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The curtain ' on Western Australian League football was rung down this afternoon, when the two leading teams —East FremnntlB andt Perth— met on the, Fremantle Oval in the presence of a large gathering, which thronged

the grass lawns. Had it not been the general opinion, that East Fre mantle would win easily the attend ance would no doubt' have been much larger.' ' The teams stood out well above the otHers on the premiership list, but East Fremantle had shown that they could beat Perth even when the red-legs had their full strength in.- In to-day's match Perth, it was known, would suffer by the loss of Thompson and Orr, who have not returned from their trip to Melbourne,, notwithstanding their signed agree ment, to leave Adelaide for. home with the other .members of the , carnival team on September 5, Perth ' men, too, were uncertain whether Leckio would be able to lead his team, since his youngest child was ' severely burned on Thursday. The Perth cap tain's, appearance on the field depend ed on the doctor's verdict In regard

to the yoUngster. Leckle duly ap peared, but Edwards was unable to take his place' in the team. Albert Helnrlchs and 'Nick' Gilbert, old East Fremantle players, came down from Goomaillng and Kalgoorlle re spectively to see the old club win,. an- other premiership, and Perth had a good following of old and new sup porters, who believed they would give Easts a run for it. Neither side could complain of the weather condi tions at the start of play, and the ground was in excellent order. 'Ivo' Crapp had charge of the game, and the minor officials were:— Boundary umpires, Russell and M'Callum; goal umplreB, Mills and Delaney; scorer, Ryan. The teams were placed as follow: — East Fremantle.— Backs, Beswick, Strang,' and Wilson;, half-backs, Lee, S. Dolg, and Wdgrhtson; centre, Honeybone, Parsons, and H. Doig; half-forwards, Sweetman, Sharp, and Robinson; forwards, Ch;-isty, Hardlsty, and C. Doig; followers, Heslceth and Scott; rover, M'Intyre. Perth.—Backs, erase, Miller, and Moffatt; half-backs, Kennedy, Sou'thee, and Burns; centre, Ferguson, Glowrey, and Leokle; half -forwards, Davey, Wilson, and Cherry; forwards, Shep herd, Cummins, and Waughi followers, Clark and Brady; rover, Winton. Perth started kicking towards he ?goal aided by a fairly strong wind, Parsons helped the ball along for Easts, .but the red-legged ruck ?soon altered affairs, and Brady

secuirtng sent o' to uiai\K. Wilson saved with a nice high mark,. and H. Doig helped the ball along the wing. Sharpe had a free and sent well round the wing. Kennedy, from a ?free kick, sent well on with the wind. Honey.bone intervened and sent the leather neatly to Hardisty. Christy, from a free kick, sent on to the ruck, ,but Moffatt proved to be In his place, and relieved with a characteristic dash. The game -waa now fairly fast, much give-and-take play resulting. Clark again made a fine mark. Winton did some pretty play on the wing, beating d, couple of opponents. A lot of play now ensued about Easts' goal-iposts. M'Intyre gave the blues a chance, but the ball travelled out of bounds. Wil son staved off a Perth rush, Sweet man marked and sent we}l on. Yet again CJark relieved 'the situation with

a fine centre , kick. At this stage Honeybone became ? temporarily in capacitated, Some pretty passing by the Perth Club was now the tit-bit. Reg. Cher.ry 'had a rather easy chance to score a goal 'from a snap, but only managed a behind. Beswlck's kick-off was a fine one. Winton secured finely in the' air from Glowrey, and this player, putting the bah on the ground, sent to Reg. Cherry. The hall, how ever, went out -of .bounds. Roy Wilson made a very fine mark in a crowd, and soon put Easts' ?? goal in '.danger. H. Doig relieved In characteristic fashion. Southee, who had strangely strayed from the half-back lines, was respon sible for a fine mark. Leckie then snapped a quick behind. Easts were giving away a lot of frees. Sweot man had a long place-kick from , a difficult angle, but kicked poorly. Davey Just twist&d through a minor. Scores at Quarter Tlmo, # ? Perth, 3 behlnds (3 points), East Fremantle, nil. '

On resumption Moffatt nicely re lieved an Eastern rush. S, Doig had a long place kick, and notched Easts' first minor. Charlie Doig then had a shot from the same spot, but per formed poorly. Sharpe was freed, and tried from the same point as the two Doigs had. . M'Intyre marked his kick,- and scored a minor. Crase was kicking off splendidly, picking out the right wing every time. Sharpe made a fine mark, and had a long try. Through a mistake of Parsons, '.Perth had a good chance of scoring, and Winter sent out of bounds. Easts' goal was now. in Immediate danger; Hesketh relieved with. a long kick, but Leckle gave Perth another chance. Basts relieved, and a strong centra dash resulted in Christy snapping r. characteristic goal. Davey then marked on his own, and from a long shot scored a behind. / Cherry rushed through another behind. The ball was quickly transfeprod, and Sharpe and Hesketh got behinds.- Kennedy and Cumming's put in some fine work in the air, and Roy Wilson had a place kick try in front of the posts, but a behind only resulted. Davey, from a long place kick, notched a behind for Perth. Easts changed the venue of the play, and the ex- Star man, Robinson, obtained possession

right in front, and notched a goal-, amidst cheers. Scores at Half-time. East Fremantle, 2 goals 4 behjnds (16 points). Perth, 7 behinds (7 points). Throo-quarter Time. .East Fremantlo, 2 goals 4 behinds (16 points). Perth, 8 behinds (8 points).