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In reference to the West Ward Municipal election, Mr. W. Nicholson has definitely decided to withdraw from the contest in favor of Mr. R. H. Barrett. The hitter gentleman will address the electors this evening at the Clarendon Hotel at 8 o'clock.

We are requested to notify that the box plan for the performance of ' Betsy,' at St. George's Hall, on Wednesday, the 15th instant, is now open at Messrs. Sand3 & McDougall, and that purchasers of tickets for the benefit can reserve . their seats in the usual manner. . Arrangements have been made by the energetic ^business manager of the Perth Amateur Operatic Society (Mr. E. B. Denton) for the presentation of the opera ' Boccaccio ' at Fremantle. The dates selected are next Thursday and Friday nights, and the performances will take place in the Town Hall. Tho case of alleged rapo in Perth came before the police court yesterday, when the aboriginal native named Wadgee, of whom the police had been in search for several days, was brought up and formally iden tified as the man who committed the out rage. He was remanded.

A dangerous lunatic, who had been arrested in Perth and discharged, has been reported to the police as again threatening to take people's lives. Among others, he has threatened violence to Mr. Cowan, P.M., and been heard to say he intended to kill -the Premier, Sir John Forrest. The man is now in custody as a supposed lunatic, and Dr. Kelsall has been requested to report on the man's mental condition. The man was brought into court again to-day, and ho talked quite rationally. When being brought to the lock-up, he told tho con stable he was going to bring an action against the Government for .£100,000. It appears he was formerly at Wyndham, in the North, and was sent to Fremantle as a lunatic, but afterwards discharged as sano. Since then, he has been locked-up at intervals. At the usual fortnightly meeting of tho Court Robin Hood, No. 7996, on Wednesday evening, Bro. W. Bell, C. R., in the chair, a Forosters' welcome was given to visiting Bro. Kellow, of Sydney. Tho meeting decided that it was desirable to form an elective board of management to assist tho trustees in the management of the TJ.F.S. ground, t© prevent the latter, who have now sole management, losing toueh with the societies, as had been the case else where. The trustee ©f the court was authorised to lay this opinion before his

coadjutors, so that the framing of laws could be delayed until the various societies had time to express an opinion on the sub ject Three new members were initiated, making a total of 263 on the roll, and nine candidates were proposed for membership. In the bankruptcy affairs of Alex. Mac Kenzie, contractor for tho supply of the electric light in Perth, an application was made to the Chief Justice, in the Bankruptcy Court, on tho 8th instant, by the Official Receiver, to set aside the assignment of the bankrupt's assets to Mr. W. N. Moylo, of Perth, a creditor. Tho deed of assignment, dated 4th August, included a lease of land in .Wellington-street, -which was intended as a lighting dep&t, the rental being .£100 per annum ; the lighting contract made with the City Council; 242 poles erected in the

streets for sustainingthe wires ; and a policy of insurance on MacKenzie's life, dated June last for .£1000 ; these being assigned as security for money advanced to tho amount of .£875. TheOfficialReceivercontendedthat the assignment, being made within six months of the bankruptcy, was a fraudulent preference, and void as against tho trustee in bankruptcy, there being no consideration given at tne .time of making the assign ment, which was only to cover past advances. It appeared also that portion of the pro perty had been assigned previously, with conditions, but that the last assignment included all the others, and was absolutely unconditional.- The last assignment was stamped, the previous ones not being stamped. Mr. Haynes, in reply for the debtor, said the last assignment was given as further security, and the previous as signments were not chattels. He contend ed that the contract with the Council was not a chattel, such as could be assigned, under a bill of sale ; that the street poles were not removable without the Council's consent ; and that the poles were stamped with Movie's initials before the debtor became a bank rupt, this fact being deposed to in evidence byMaeKenzie. The Chief Justice, after hearing arguments, decided that the pre vious assignments did not require rogistra ,tion, they not referring to chattels in possession of the debtor; also that the ?Doles were not chattels within fh« hnTilr.

