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Cranworth, House, Fremantle, has changed hands to Mr. H. J. Saw, for .£4,500. The annual meeting of the members of the Mechanics* Institute will be held punc tually at eight o'clock **'s evening.

We have received a copy of the p-nrm*l report of the National Mutual Life Associa tion of Australasia for 1883. From it we gather that the business of this highly suc cessful Association- has increased to such an extent that in future it may be expected to reach a minimum of no - less than J£l/X)Qi .000 per annum in sums assured.

The' AdeTaSfe papers twit Mir. Ma£th«ftr Burnett with endeavoring to spoil the busi ness of the' Jennie Lee Company, who are playing with immense success in tie 'City of the Plains' thedrama.of « TheTicket of-Leave Man^^-which was found to be not nearly good enough for the hypercritical audiences only to be found in Perth It will be seen, by our advertising colnmns that Messrs. Courtnope & Co. trill offer for sale at their mart, to-morrow, five Perth. Lots, which are likely to attract considerable

competition. While some of the lots are situated in business parts of the City, others are tor be -found in, favorite positions for cottage residences. The sale lakes place at noon. . -The Government, we understand, have at last decided to put the Fremantle Bridge into a. proper state of repair, and to thereby render- it safe for traffic. The bridge will be cut down to one-half of its present height, and will be reduced to the level of the rail way ? bridge, an alteration which will be thoroughly appreciated by those who are compelled to cross the present rickety structure.

For the last two Sundays the- abominable conduct ;of, the low larrikins -who meet at 'The -Willows' has been a disgrace to Christianized :civilivation. We have so frequently drawn the attention of the au thorities to this intolerable nuisance in vain,'- that we quite despair of any steps being taken to put a stop to it But where are the police ? ATI the public and assisted schools in Perth were re-opened this morning ; the attendance at each being, under the circum stances, larger than might have been expect ed, as there still is a very large amount of sickness prevailing — not only from, measles themselves, but from those painful and troublesome after-effects, such as sore eyes, ear-ache, coughs, and boils.

One day last week a man named Charles Turner met with a very serious accident at Jarrahdale. It seems that he was engaged with another man in felling a- tree, and that, by some means or other the head of his mate's axe slipped off the handle and buried itself in Turner's left side, penetrat ing' the lung. The unfortunate man was removed to the Colonial Hospital as soon as possible, where he is now lying in a very precarious condition. The, well-known 'Pioneer' omnibus, which has been laid up in ordinary for the last few weeks, has again made its appear ance in the streets of the City resplendent with new paint and brilliant with gilt. The interior of the vehicle has been newly upholstered throughout, and Mr. Summers is to be congratulated upon ha vine placed

at the convenience of the public one of the handsomest and most comfortable convey ances of which the Colony can boast. The Rifle Band win perform the following programme in the Public Gardens this evening : — March ... Men of Harlech ... Robinson Quadrille ... Desideratum ... Haigh Valse ... Village Beauty ... Kelly Schottische ... Snowdrop ... Fairhurst Valse ... . Boccacio ... Suppe Mazurka ... L'Otinamme ... Blancheteau -Polka ... Bird of Paradise ... Haigh Galop ...' LallBagh ... Hickton , . ... , . God Save the Queen ! Attheregattaat Port Adelaide on New Year's Day the Working Men's Race — a

contest reserved exclusively for the crews ana gigs of vessels in harbor on that that day— was won by Messrs. Pearse and Owston's barque Ribston, the crew manag ing to land their boat at the goal fifty yards in advance of their opponents. The per formances of the1- crew, according to the report of the race in the Adelaide papers, are , spoken of r in very high terms. The prize was ten guineas. The Melbourne correspondent to an Ade laide conternporary says : — ' The Premier has placeohj^moself in communication with the GoveicbSrcnts of the various colonies relative -toprunited action being taken for the exclusion of hydrophobia- All the colonies' excepting Tasmania and Western Australia have replied intimating that they have passed regulations subjecting all im ported dogs to six months* quarantine. A further communication has been sent to Tasmania and Western Australia urging united action in the matter.'