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Mount Gambler Police Court.

Monday, December 8.

Before Mr, W. Johns, J.P.

Vinccnt Jack Danby, of Mount Gam bier, sign-writer, was charged, on thci n formation of Robert William Tottvill, with having feloniously forged the name of George Lehey to 3 cheque drawn on the Commercial Bank, Movant Ganvbier, for £3 1/, -and uttering the same, knowing it to be forged.

Robert William Tottiill, licensed vic tualler, Mount Gambier, identified the ac cused, who was in 'his hotel on the after noon of December 3. The cheque pro duced was tendered by the accused in payment for nine drinks. Witness gave him £2 16/6 chanpje. He sent the cheque to his bank, and it wa« changed, but (later it was returned to him. ; -Accused

told him he was a sign-writer. By Mr. J ohns-The accused was .not the worse for liquor, and later in the evening when he saw him' he was still sober. To the accused-He was sober enough to know ffhat he was doing when he passed the cheque.

George Lehey, tailor, of Mount Gambier, said accused called at his shop on Dec ember 1, and he 'gave him soma work to do, and on the 3rd 'he paid him with a post-dated cheque for 14/, 'drawn on the Commercial Bank. The receipt produced was given him by the accused. The -sig nature on the cheque "mentioned in the information was not his The accused was sober at the time -he called on -him.

Allan Charles Plate, ledger-keeper in the Commercial Bank, Mount Gambier, said hfl received the cheque produced from the ifawuiiui nanK un i7tTX"iuBW 4. Tfle sig nature was not that oi George Lehey,

who had an account in the bank. The ; signatures on receipt, "J. Vincent Dan bv " and the writing on the cheque, were


Henry Glover, chemist, Mount Gambier, said he remembered the accused, who was in his shop on December- 3. At accused's request he gave him two blank Commer cial Bank cheque forms. The numbers of the cheques corresponded with the heel of

his cheque -book.

John August Adamson, police constable,

stationed at Murray Bridge, said that on. the evening of the 5th he accosted the accused at Murray Bridge, and told him he answered the description of a 'man wanted for forgery at Motaot Gambier. The accused said-" What is this joke?" As aocused would not answer bis ques tions -he took him to the police station. Searched him, -and found on him account forms headed Vk^cent J. Danby, £3 16/4 in money, and s.omc other papers, He arrested accused, and, in reply to his caution, -accused said-" If you will give

me a smoke I will -tell you all." After-1 wards -ho said-" I did forge -a cheque at Mount Gambier. I forged two cheques there, but I was drunk 'then, -and I am sorry for it." Alien arrested 'accused was slightly under the influence of liquor.

Tie accused reserved his defence, -and was committed for trial 'at the next sitting of the Circuit Court at Mount Gambier.

Vincent Jack Danby was further charged with a like oflenoe in respect to a cheque for £2 1/3, purporting to be -drawn"by W. B. Lloyd, on the Commercial Bank at Mount Gambier. The information was laid -by Edmund James Condon, acting as

manager of the Globe Hotel, Mount


The informant gavo evickmce as to tho accused passing the choque. W. B. Lloyd pavo evidence to the effect that he gave the accused on December 1 ani order for the painting of a number of signs on fences. Wiffness wrote out -the matter he

wished used in the signs, and one lino 1 was " W. B. Lloyd's Shoe Store." Ho had no' account with the Commercial Bank. The otlier evidence -given was of a similar nature to that iit the first in


The accused reserved his -defence, -and was committed to stand 'his trial at 'the next sitting of the Circuit Court at Mount Gambier.