rupf s control ; and he held that a personal chattel was not a fixture. Therefore the motion must be dismissed, the last as Bignment being a good one, and not a fraudulent conveyance. Motion dismissed, with costs. In reference to the recent fire at Forest Hill, North Perth, in which a house owned by Mr. H. Doyle, well known in cricket and sporting circles, was burned to the ground, the following particulars have been suppli ed. At about half-past 4 p.m. Mrs. Doyle, who had been ironing and airing clothes in front of the fire,, had occasion to go out side to attend to one of the children. On her return she found the room ablaze, and she only had time to drag out a box and a few articles before the whole place was consumed. Mrs. Doyle was alone at the time, and narrowly escaped being burnt. Mr. Doyle was absent at business, and did: not know of, the occurrence until his .return in the evening.' The house and furniture were insured in the New Zealand Insurance Office, but the amount will only partially cover the loss,

Many of the lovers of linking in Perth will no doubt learn with regret that the Olympia Rink is a thing of the past. A monster unreserved sale by Lowe, Olerk '& Co. will take place at 10-30 to-morrow at the rink, of all the fittings,decorations,tools, galvanized iron, etc. Waggonettes, vehicles, horses, poultry, fancy goods, and other numerous articles enumerated in our busi-. ness columns will also be sold, Mr. Webb having determined to clear out everything prior to the arrival of Mrs. Webb with a company of novelty artists from the eastern colonies. The Fremantle Early-Closing Association held a picnic at Rottnest Island yesterday, which was largely attended, fully 170 people availing themselves of the opportunity of visiting the island. Favoured with fine weather, the excursionists left Fremantle in the steam-launch Dolphin shortly after 9 o'clock, and it wasat once seen that they had laid themselves out to thoroughly enjoy the holiday. -On arriving at the island the passengers were landed in boats, and as it was after 12 o'clock by the time they were all got off preparations were at once made to satisfy the cravings of the inner man.^ Lunch being over, the principal at traction was a cricket match played be tween the Association C.C.i and a team from the island, which was watched by a large number of people. The E.C.A.C.C. winning the toss went to the wickets, but did not stay long and only scored 31 runs. The islanders did not do as well, and their last wicket fell when the score was 23. In their second innings the E.C.A.C.C. made 56. As the islanders did not play their second innings the match was won by thfl 'R.n A f! P. ATI fVin fifcf rnninn-a T».i«_

ing tho afternoon the picnicers amused themselves in the short time at their dis posal in roaming about and seeing all that was to be seen, and gathering shrubs, grasses, &c. Before leaving the island three hearty cheers were given to Colonel Angelo, who had done all in his power to mako tho visitors comfortable. A start was made for home shortly after sun-down, every one agreeing that a most pleasant day had been spent. To enlives. the proceedings a band consisting of nine performers kindly gave their assistance for the occasion, and the music provided by it was much appreciated.

, Tha National aoneert held last night at tho Town Hall, under the direction of-- Mr. Julius Herz, only attracted a small audience notwithstanding the undoubted excellence of the programme. Among those present was -His Excellency the Governor. The singing of Miss Kelsall and Mr. Woodfield was muah enjoyed, and the efforts of the orchestra in two popular selections were thoroughly appriciated. Miss Wainstot, Miss Dumsday and Mrs. Ingpen — the latter making a very successf u first appearance — and Messrs. Taylor, Hart, North, and others assisted in the programme. Altogether the concert was a very good one, and cer tainly deserved better patronage. Referring to the W.A. goldfields a Mel bourne paper of recent date states :— Al- most evory day sees the arrival of parties bent on trying their fortunes on the now world- renowed goldfields of Coolgardie, but rarely have any left 30 fully equipped as that representing the Coolgardie district Prospecting Association, under the direction of Mr. J. Kemp, a miner of no smallrepute on the Bendigo fields. This party reached Fremantle last week by tho ' Bullarra ' with three fine teams, supplied with water tanks, condensers, quartz crushers, and a quantity of provisions estimated to last about six months, and should, therefore, have little to fear from the comingdry sea son in their endeavors to strike new 'finds.' At any rate they are determined to give the field a thorough trial.

