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Although there was a slight drop in the Blackwood River at Nannup yesterday, it rose two feet again over night and is now at its high est flood level. Timber mills are still idle because of flood waters and much stock is seen each day

being swept down the Nan nup Creek. Three families are still home less and there is a likelihood of other homes having to be evacu ated. Stormy weather continued yester day. . . ' ' Flood waters are again across the main road bridge to Busselton, but heavy traffic can get through. Other roads leading into the town are im passable. Mail from Balingup to Nannup has stopped because of road conditions. Mills Idle Both timber mills, Patterson Bros, and Kauri Timber Company, are idle and will not start again until flood waters have receded far enough to permit the timber trains to get. through. . ? Collie reports that following fur ther heavy rains the Collie River rose about two feet overnight and is still rising. However, it is still about three feet below its flood maximum, reached on Monday night. Co-operative bridge is almost under water and the lower end of Johnston Street is flooded. Flood waters have also extended to Medic and Atkinson Streets but houses there are not yet inun dated. Much more water is expected to come from the upper reaches of the river and further flooding is feared. Collie recorded a further 163 points of rain yesterday, making 211 points in two days and bringing the month's tota] up to 1845 points. It was still raining there early today. Mandurah peninsula, is still flood ed and occupants of the ? hotel have to wade through flpod: waters to get . to and from 'the. townshia. Pinjarra. Ravenswbod and Yun derup report that flood conditions have, eased. ..???:- V Pinjarra report says that the water is now ten feet below its flood peak ? and -there- is^np-.likelihcidd' of ^ a fur ther rise. People ~'f breed to ?' leave their homes because of flood- waters have occupied them again -and the town is back to normal. At Ravenswood the water level dropped three feet yesterday, making !t about four and a half -feet below flood maximum. Although the Ra venswood-Mandurah road is still partially submerged traffic is now able to get through. Improvement at holiday ressrt YunderupV which is about eight miles from Pinjarra, has been only slight. Water is receding slowly and it is now almost down to the 1926 flood level. Stormy ' conditions still prevail there and strong winds continue to bank up flood waters. All roads from Yunderup are impassable. As well as being used as part of ? the brearl-delivery service the launch which now travels- daily between 'Yunderup ? and Ravenswood is han dling all supplies and drops them off at the. various flooded areas. Metropolitan Flood position throughout the metropolitan area has not made any noticeable change since yesterday. ? Level of waters : of the lower, rjeaches of the Swan is only a little more than a foot below flood maxi mum. There is still no relief for flood victims. . General ? Superintendent R. G. Drake of the Midland Railway Com pany announced that a train would ' leave Perth for v Geraldton at 6.55 a.m. tomorrow but would take much longer than usual because of limited speed. . ., L. :'. Train will : have accommodation for 40 sleeping passengers, and. 126 sit ting passengers and will carry mails and perishables. Along three sections of the line the train's speed will be limited to four miles an hour. These sections a.e Wanriamal to Watheroo, Coorow ? to Carnamrh and at Strawberry. Train is not expected to arrive at Geraldton until 1.15 a.m. Sun day — three hours later than on normal running. Train will return to Perth on Mon day, leaving Geraldton at 10.55 p.m. ?and arriving in Perth at 5.15 p.m. on Tuesday. This train will have the same accommodation as the one leaving for Geraldton. ?