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Notes on New Styles.

/: Hut.i whiclv leave the , foreheadl

bare may be regarded as a blessing ;; in disgui&e.' Women who wear them

arq. being forced to give their com plexions moi-e eare. Greater qtianti . ties of skjn food -than. ever befoi'Q . are ^ ; "being sqM. Face massage is . growing

more popular daily. Women ,find that, J whereas a little, make-up -.looks most , attractive when" there is a bit of a

. brim to cast-a becoming shadow, the r ; clo$e\. fitting hat. leaving the forehead

< bare is apt to make powder and rouge

look rather garish in Australian day.-, *?: ... light.

.. V'"' V *. .' 1 ? . . *

Eyening cloak of embroidered chiffon lame in black, cerise, and gold, by Boroque, London. The generous cuffa

and collar are of black fur.


Homtj women who think out every detail den'I touch up ut all wjien they wear a hat showing the fore head. They uso a good face cream, powder, discreetly, and make, up fur the absence' Of colour on the checks with a very vivid .Hp stick. A pal 5 face and' very , bright lips seems to be the most approved make-up at the moment.. Pink and-white complexions-' are out of date. , ! .

. -I # . ?? ??

One might just as well 'g^t accus tomed to; the 'idea of ;.:-;shQWing.Vvl?y!j'

forehead,\ (?ven if the exposure: to strorig lifeht. does make her. pueke" her brow and bring wrinkles5 ;round hqr blue eyes. Paris dec'' ti'at tho spring and ^summer hats shall retain the ypward ;tilt. . Foreheads are, ? not to- be hidden again--not^l'or a while,; at any rate.

An Australian sgirl who:' haa .been doing the rounds cf the Far is salons, declares tlitit :,i)ed!rly all the, new hatir .are tilted iip like this, and so shallow that^'when'1 you .see them first ? yen

wonder, how ill tho worlcl they?'are. to be kept ori the head. Mostly they dip toward- tlie right shoulder, .

. -.'i

. ?., * , " . * ., " The three-quarter sleeve, as well as tho frankly short and; the elbow sleevo, is hi triumphant possession in the new collections,". writes . this tourist. " Tho flrst-n^med, perhaps, is seen as, much on short coats as on any other kind of model; and, in con sequence, the long glove for day-time

wear has returned with it.

"Some -women; of course, may bo able to wear a-fairly- short'-gauntlet glove'with a sleevo of thi's descrip

tion, but their arms will have to bo uncommonly pretty, especially if the accompanying ; blouse. or frock i'« sleeveless, as it often is." v

.X . ' '

How to Melt the -Butter

Mothers who have to cut 'lunches theses cold mornings find the butter so hard that it is difllcult to spread. Try the fallowing method, This makes tho butter soft and easy to use, without getting it to tho melted stage. -Fill a pudding basin with boiling water. Cover with a plate to keep in the, steam. Let stand for a few minutes, so th'a't the basin will become, well heated.' Empty ;'thp water. Havo butter on a fair sized' plate and potp the heated basin over, the ? btitter.

Let stand,1 a few moments. The butter : will then be'easy (to manipulate,