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DEATH OF AN EX-AUSTRALIAN TRAINER. particulars'by the koom BANA.

In connection with the. shipment of horses consigned to Mr. A. E. Cockram at Belraont, which arrived yesterday afternoon per the new steamer Koom bana, the following particulars- of the suicide of a well-known ex-Australlau

trainer, Edwin Couch, may prove inte resting. Some details of the incident have previously appeared in these columns, but later information gleaned by a 'Dally News'' representative on the Koombana this moraine provides fuller accounts. It appears that Couch

was engaged to take charge of Mr, Cockram's horses, but almost at the last moment he failed to appear to Barry out his engagement. The animals had to be shipped from Glasgow- during Christmas week by. the Koombana, which was to sail on De cember 29. All details were arranged, and as the animals had to reach Glas gow some eight or nine days before being shipped they had to go througu their malleln tests, it was decided that Couoli should go down to Cobham pre viously with the blood stock which had been rounded up there. He ap peared to be greatly interested in tho matter, and had gone minutely into the question of forage and boxes. AftuiĀ« leaving the International Horse

Agency's oflices he vanished. He nevor reached Cobham, and as another good man was fortuuately available, the stock wiV* sent off subsequently under his cha.*jo and without Couch. Day by day it was still hoped that news of the latter would be received, and the other man, whose name was Painter, brought the horses out by the Koombana in Couch's place. Apparent Iv there was nothintr in Couch's man

ner while he was staying at Exeter to Indicate that he contemplated suicide, However, a day or two previously ho went to a gunsmith and bought a small revolver, which, he represented, he wanted to take with .him on his return to the Antipodes. A couple of days afterwards a ser vant at the hotel, on going to his room, ffMind thfl man Ivlnc In si. nnnl nf hloori

There was a wound in the head and a small six-chambered revolver was lying ?near. Circumstances indicated that h?. probably stood up before the looking* glaes (which was out of its proper position), placed tho palm of one of his han-de against the side of his head, and the revolver against the other side just above the ear, and then fired, The bullet passed right through the brain and pierced a finger of the other hand

as( It emerged from the head. Nothing was found on him to Indicate that ho had had any personal trouble. At- the hotel he paid his bills, and never seem ed to lack means. Couch was a native of Devon. For a quarter of a century he travelled in America, Australia, and Canada, train Ing winners in all of those countries. 'He also figured In India.