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OUR FOLKS AT HOMIE Victorians in Europe. Mr. Victor S. WVolsford, of Mel bourne, is at present in London. Mlrs. E. C. Ilv-ll, nee Miss Brough Smyth, of Victoria, is staying at Ton bridg,', in Kent. Mr. W. J. T'hompson, of Hawthorn, is in England, on a visit with his wift,, and expects to spend some tnimeo in IBelfast. Miss Jessie Traill (Vic.) has entered the Convalescent Home for Wounded Soldiers at Gifford House, Roehamp- ton, as a voluntary worker. Mrs. Robert Virgoe, who, with her nieces, arrived from Melbolurne last summier and hals io een travelling in Setotland, ihas taken i flat at 26 Irerna Gardens, W. Mrs. J. F. Payno (Melbourneo gave largao musical lartv at the Hyde Pnrk liltel recently, at lwhichl thlere were preient. among otlers: Lady Denman, Mlrs. rlarry Oslborne, Mrs. George Clirnside, Mrs. I.e lRoy Burnham, Mrs. H1arold Hall, Mrs. Inoianond Clegg, Mns. Charles Ilyan, Mliss Rita Kis(lle. Mrs. Valla~ge, Mrs. F. W. ltairbairn, Miss J. Fairtairn, Mrs. W. Newber, Mrs. G. CIheery, M1rs. Bail lieu andsi the Misses llhodla and Nora Auderson.- M3iss Florencu Hood (Mel boturte) gave several violin solos. Thie happy suggestion has been made in the Australian Natives' Assoeintion rconcerning Mliss Fionna Kingsown Lons ldah that she le nido a lifo member of the Londlon branch. Miss Lonsdale, who now lives nt Cheltoenhnm, in Eng lanld, is a daughter of the late Cap tain Lonsdate, wsli was in charge of the King's Own ll Regimont, stationed at Melbourne hbefore tlhant city wan lbuilt, and she lhas tiho dlistinction of being tihe first clady born isn Melbourne. I-te sister, Mrs. N. W. Pagan, who ro sildes at Penzance, has also joined the assoeintion.

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