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^?k : — . - '' : ' - ^^B The 'new railway station, at Freman ^^?e was_ opened/ this ^morning. The new. ^^Biilding is a handsome structure, ^^Khich does 'credit * to 'the Port lS,The ^^Hitrance-hall, .' which ' fac&s Market ^^Kreet, is spacious and comfortable, and ^His furnished with, seats for 'the accom^ ^^modatio'n of persons awaiting the 'ar * rival of trains. At the , old ' station there ' was only one ticket t office, and consequently \ great inconvenience was caused to travellers during busy hours. ^ ' This 'has' ' been - remedied in the new station,', where there are -four ticket .?window's ' opening upon the entrance , -hall, and these should be sufficient to fill -all. requirements. A well-stocked bookstall occupies a corner of the hall. The various4' offices have;been, arrang - ed and 'fitted up in a manner which i will, allow 'the- business of the station ?-. to'1 be 'conduc'tedj with the greatest '; despatch.- VThere -are separate' ' offiefcs provided for. the receipt and despatch: 'of- luggage, and special provision has ,been made . for handling the large quantity of fish that passes through f ' the'Jstation: T The lavatories are of the / most 'rao'dern design, 'the walls are ? - .covered with white tiles, anfi the whole, _ -of the fittings have been Resigned with a conVpleteness .which should leave no rthing wanting fpt the convenience of -. the ' travelling public. There are two iplatforms, access to the -outer one be ing by. means of -a subway running -beneath -,) the ? lines. There- is -also' a :supway*fort.the conveyance of luggage ? from platform to the other) the truck*?; being raised and lowered by ♦.electric, lifts at' each end. The shelter '' ?ashed, t which was not included in the ^original contract, and consequently was - ajMJtrcammenced Tin til the other portions of the station- had been almost com spl&&lr- is not yet quite finished, but . in progress does not in any ,-wajvaffect the convenience of travel lers. It is pYobable that the triangular piece' of 'ground in front of the station '-will-be planted, and should that be done it-1 would add greatly, to the ap .* _pearance 'of the station. -ui- I - - - /t —a^a^a^a^ ' People are beginning te think the May-pole -has got mixed up with the North Pole.'' In England there are 1,064 females to ? every, 1.0Q0 males; in Japan there are . only 980 women to 1,000 men. Europe spends £7 on armies for every pound that the 'whole of America — North ami South— spends.