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Dei/egA.TE3 from the majority of the local governing bodioa in the South East are to meofc in Penola on Friday $yith the view of considering the question of local government jn one or two aapectB as it aftcots them, 'The loading point in tho program mo is a proposal in favor of bringing the whole district under local government, and another in favor of taking over ;the pofltroj. pf the main roads oft certain conditions. In tho absepcp of devils it would bo proraature to criticise, aa it is tho details that will show the practicability oi> the reverse of the proposals, They may bo looked upon as they now stand as somewhat crude,

scheme may be elaboratod out of the idiscusBion which \yiii bo for the good of the district and the colony.

No subject is of more vital import ance to the public welfare than that of local Self-government. Anything that yypuld extend its scope and perfoct its operation |s pQ b0 v/elpomed. Lots of inequalities and shortcomings ejcigt in out1 local laws and regulations. There ia, therefore, plenty of room for the


We hope the South-East delegates .will deal yyith the matters they take up in a iftrge-nearted and comprehensive way, and that the outcome of their deliberations will bo such as to throw fresh light upon them and give a cue to future legislation.

MOUNT Gambikr HIGH SOHOOI,.-Ratuv jfloy >vna the first speech day of tho Mount iQa'pibiev JJigh (School, concluded by tho .Rov. Hartley Williams. At 11 o'clock SI pupils and about tho same number of visitors assembled, Tho Rev, Dr. Craig presided. The Headmaster's report showed that tho fjohool bad >«&flo gratifying progress since it was oponed in October, 18S J, {Several of the boys cave recitations, after which tho Chair man distributed a number of prizes. Before tho oloso of the proceedings it wan intimated that several gentlemen had generously offered prices for,competition at the Christinas ex amination, "J. fro pomuie/noration, u report of whioh appoars olsewhero, was most puoaees.


The unemployed difficulty ia still a very pressing one m Adelaido, lluudreds of men ore described aa unablo to find work, and considerable pressure ia being brought upon tlio Oovorumout to induce them to lnajco work for tho men, It is hoped the Mount Gambicr and N&rracoorto railway will bo put in hand soon as ft help towards relieving

the labor crisis,

meant; but possibly a

THE DISTRICT Con NOIL CONKKREKOK,- ? The conference of-Diatriot Council delegates, which is to meet at I'onola 011 Friday to dis-' cuss ft proposal in favor of urging Parliament to provide for tlio enlargement of the districts, ana other matters aflccting, them, will bo lnrgo Rnd representative of tho South-Eaat.* The delegates for the two Mount Gambier councils leave here on Thursday aftonioon ot one o'clock, in a conveyance kindly placed at their disposal by Mr, L, G, Eh ret, Tho busiiioss of the confcrenoe will commence at 10 a,m,; on Friday,

INSOLVENCY COUKT.-IU the Mouiit .Gam* bier Iusolvoney Court on Friday there \yiU be a final hearing in the estate of Isaac Snowsill, of Mount Gambier, carter, ;

MESSHH, Tomkineon, Santo, and Moulden were nominated on Monday for the vacant aeat in the Southern Provinco, The polling to determine whioh shall have the covQted honor will take plaoe throughout tho elector* ato next Tucsdny. Tho fixturo is a little bit unfortunate, baing the day after tho District Council elections, People can hardly be ex pected to givo up two days running to electioneering.

PRESSURE upon our space compels ua to hold over a good deal of matter intended for

this issue,

THE death is aniiounoed, at tho ago of 59, of Mr. Thomas Tilley, who for many years resided in this,' distnot-first da managor of Gloncoo and bubsoquontly as the owner of Gillap, The deceased dioil somewhat sud denly at Chiverton, in the provineo of Warwiok, Queensland,

ANOTHER old resident of this district

I has joined tho great majority, viz., Mr, W,

II. MaoWilliam, one of tho Viotorian in spectors of stock. He died at Salo, Gippa Laud, on the 12th ult, Mr, MaoWilliam, who was in his 65th year, was stationed for

some time at Pcnola. '. ? | I "'-A CURE FOB DIPHTHERIA.-The following

'has been proved an effectual cure for this ;droadful complaint Tako of compound

tincture of bark 14 oz,, chlorato of potash 2 drachms, aromfttio spirit of ammonia 3 drachmB, syrup of ginger 1 oz., sulfloiont distilled wator to make 12 oz. of the mix ture, Dose for an adult-A largo table* spoonful every second hour. With this medicine there is not tho painful operation of burning the throat sometimes resorted to,

