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People About & Abut People Mints for Putters (rod Pigs

(By Our Special 'Correspondent.)

'Moo-k-w' Mitchell quite disap proves of any form of Unimproved Land Taxation. He reckons jthe landowner is crushed by taxation. Lots of the land abutting the main trunk railway systems-rr-is no good whatever. So he says. That is why Jack the Soldier and the man ?who would till the land — is keot off

the grass. Is it not time for a gen eral wake-up all round? From last Friday's Agony Column of the 'West':— B. — Yes, much pleasure. Meet to day same place, 350 sharp. N. B.— Only too pleased; 450, Shaftes bury. A. D— HOTEL Fremantie, 3 pan.— Johnson. The squarmers and scuttlers, also a number of Roads Board dingoes, are ? much in evidence in the city just now. Delegating and celebrat ing. According to that distinguish ed authority, Professor Percy Wat son Brunton, both species are not. only particularly prevalent, but per plexing petioliferous in the Macbeth. The eminent Professor further un ..hesitatingly affirms that the occur rence of the above smoke signals, is distinctly traceable and directly due to the present invasion of the city by the Dombeflyung Doodlakine Dingbats. ? o— ' A Prince of Timekeepers— Jimmy Lane.

— w— Back again and greatly improved in health— W. A. Grenike. Down from his farm at Harvey on a brief visit to the cit, Ted Chand, well known in racing circles in this State. Ted was jone of the first to join the colours and saw long ser vice in Egypt and Palestine. He is doing well on the land. Ted was a fine cross-country horseman, and as a trainer he scored many not able successes. He states that the newly-formed race club at Harvey will shortly publish an attractive programme. The present Government have ac quired Herdsman's Lake. Quite in keeping with their Decentralisation Policy. We don't think. k 'Pedigree Bob' is now ambassador extraordinary for a Sydney book maker. Ted Church, formerly of the Globe Hotel, is now squatting on the Mur chison. He has acquired the well known Kalli station.

Tom Ryan, mine host of the New castle Club Hotel at Fremantie, served in the South African War. He was a sergeant in the 3rd Dra goon Guards. His father was a noted police official in the big smoke — Inspector Ryan, of Scotland Yard. Tom has successfully conducted sev eral hotels in the Metropolis and else where, and he is doing a flourishing trade in his popular hotel at the Port. Actor Edmund Duggan, now - at His Majesty's, was in his younger days one of the best amateur scul lers in Victoria. Journalist Vic. Riseley's father was one of the first to. prospect the Yilgarri Field. , The difficult; and delicate opera tion which Trainer P. J. Ward re cently underwent has happily given him a fresh lease of life. The popu lar Belmodtite has regained his nor mal weight, is fresh, robust looking, and active, and looks years younger. Prior to the operation, which was performed 4by Dr. Hadley, Mr. Ward's many friends despaired of his recovery, as he had become but a shadow of his- former ^self. He stands to-day a veritable triumph, a living personification, of the efficacy of skilful surgery. Bookmaker Don Swan was on Kunberley before the discovery of gold. He came 'overland from Queensland via the Territory with a

mob of cattle, the first to ever reach West Kimberiey. R. S. Haynes, ? King's Counsel, a few years ago was a well known amateur actor. A practised speak er, he has often experienced the ac coustic vagaries of the average theatre. At the monster Jerger meeting- his voice rang out 'with us dear and distinct a tone as. the note of a bellbird on a Gippsland mountain range. At a fairly well-attended meeting of interested Labourites held at the Cottesloe Hall on Tuesday, the 10th of August, a branch of the Austra lian Labour Party was formed and named the Cottesloe Branch of the A.L.P. The following officers were elected: President, Mr. Geo. Toll; vice- presi dents, Mr. J. Curtain and Mr. Kru ger; secretary, W. J. McGilvray and a committee of twelve. The President (Mr. Geo. Toll) was elected as delegate from the branch to the Fremantie District Council. Arrangements will be made for Cottesloe Hall on Monday, the 23rd meeting, which will be held at the two speakers to address the next August, at 8 pjn.

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