The Wild West Show Company opened in Howick-street last evening, to a fairly good house. Tho jumping of theponies did not take place owing to the wild state of the bullocks, which wero provided by Mr Stanley Sutton, of Murray-street. It was some time before the cow-boys were able to saddle a big red bullock which was mounted by Mick Fenton. The animal tried all he knew to unseat his rider, but all in vain, and Fenton was loudly cheered as ho sprang from the animal's back leaving him alone in tho yard. After a short delay a second bullock was ridden, which brought the nighf s entertainment to a close, and cheer after cheer went up for the riders as the audience left the enclosure. The Com pany appear at the East Perth Sale-yard at 4 p.m. on Saturday/ for the last time in Perth. A river excursion and picnic, under tho auspices of tho Scots' Church Liteiary Society, took place yesterday in Messrs. Randell, Knight & Co.'s steam launch 'Garreenup.' A start was made from tho North Freniantlo Bridge, landing at 9-45 a.m. The weather was delightful and the trip an enjoyable one for the large number who took advantage of the opporuntity to inspect the many beautiful and picturesque spots along the Swan. The Canning Bridge was reached a little under two hours after starting. After putting about and a turn around Melville Water the course was di rected to Dr. Waylen's Point Walter pro perty, directly opposite Fresh Water Bay, where a landing was made and refreshments partaken of. Tho afternoon was spent by

the whole company mingling sociably to gether and indulging most heartily in various games. After a very pleasant day's outing the excursionists turned for home, which was reached about sundown. Dun ing the day the society's piano, which was taken to afford additional ? pleasure, was kept well going by an able pianoist engag ed for the occasion. Tenders were opened by the Public Works Department on Tuesday for several wbrks. The lowest tenders were announced as fol lows :— Brunswick Agricultural Hall, J. and H. Gibbs ; Dardanup Agricultural Hall, J. and H. Gibbs; Tone River bridgo, Delaney ' and Pratt; double bogie freight truckB, for karri, A. A. Grieve ; for tuart, Ford and Hawkesford; double bogie platform trucks, for karrie and tuart, Ford and Hawkesford. A meeting of the United Lodge, No. 17, I.O.G.T., was held at Beaconsfleld last Monday evening. The following wore elected to office : — Chief Templar, Bro. H, ' Batty; Vice-Templar, Sr. McCaw; Secre tary, Uro. G. S. Stannard; Assistant Sec retary, Sr. H. Kirk; Treasurer, Bro. McCaw, ji\n.; Financial Secretary, Bro. M. Strong; Chaplain, Sr. C. Kirk; Marshal, Bro. G. . Batty; Deputy Marshal, Sr. Vagg; Inside - Guard, Bro Rayner- Outside Guard, Bro. . ' Padden; Lodge Deputy, Bro. A. Lock} O-C. Templar, Bro. McCaw. After the wren-S1thfe11l0d?ehada little Wony! when the following members contributed songs :-BroS. C Padden, M. Strong, and . G. Stannard. Several visiting k^« hearty vote of thanks was accorded to vSxJEtS'**- *5f retirine ambers. The lodge closed m the usual form at 1Q 0 clock, after a most enjoyable evening-.

A very pleasant picnic was organised yesterday by the various friendly societies of Perth. A procession was formed at the Shearer Hall in the morning, consisting of the members of the Sons of Temperance \ /, 0# Jh the Druids' Protestant Alliance*' and the Foresters. Headed by the Guild tord brass band, and marshalled by Mr J M. Lapsley, the procession marched through ' the pnneipal streets of the city to the rail way station, where a special train was in readmoss to convey tho excursionists to Claremont. The usual games and amus™ ments were successfully carried out .n the picnic pound, and everything passed off ' enjoyed by those taking part? We at e requested to state that owing to '? the delay in the arrival of the s.s. Nemeais from Melbourne, the plant for the new paper at Northam, which was shipped by : that steamer, cannot be placed in jjositioh as soon as was expected. The Central Districts Advertiser will, however, make its first appearance definitely on the 25th inst. The agents for the paper for Perth and Fremantle are Mr. P. J. Eoto and Mrt Francis Hart, who hope to be able to dis tmgiush this provincial journal by obtain ing for it a large circulation in the met ropolitan area.

