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That Ration Ticket.

A. correspondent signing himself "Not an Applicant," vouches for the truth of the following conversation, overheard at a certain relief office not many miles from Mount Gambier (name fictitious) : -

Officer Name ?

Applicant-.John James Brown.

Officer-What is your total income   since last here ?

Applicant -Nothing, not a brass razoo.    

() - Is yotii' wife still with you?

A -No. 1 left her homo tills morning'. ()-l.s she still living with you ? A-Oh, yes. She's still home.

C)-Will sue be with you during the next fortnight ?

A - How the h do I know. You'ro not going to elope with her, are you.

O-This is no place for you to ask questions. I'lease answer in a proper

manner. <

A-tiood oh !

O-Will all the children bo liomp (luring the nest, fortnight ? ' , . ,

. 'A-No. They'll he at' .Al-briol -irivttyfc

during this period ?

A-Too true. I've been everywhero, and can't get nothing.

()-Any prospects during the comma two weeks?

A-No, not without I get shot in qued for pinching a meal.

Oflker bands out relief ticket, and sends the applicant on his way re joicing.