

Mhcr thing about coolcs. flood o#».0

rve the biggest dodgers. T&&

ns a rule, give you the tmeUafjr rtg. Hang their cullnair fcii» they won't hand out anything:!

had cooks, especially the fre*l j

Wlsoner, and dougb-spoller, Ta*e friends all the time. A bad O&Ofcr

never, in all my battling eas*9jr£ me go past the kitchen without | ^ me up with half-cooked

1'read and brownie l»urut <

rif ughy Inside, to say nothtsgVfc t'ozens of dough-boys like

Cf*9a,e In liandy at sheaving.Mj «« heights on tho machlnt^*** ? "and, rock-cako like Mafetftr ? Ah' gireW the bad cook ;

Hlha.soUt;and heart." Hwb>\ C«*e it UD at last, and sllanttjM Mil late In 'he t djdrjl tnH> Wtt. I ikaev be 1 and vefftfetftalr bis ItfM expect to get some w~a nt -Mm after a 4&y »r J his way usualK bte

heart, «nd lets floWin J ful, fluent ahd tree \ cher things he his afa

rapacious thinking 4a&k. rt member, Bill's pMT "

times very, very

pennes for that by <

flip nail rlgbt on the 1

fn gets himself so far i_ ally Ktve vent to the aaU4c nothing but the.truth.

an MB faults and moodl fW mlt he Is a dear old foliov.* Harry Morant would

mate In a hole. . Yo'l'I

aLout him next week.