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(From our own Correspondent.)

July I.

Last week was one of unusual severity as far as weather was concerned, Tuesday and Wed ncsday were remarkable for iho heavy rata, find also for the amount of thunder and lightning with which we were treated. To-day, however, is fine, and wo hope the weather will continue su.

The Coorong and Euro called here on Wed nesday hist, on their way to MacDonnell Bay, from Adelaide. I noti> e<i Captain Morgan on the latter steamer, bound for the scene of hjs future labors. The I'enola come in to-day from Adelaide, and brought a lew passengers, Among the steerage passengers were soma who, no doubt, will attempt to gull tome of your Mount Oam bier green noma on race day with their fortune telling canaries and trick-performing monkies.

From the placards exhibited in the store" keepers' windows I notice that a special train will run from here to Mount Oambier on Wed* ncsday at excaraion fares. Not many will patronise it here, but a number will doubtless join it at Millicent,

Captain Brimage arrived to-day from Mac? Donnell Bay to take up his position as Harbor Muter, &c, at this port, We trust be will gain from Beachjurt the golden opinions he seems to ha?e from the residents of MacDonnell


Everyone here is on the tiptoe of expectation as to the name of the successful tenderer for the additions to the jetty,

A friend to-day informed me that one of the senseless rascals who are "acting the goat" (or   fool) by endeavouring to frighten females and person of weak nerves with the appearance of ghosts (?) and other supernatural beings is in the habit of using a sheet with a coffin painted on it, As no one in Mount Gambier excepting members of a certain body, uses a sheet with this figure

painted on it, I am of opinion that it should not

be a matter of difficulty to trace the offender

before referred to. Will some of the persons who are acquainted with the use of this sheet try and bring the matter to light?