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-Srr4-The "Guardian," that Monitor of the clique smitten village community, has not yet been able tfybfin^h, from his memory, the sad and. umvelcopie petition to Hfo Excellency agains^Separa^tiqp. ,vJt r,yill not go smoothly ,d©nj{n jrith th$ .r^npejand advocat^ that he and his clique should find opposition in the great scheme, and he insinuates that there were 2^5 .doubtful signatures attached to the petition, purporting to be those of residents. Now we arp|:alfle to inform the big organ of the Portland would-be-state rulers that these signatures are genuine, and those of residents who h ve attached themselves to the soil that they really are the names of parties of intelligence and vested interests brought to gether.frrti§i& IjfiPQrafel&^WVposc, januyated by a public ispipH and far. th#v.pvWicr w'ilfgite, /yr

which they are entitled to the thanks, of their fellow cojonists. We, the citizens of South Australia, wish for no separation, much less do we hear-a longing for Portland sway. Al though the ifetheriy "Guardian " informs us that there were nearly double the number of

I signatures in favour of fishermen and slaugh

termen, he does not disclose the means by which those signatures were obtained. This remains a clique secret, and we can only gather from the fact, that agents' walking about, paid by the head, does afford no guar antee that, signatures thus collected, are those of'resiclents or genuine. Why the names to the petition are not published, so often hinted at by the Press, and thus the public have an opportunity afforded them to judge whether they are not in excess to the population, is best known td "the gallant Guardian and his clique.

This hint to publish the petitioners names,

was never noticed by the Princeland advocate, whose instinct is sharp enough to discover with eye and ear what suits him and his clique pur- pose, as he is deaf and blind to all out of that

sphere. That every boy and swagman should be invited to attach his name to the petition to

well the list of the names is open to objection,

and we, from this, double honesty of purpose at the very outset.' The mov8 ' is ' regarded with'tfisfrast, k>miich more, when ccftyin par oles. not at'sill favourites for their liberality, so freely open their pursd-no doubt with. a view io'iftiip aYfiousandfold return. What a happy prospect £>r a new community when ruled by a never satiated clique, the all grasping, the absorbing. Atparcbi!I of mongers of all sorts would show orf'tfrinew col6*Ay to advantage and blight its prospects in. its infancy. They would trumpet abcut'lheif'model 'deeds arid thuR claim the admiration of' tlib: world.

grand iUllittaftioA to the spectator the deeds of mushroom1 Statesmen of Princeland. Row, ye peo£I6, t>ow before your idols the creators of a gl'oriouVfi'i4ure.

Yours, &c.,



[To Tin: EDITOR.] I

Sir,-Can you inform me through the medium of your valuable journal, whether any "steps' liaye been taken to " settle-up" the expenses, &c., incurred by fthe late ploughing

matcW? ' To mjy certain knowledge some of

the prizes have not yet been handed over to

the winners.

, . <>V ,

I am, sir, yours truly, i


[XOTE.-There was to have been a meeting

last Wednesday flight week, to sbttle all mat ters relating %)to the Ploughing' Majtch : hut

owing tortile inclemency of the weather the

meeting was adjourned. It will be seen, from our advertising columns that another meeting has been called for next Wednesday.-Ed.]