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GALA DAY TO-MORROW, Big List of Attractions.

The T.P.A. will conduct its second street carnival and gala day to-morrow, when it is antici pated that an even greater crowid than last year will throng the main thoroughfare.

A. varied programme has been drawn up to provide entertainment for the public, including- several features and stunts new to Mount Gambier..

Camel Team Arrives.

The team of four camels :-especially engaged for the carnival* arrived., to day in charge of Sultan .'Aziz. ; .Tli6 camels journeyed overland from Port land via the coast' road and ; passed through Nelson yesterday; They are line, ''..upstanding: animals, in prime condition, and will no doubt; prove a bi . draw to the youngsters. The Sulr tan Aziz' is accompanied by his son, Abdul. : .;;.' ; . .!

. Mount Gambier's Strong Man.,

A novel test to determine who is .Uoiii'it Gamblers- strong' man will be contested-'.during .the ' afternoon: ano evening;. ^Mr. Neil McDonald ,principal of tiie Progressive Health College, has provided a , 56 lb. dumbeli for local Samsons to'- lift one-handed, ;the;winr ner being the person lifting .the weight the greatest number of times from .the. shoulder to arm's length above the


Events for Children..

A number' of items have, been in*' eluded: for children and .will .take iplacO; in front of the; Palace Hotel." . An apljle eating contest-for girls, ' pillow. fights- and blindfold boxing for boy», will; bd conducted,- am] the local branch .of the Australian Natives' Association has presented a half-guinea prize Ifor tho- best dressed girl /or boy rcpresentv

In^anvrAnsr-rali'an' made-article.^ '


'Th« Mount Gandjicr Citizons'^KancJ wi II head a procession of fancy dressetl; children, : carnival; characters; tug-o'

vvar teams, anj trade displays. They; will leave the Capitol atj 2 p.m: and proceed to the Town Hall, where the proceedings ,will be declared/ open by ..he Mayor (Mr. J. D. J"-'. Harbison). At the conclusion of the opening cereV mony Mr. Harbison will ride a camel along Commercial street and the fun .vili commence. . ^ : .

. Novelties at Institute. i. ? A programme of unusual ;events :will ye staged., at. the Institute Hall throughout the afternoon and evening'. One of the most sensational acts ever performed by thev well-known .stunt .ii '.ist^ Professor Cosmo.s, will, be staged when this; Jritrepiy a.crobat will' gjide; 500 feet -through space suspended by his teeth. ? ? V-:-:. . :-'. .

i Mcil Bag Mystery. ^

I - - ??-??? ? ? ?. ^ -* ?- -.-"ft

i Niclo the Great, the^ celebrated: illu |? nonist', has . been: engaged - to perform

-he mysterious mail, bag and . trunk jscape. Securely sealed in' a maii.bag ind pliuied : in a large, trunk fastened from the outside, Niclo , >vill escape -rom hisMxmds in a few seconds. This artist will, also be assisted by Kredrico in the great historical near-tragedy;

"William Tell."

..Athletic Aerobatic Antics.,

i The programine will also' include ;. the we 11 know n Me Donald's Troupe of VcrobatB. - 'Tliis troupe will entertain -lie public with astonishing feats of ->ti engtli, contortions, band balancing,:

:iihi.bling, and acrobatic antics equal .o the world's best performers.

This turn,, combined with thos£. foviouxly mentioned, promise to prove the most entertaining show e\-Cr

.vexgeu in Mount Gambier. ;v

. , Bathing Beauties.

r-? I:' ' ?

Tlio competition: for the Carnival bathing beauty-should be closely con tested: and, is creating considerably interest.. The entrants are naturally anxious to win . the title and probably ^noi^+an^dusn«rwl^tfi<i Asto'r

beauty s<;t - donatedby -Frederick Stearns L,td., of Sydney. The firm has also donated a Murief iAstbr1 manicure

set as-a prize.

Best Developed Man. '

.Every athlete takes a pride.'in his physique, and tomorrow afternoon and evening demonstrations by Mount Gambier's; best" developed men will be


Palais de Danse.

Throughout: tlib day, dances will bo conducted on the splendid floor of the 'Star Theatre. . This is the smoothest floor in Mount Gambier, and with the splendid^ music of the Black Cat band dancers: will .enjoy a most pleasant afternoon and evening. An admission fee of 6d. will entitle the public to view the whole of the 'above pro gramme, and; dancotickets "will be available at 3d. each or three for 6d.

Shooting Championships. '

Rifles of all descriptions used

in the small. bore Carnival champion ship, to be flred alongside the Institute buildings. Mr. \V. J. AVhite anc -Warrant Officer Uhe will have charge ol" the match, conditions of which will be two siyliters and eight shots at 25 yards. . " Standard targets as : used by the fc'.A: Minature Rifle 'Union* will be used,' ana a trophy has been presented by lN'obels, Australia'; ' Ltd., . for itlae champion. A competitor ' may ' enter twice on condition-that the. first score

hi cancelled.

»' "V-*".tTjf*"?J?;V-:"-Vi S'iv

' Swimming Matches.

. - The school championships . and', other i events, including match races between i local ?champions will'.be conducted at i tne public baths, and a. splendid pro-? t>amnio has-been arranged.

Baby Show.

' I

J3ntri<js tor ;tlie baby show iarej;, still

being submitted and-;will 'be ^accepted;

j up to' 3: paiu : tomorrow; vThisrhas ^as

sumed the: a,nature-; of an vintei'rtown 'competition l>y eiitries.-being received

from MiUicent, " Glcncoe, and r.Tanta

.nooIa. - '.

| The ^Caledonian I-la.ll i lia's been en

gaged: for the occasion,-and jimembers ol tiie Junior 'Red . Cross ^ . Auxuiiary have, formed - a vi.competent:',; staff > to handle the contest. Arrangement! have been - made for* one-way ? traffic, and the public, is requested Ato. observe this rule tomorrow. . Entrance to the show will be lVom Penoia road through tne main doors^-and >the. exit will be made through the side doors. % The ad mission lo the baby 'show willbe 6d

' 'ji-vV?'

Side Shows.. >

Fleming's merry-go-round,; chair planes, swinging boats,' etc.,M will lx

erected on the. street'again; .and. num^ eious side-shows - will -; be ' operating. The Dark town Minstrels will; conduct a cheapjack stall and hoop-la, etc., while the first Mount Gam bier, r Test match will be held alongside Bullock's Pharmacy. ;

These sho"ws combined with a musi cal programme by the Mount Gambiet Citizens' Band "will go to' malte to

morrow aireal carnival'day, ,

' /