THE' barque Murcia, iron laden, dragged her anchor in Beaohport and grounded over a sandbank into deep water, close in shore, Tho disaster was caused by the want of moorings for large vessels,

THE Premier of Victoria has received a memorial of thanks for the Australian offers

of a contingent for tho Soudan, signed by 20,000 people of England,

Miss E, CROWE, of Mingbool, was married on Monday morning in the Mount Gambier Roman Catholic Church to Mr, J, F, ICirby, of Coleraine, and the event caused quite a flutter among the dove-cots of Mount Gam bier, The commodious churoh waa crowded, tho youth and beauty of tho district being present in largo numbers, At 11 o'clook the bridal party walked up tho aisle to the altar rail, where the Very Rev, Dean Ryan celebrated the marriage, The bride looked very pretty in one of tno best wedding dresses ever turned out by Messrs. Robert son and Moffat, of Melbourne, " Humming Boo," in the Australasian of Juue 27, thus desoribes it i-"In this dress the materials used were ivory duchcsse satin, brocaded Bilk, and rioh duchme laco and flowers in profu sion, Tho bodice was of satin,- made with

deep point in front, short on the hips j and in tno small pouf drapery of satin at tho back which now replaces the deep point of last season, a few knots of duchmc laco, inter mixed with little bouquets of lilicaof the valley and orange blossoms were plaoed. Around the neck, below tho collar, and down each front, in Iretellc fashion, came abroad white gimp insertion of pearl pasaomenterie, tho beads of which lighted up and relieved tho dead ivory satin, The tram was of satin, tho petticoat of brocado, Around tho bottom ran a plain, full pleating, ovor which fell the bottom or the brocaded potticoat, whioh, to give it ft prettior finish, had been out out iubattlemonts pointed in form, sown all round with n thick edging of large pearl beads. A short apron like drapery of satin was carolessly draped aoroaa the bodico high up near the waist, and this drapery, in addition to its rioh fall of duchssc laco, had a peudent fringe of lilios of the valley and oraugo blossom. Tho veil of tulle had a border of fern leaves worked upon it in white floss silk, and tho bridal wreath had a long hanging spray, in tended to be lightly caught on the loft shouldor." There were four bridesmaids Misses Monaglmn. Kirby, Crouoh, and Ryan -who were dressed in pairs, two of them in cardinal silk brocho -bodies with cream skirts, and two in palo blue silk brocho bodies with oream skirts beneath. In ono tho skirt was of a warm ahado of oroam morveillouao elaborately trimmed with lace. The, other three wore of oream cashmere, made elabor ately with flounces, and puffing, long, pointed, narrow, shawl draperies in front. No laoo Ayap i)sjed qu thp skirts, jaut fV pretty finish was given by every edgo 'being " pinked " out each flounce and all the <lra pories,, They woro pretty " Olivette " bon

of oroam laco with ribbon trimmings to illit tho pfllor of tho bodices, The groomsmen woio>lossi''s,'j,'I(ft|cViaw (best man), >j\ GillesV pie, J, Monaghan, and R, Foley, At tW close of the marriage mass was Qelobratod, and thou the party and a large number of invited guests drovo to Mingbool, whoro tho breakfast was hold. Immediately aftor tho breakfast tho newly married pair loft on their honeymoon tour, j

Cmocs, -? Tho Walhalla Bros,1 Circus pflojp) jn Mount Gambioryosterday ovening, 'find was fairly attendee), Tfyo oleyop hqr^e: manship of Lee was gtoatjy appnoqiated, and also the. tumbling ana popforjnanoos of other m'emjjers of the company, Thoro are two olowns, both of whqm aro exceedingly good in thiiir liiie. and kept tho audioriqo. amused,' Toiafty, Wbqlioye,- they giy«j jj^afi^ee on the rfioegQurse,

ALARM BELL.-The Town Counoil are go ing ty experiment to-day with tho view o! using the town olook boll as an alarm in the event,of fire in tho town, No ono need, there fore, be alarmed at tho ringing to-day.