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October 3.  

The annual school picnic was held   on Friday last at Mr. R. H. Edwards' residence. Keen 'disappointment was   felt in the forenoon'because of the rain, but at mid-day the clouds lifted, and the afternoon was all that ccmld be de sired. Luncheon was spread In the motor shed, and the tables creaked with the abundance of good things laid upon them. After luncheon a start   was made for the paddock, where. the races were held, with the following results :-VII. and VI. Grade-Boys : Henry Schleter. Jack Ellis, Bob Ellis ; IV. and V.-Stan Schleter, Arthur Schleter, J. Ellis; II. and III.-Herbert Berkefeld, Ted Schleter, Stan Schleter; r. Grade-Geoffrey Coutts, Ronald Lock Allan Morris; VI.--Girls : Lena Schlet er, May Johnston,.' Eileen Buhlman ;   VII.-Kate Rahley, Edie Clark ;. V. Constance Laube, Sadie Johnston ; III. .and IV.-Daphne Lock, Grace Buhl- man, Vida Clark; I.-- Thelma Frost, Ruby Clark,' Roma Laube. Little girls -Thelnia. Coutts, Jessie Johnston, Rona Coutts ; II Grade-Beryl Frost, Eva Buhlman. Boys' races-Lin John ston, Les Parry 2, Aubrey Laube ; do., Alex. Ellis, Cyril Davis 2, Will Ed     wards do., jack Frost, Cyril Beck   man, Allan Parry. Old scholars-Thel ma Parry, Lena Wallace, Annie Clark. Boys' 3-legged race-Stan Schleter and Jim Ellis, Henry -and A- Schleter, Lin Johnston and Bob Ellis ; do., Davis and Ted Schletpr, Bob Johnston and Alex. Ellis. Girls-Kate Rahley and E. Clark," C. Laube and E. Buhlman. Big boys-'Jack Manser,, Les Byass, A. Clark. Married ladies' race-Mrs. R. Johnston, Mrs. Parry, Mrs. J, Ellis. Jumping-VI. and VII-Bob Ellis, Jack Ellis ; V.-Stan Schleter, Jim Ellis ; VI-A. Schleter, A, Ellis ; III,--Teddy Schleter. A. Parry ; II.-'Herbert Berkefeld, Jack Frost, Cyril Beckman ; I. - Ronald Lock, Geoffrey Coutts. Girls'-Jumping-V. VI., and VIL-L. Schlcter, C. Laube; E. Buhlman; IV. Vida Clark, Daphne Lock; II.-Beryl Frost. There was also a pick-a-back race for all schools ; whelebarrow race

-Len Stafford and J. Hide ; flag race Henry Schleter's team; rooster chase won by A. Schleter ; married men's race- A. U. Coutts, Alf. Coutts, E. Schleter. The starters and handicap pers wore Messrs. A. U. Coutts and W. Manser; with Miss Byass. assisting. The judges were Messrs. R, Wallace and R. H. Edwards.      

Afternoon tea' was spread for all,   after which the children received pack ets of oranges and lollies.; (The latter kindly given by the Co-operative Store).- Cheers , were given for the 'par- ents and friends, for the visitors, and Mr. and Mrs. Edwards; for their hos- pitality. Mr. Edwards suitably re- sponded. This brought an enjoyable picnic to a close.      

Mr. Schwartzkoff, new teacher of the O.B. Flat school, took up his duties on Monday morning, and was met by Mr. A. U. Coutts. secretary of the'School Committee. It is to be hoped that.Mr. ScTiwd'rtziioff and family will, en joy our climate. They brave resided in ' the

Angaston district. vL


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