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Last Amateur Hour on


The last of the highly successful series of amateur hours conducted in aid of the Traders' Popular Girl (Miss Gwen Walters) will be held on Tues day night in the Civic Hall, when 12 flnalists will compete.

They will be Pte. . Ross Riddle, Misses Olga and Bernice Pearson, Ern Gamble and Colin McKinnon, Pat Rogers, Patty Nicholls, A.C.W. Stone, Mabel and Lorna Collins. Doreen Man ser and "Shirley Johnston, Joan Big nell, Will Soebohm, and Kay Bruhn, Heather Altschwager (winner of this: week's competition) and Jean Hamil ton and Nancy- Hillyer (second in this week's competition).

In addition to these 12 .amateurs, the guest artists of the evening will be A.C.W. Hawkins and Cpl. Ferris, of the W A.A.A.F., "The Hawaiian Trio" will play on the stage, and "Doc" Lawrence's band will be in attendance.

The Mount Gambier Citizen's Band will also march and play..

Because it is the final night, the admission will be 1/ and 6d. for chil dren. .

Another packed house attended last week's session, and a most enjoyable programme was i presented. Amateurs were: Miss Jean Stark, violin, "Ren dezvous"; Maurice Reeves and Dud ley Bennett, fifes, "Drink to Me Only"; Mrs. Agnew, song, "Mother Machree": Ronda Schubert and Alice Neale. "Waltzing Matilda": Lance Mansel'l and Morgan Marks, fifes, "Long', Long Trail" and "Work for the Night is Coming";/ Shirley Mansell, song, "Memories"; Heather Mansell,' toe'dance and song;' Misses Beth Pocoek, Marj. Thompson and Joy Hor rigan, sorig, "The" Oars are Splashing Lightly*'; Jean Hamilton and. Nancy Hillyer, Dutch song and dance: Kath Doman, song, "When a Boy from Ala bhama Meets a Girl from Gundagai."

Frank Cleves was in excellent form as a clown, and his representation of songs and humorous sketches kept the audience amused.

Guest artist for the evening was Joan Bl^nell, last week's winner."