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Twelve members of the Rupanyup Company of Rangers, who hold at present the honor of the championship of Victoria in rifle shooting (having for four successive years won the Sargood Challenge Shield at the Victorian annual matches at Williamstown) journeyed to Mount Gambier on Tuesday to have a friendly battle with the Mount Gambier Company of Rifle Volunteers. Rupanyup, it may be re marked, is a Wimmera village about 22 miles north-east of Horsham, but is connected with the main line of railway by a branch line, and is the centre of a large area of well occupied agricultural country. Many of the people in

and around the village are old Mount Gambier residents. Three of tho visiting riflemen were formerly inhabitants of this district, and were perhaps as glad to have an opportunity of visiting their old home and seeing old friends, as of firing a match with the Mount Gambier Company, although the latter's fame aa first class shots has spread throughout western and I north-western Victoria. Capt. Samuel Miller,

the commanding officer of the Rupanyup Com pany, and Sergeant W. Miller, are sons of Mr. J. B, Miller, J.P., of Murtoa, once a well I known farmer here, and they both spent their

boyhood in this place. Private Atkin is a son

of Mr, Thomas Atkin, farmer, of Torrensdale. All the team are excellent shots and a genial

Bet of men.

The match was fired on Wednesday on the Mount Gambier Company's range, and the weather was favorable, although the light towards the end of the match became rather dull. The distances selected were 200, 500, and GOO yardB, and it was agreed that there should be 12 men aside,_ that they should have seven shots and a sighter each at each distance, and that the targets and scoring should be Wimbledon. At 200 yards the Victorians always stand, but in South Australia either sitting (a new and much favored position, because of its steadiness), kneeling, or standing is allowed. The Vic torians, having never tried sitting, would be, _ of course, at a disadvantage if that position were adopted for the match; but out of courtesy to the Mount team, who wanted practice in it for the Association matches next week, they agreed to its being taken. Despite the novelty of the position and the fact that a day and night's travelling immediately before a contest does not tend to maintain the skill of marksmen, the visitors did well at 200 yards. They made an average of 25 points per man, but were 24 behind the local team, who made 27 points per man. At the other distances they steadily gained on their opponents, de

feating the local riflemen by 11 at 500 yards and by five at 600 yards. The Mounts won one of the beat matches they ever fired by eight points. The conclusion at GOO yards was especially exciting. Private Sinclair, of the visiting team, and Private Underwood, of Mount Gambier, were down, and the light was dim. When they began to shoot the Victorians had 870 and the South

Australians 890. When they had fired five shots each the latter's score wa3 007 and the former's 800. The excitement was intense. Priv. Sinclair then made a bullseye and Priv. Underwood (who was unaware of the state of the score) followed with a centre, and reduced the excitement, for the Victorians were then 7 behind, and could not possibly have won even if Priv. Underwood missed altogether next shot. Priv. Sinclair spent his last shot for a centre, and Priv. Underwood concluded the match with a bullseye, and Mounts Gambier thus won by 8 points, amid cheers from both sides and a considerable number of spectators. Five of the Mount Gambier men made over 80, which is always reckoned excellent shooting.

Two of the visitors scored over SO. The honor

of making the highest score of the match (88) was won by Capt. Wedd of the victors.

The Bupanyup Club has been formed about six years and nave fired 29 matches, and their defeat by Mount Gambier iB only the third they have sustained. They maintain that if they had stood and not sat at 200 yards on Wednesday the victory would porbably have been theirs. The match was a very enjoyable one. The following are the detailed Bcores


200 yds. GOO yds. C00 yds. TtL Capt. Wcdd .. .. 80 29 29 88 Serjrt. Marshall.. . 31 29 26 85 Color-Sergt, Howland .. 28 24 25 77 Corpl. Anderson.. .. 29 80 27 80

" Phillips .. .. 21 28 24 70 " Heaver .. ..- 25 27 19 71 " Williamson ..25 21 15 61 Private Aconley.. .. 29 2!) 29 87

" Boothey .. .. 26 27 > 18 71 " Chester .. .. 24 24 24 72 " ' Pascoe - ..23 13 25 61 " Underwood .. 29 26 26 81

Totals .. .. 323 307 285 916


200 yds. 500 yds. GOO yds. Ttl. Capt. Miller .. .: 27 28 24 79 Sergt. Miller .. .. 25 24 23 72 Lnce-Corpl. Dyer ... 22 27 28 77 Private Harman.. .. 27 32 25 ? 84

" Henderson .. 24 28 80 ' 82 " Atkin .. .. 24 29 18 71 " Bodey .. .. 22 23 27 72 " Brennan.. .. 25 26 26 77 " Brown .. .. 31 28 17 76 " King .. ..19 20 23 62 " Roebuck.. ..26 81 21 78 " Sinclair .. .. 27 22 29 78

Totals .. .. 209 818 291 9'8

The visitors spent Thursday pleasuring round the town and neighbourhood, and left for home yesterday morning.