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Mr. Eric Muir, who has been sta tioned at the local post office for tlio last year, lias been transferred m Dalbr, and left on Thursday's mail for that place. His place at Auga tUella. is being ailed by Mr. Harry Cavanougb, who has been here on relieving duty on two occasions. II Cavanongh arrived on Wednesday.

The contractors have made a st-nt on tho work on Coorey's gulues. There has only been one man on the job. anfl unless others are employed the work may take some time m

being completed.

Mr Jack Goddard. who has a fenc tag contract on-SsSastJinlla. haa the. misfortune to be totally burned out. His camp and all his supplies and motor car were completely destroyed. Air. Goddard, who was away at tl«e time on tho liuw came home to find his tent and everything that ho possessed burnt up. It is supposed :hat tiio wind blew a spark from i*ie i fire on to the tent. This is a great

lo«s, as lie Lad only recently purchas ed tlie car. for the purpose of doing

tho fencing job.

Whilst conveying the mails on tU'; Upper Warrego mail service, the con tractor , Mr. Ian Nicholson, haa the bad I nek to get bogged on the road. He and his passengers were com l pellccl to spend the night in the car I and to secmo help the following day ! to m-t the car from the bog. He had i cot on the road in the night, and his ! car buried Sown in the loose sand I

understand that he is requesting tho ; Council to do tome repairs to the i road 011 his mail service.

! Mr. H- Ware had a lucky escape 1 from serious injury on Monday last Ho is employed by tho Main Roach; Board, and "while "working-near the ^0 inUo gato on the Charlevlllo road, a limb from a tree which, was being cut down by one of his mates struck him on the back and across tho head. He was immediately brought to the hos pital, but wo aro pleased to advise that lie is now quite out of danger. It "was a very lucky escape- ,

It is reported that a prominent business man is intending to open up a new picture show In the lower end o* the town. He advises that it will be one of the most up-to-date picture theatres in the country, and that ' everything will bo made for the con venience and comfort of the public

attending the pictures.

Mr. Henry Hobbs passed through with 5000 sheep, going to agistment ! on Chesterton. Tarrina is also send

ing Hwir cattle and horses there for Mr. Herb Thomas has re turned homo after delivering sheep at Rellvuo. He had a very success ful trip. Mr. H. Lewis has also re

turned after delivering stock. Mr. Morey has returned from a drovinp trip, having delivered Messrs. Coo*

& Little's cattle at Morven.

Don Johnstone had the bad iuf* (o break an axlo of his lorry on Tuesday last. He was bringing wood into the hospital, and when near the hospital the back axle broke and_ al lowed the wheel to come off. Luekny the lorry did not overturn. It was fullx loaded at the time. Mr. Oliver Smith, who employs u«n as iu» driver, keeps the wood up to the local hospital freo j>£ cost. This is a ^on d.'iful spirit, and it Is regrettable that lie should have had this accident ami loss whilst carrying out this vol untary work. " ., ,

Gladys Vale cut out on *rida*

after putting through about jOOO

Mr. E>. .Tamieson is now shear ing. and expects to cut out shortly.

The Augathella Convent intenus putting on a concert on St. Patricks nlcht. The concert Is in charge of i in* Stafford Sister?, assists bv tin'

Risers at. the Convent.

Mrs. W. Taylor and family left last M(.tid3v for the seaside on holidays. - Mrs Sang also went away on Mon

a shoil holiday at the seaside