Owing to extreme pressure on our space ' we are compelled to hold over our report of the Royal Perth Yacht Club Regatta,' letter by the Rev. G. E. Rowe, and other matter, all of which will appear in to morrows issue. Obstructions on the railway, intended apparently to wreck a train, were discovered on a erasing at the west end of Perth, late on Monday evening last. Some statements already published,, concerning this affair are not quite correct, according to our in formation obtained to-day. Constable Cavanagh, while returning from his beat on the north side of the railway, at tho Dyer-atreet crossing, after eleven o'clook found two planks (wooden sleepers) sticking end-up from the cattle-stoppit, the ends be- - ing about 18 inches above tho level of the ' railway These planks might have been tumbled down by mischievous larrikins, or they might have been placed in that danger oug position with malicious intent to upset a, train They were in a slanting position, ' the butt-ends towards the west, so thatany train coming from Fremantle in the dark ness might, and probably would, have butt- ? ed against the plank-ends with a tremen

dous shock. Whether such a shock would be likely to splinter the planks to pieces, or would have tilted the engine upwards and thrown the train off the rails is a matter of opinion. Constable Cavanagh! assisted by Mr. Djke, lifted the planta from the pit and removed them, just as they saw the last passenger train from Fre- '' mantle coming into sight with its lights. ' ? . ' ? I Their prompt action averted a serious if ? not a fatal, peril, and the community will ' feel a deep sense of relief and also of grati- - ' tude, for this sensible and timely action which appears to deserve more than thanks. It has been stated that the planks were bolted or fastened to the cross-bearers of the cattle-stop, there by showing a calculated maliee. But this version of the affair is too mixed. The bolts in the planks wero those used in sleepers ' f for fastening down rails, and as the bolts wore not visible in the darkness they caused more trouble to those removing the planks and might seem' to have been fixed for the purposs. The polica have not yet tracked tho offender one or more; and there is no certainty that the act was the deliberate ' plot of a murderous fiend. ? . ' This evening a meeting of persons in terested in the formation of a free reading room and library for Fremantle, will be '???' held in the Banqueting room of the Town Hall. Resolutions will bo submitted' affirming the desirability of tho above, and also to appoint a committee intended, if possible, to amalgamate with the committee ? * of the present Literary Institute, with a view to carrying out the project.

Our correspondent at Bunbury wired under yesterday's date as follows :— I re« gret having to report the death of Mr. B N. Colreavy, which occurred at his residence last night. The deceased was well-known ' ' as a practical miner, and as one of the first discoverers of gold in the vicinity of Golden Valley (Yilgarn). Mr. Colreavy was very widely respected for his modesty as well as for his honesty and much regret . is expressed for the loss his wife and seven children, who are totally unprovided for ' ? '-' have sustained. Rainfall registered this morning :— Bremer Bay 26, Esperance Bay 3, andEvre 3 points. rf ? ' ? ' Tho outward R.M.S Oroya is expected to reach Albany this evening. The usual quarterly installation of officers of the Excelsior Lodge I.O.G.T. was held at the Protestant Hall, Fremantle, on luesday evening, when the following officers for the ensuing term were duly inducted to their respective offices by Bro. Williamson, L.D., assisted by Bro. G. Batty and Sister M. Rose as installing marshals. — C.T. Bro. G. S. Stannard; V.T. Sister Kelso ; Sec : Bro. J. Hitchcock; Treas : Bro. T. Smith. ; F. S. Sister Jessie Smith ; Chap : Bro. Moore ; Mar : Bro. Hill; J. G. Bro. Ander son; 0. G. Bro. F. A. Campbell ; A.S., Bro. El. Flowers ; D.M., Sister L. Rose; P.O., S. Bro. M. Strang. The following were ap pointed to represent the Lodge at the Grand Lodge Session to bo held in January next:— Bro: T Smith' (L. D.) Bro. G. S. Stannard, and Sister Smith, with Bros. Ford, Hitchcock, and Hill as alternate representatives. Four new members were initiated during the evening, and the reports of the Secretary andFinance officers for the preceding quarter were submitted, andshowedthelodgetobein a flourishing condition both numerically and financially. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Sister Jessie Smith for her services as pianist, and aft-r the usual standing committees for the quarter had been ap pointed the lodge closed. A requisition is in course of signature in Fremantle asking the Hon. D. K. Congdon to offer himself as a candidate for the Mayoralty of tho Port. A meeting of the Guildford Local Board of Health was held on the 2nd instant, the Mayor (Mr. W. G. Johnson) presiding. The business was of a purely formal character, and after a short session of half an hour tho proceedings closed. '^.The following notice were posted at the Perth Telegraph Office this morning: ? 'Communication on the N«. 1 North Line, beyond New Norcia, and the Wyndham- '?? -^ Hall's Creek Line has become interrupted.' '??