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Visit Of His Lordship Bishop Roper


Attractive Had And Stage Decorations

Tbe first Catholic Debutante Ball in Ausathella. was held in tbe Mem orial Hall on Wednesday evening, September 17th. Tbe large ball was

packed, over 350 adults being present!

The door takings amounted to £102 and country residents and visitors from Charleville were noticed among the large gathering. A committee of ladies was responsible lor the attrac

tive .Tgstage decorations in lounge effect^ ~ wine coloured drapings re lieved with blue and. carpets to tone. The floral decorations consisted o£

red gladiolas and Iceland poppies.

At 9.30 p.m. 12 debutantes were presented to His Liordship. Bishop Roper.

Mrs. Haseler (Mareto), Matron of Honour, was attractively attired in aqua blue crepe and she carried a bouquet of golden jonquils; she was , ably assisted by Mrs. Coorey, in a

dainty frock of black tulle, with an overdress of black sequins, and Mrs. P. McQueen in a charming frock of black chenille georgette. Both ladies carried bouquets of pink roses.

The debutantes were announced by Mr. W. Corbett, junior.

The Parish Priest, Rev. Father O'Dea, extended a sincere and hearty welcome to His Lordship, Bishop Ropei, and the Rev. Father Prior, of Chaiieviile, and thanked His Lord ship for receiving the debutantes.

His Lordship in his address, ex pressed his .pleasure at being present, and congratulated all on the success of the function. He spoke in admira tion oil the new hall in Augathella, and. hoped that this ball would be made an annual event.

Also among the official party were Mr. and Mrs. Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. Stafford, Messrs Haseler, Coorey, and P. McQueen. Mrs. Corbett chose a black moss crepe frock with silver sequins; Mrs. Stafford, black velvet relieved with white.

Apologies were received from Mr. and Mrs. Little of Claren Park.

About 10.30 the official party, with the debutantes, and their partners, sat down to a dainty supper, the tables being tastefully decorated with pansies, sweetpeas, snapdragons and stocks. The supper-jroom presented a charming appearance, the decorations consisting of wild wattle and palms; the ceiling being interlaced with

coloured streamers.

Ttte debutantes' cake was made and presented by Mrs. Neville Cook of Dalby. The music was supplied by the Hot Shots orchestra of Charleville and Mr. W. Zohl was MC.


Averil Gordon (partner Albie) Frazcr) was frocked in white lac© and net over taffeta, sweetheart neckline, puff sleeves, carried .posy of white roses, white flower in hair.

Beryl Brassington (partner Keviu Williams) lacquered rose design, stea celled net ov*er taffeta, heart-shape neckline pepliun, full skirt, finished ruchinss; carried posy natural flowers, white flower in hair.

Noreen Creevey (partner Wally McLellan) was frocked in lace bod ice and basque sweetheart neckline, two-tier tulle skirt over taffeta;

carried posy of white roses, flower in

hair. -

Brenda Bradbury (partner Harry Kane) was frocked In white em bossed Swiss organ di, featuring very full skirt, square scalloped yoke, puff sleeves., buttoned from neck to low waist-line, over taffeta; carried posy of white roses and sweetpeas, and

rose in hair:

Eileen Lapthorn (partner Lies Jar vis). was frocked in white marquisette lace, yoke heart-shape neckline, full skirt, peplum at back carried posy mixed flowers, white flower in hair.

Erin Bradbury (partner .Kevin Twist) was frocked in white satin, sfrirped taffeta, close fitting gathered bodice, shirred puff sleeves, full skirt, ruched from waist around hem, and a, large hxtw formation and How

ers above hem; carried posy carna tions and xoses in hair.

Joan Brassington (partner Ross Delforee) was frocked in lace over taffeta, heartshape neckline, puff sleeves, hip yoke,'Very full skirt, tiny buttons from neck to low waistline; carried posy of mixed flowers, white flower in hair.

Doreen Corbett (partner Ross Me Queen) silk lace bodice, square neck line, puff sleeves, buttoned from neck to waistline, two-tier net skirt over satin; carried posy of roses spray Lily oa the Valley in hair.

Valma Cook (partner Norm Bras singtonj was frocked in white em bossed Swiss organdi, very full skirt bodice with a tucked waistline and square neck, pufif sleeves, buttoned from neck to low waistline and car ried posy of white and pink rosebuds white flower in hair.

Alary Bradbury (partner Peter SpenceJ was frocked in white satin shirred bodice and sleeves ,tiny but tons from neck to low waistline sweetheart neckline; carried posy roses, rose in hair. - -

Veronica Twist (partner Oliver Clark), was frocked in white lace over taffeta, sweetheart neckline, puff sleeves, peplum at back, hearts ana bow of silk net all round full swing skirt; carried white stocks and chrysanthemums, flower in hair.

Bemadene Butler (partner Colin Stafford) was frocked in white lace over taffeta, sweetheart necklinc, scalloped peplum, and sleeves; car ried posy of white flowers, flower in hair.

flower GIRLS

Ann Butler and Pam Weir was lrocked in blue hailspot marquisette; carried pihk posy.


Mrs. Bob Urwin (Willera) black laquered net in red and gold ov'er taffeta; Mrs. J. Godfrey, junior, red crepe de-chene, trimmed silver se+ qui us.; Mrs. R. McKellar blue satin crystal beading; Mrs. M. Zohl, ©inIf floral taffeta., trimmed black velvet: Mrs. D. McCarthy (Westiand) green net, trimmed pink ruching; Mrs. E Frazer. white net skirt, lace top over red satin; Mrs. J. Meek, figured crepe-de-chene; Mrs. T. Meek, blue uool jersey, trimmed silver sequins;

Mrs. H. Ware, black sheer diamante ornamant; Mrs. J. Porter, flora' crepe-de-ehene, loop trimmings; Mrs Keg Ware, white organdi, trimmed itlue bows; Rita Godfrey blue crepe trimmed gold braid; Dolly Godfrey blue silk linen trimmed embroided flowers and" braiding; Mary Cook, black moss crepe, beaded in black; Mrs. S. Creedon, black and gold brocaded satin, trimmed with gold


Jean Welch, white silk net over taffeta, red shoulder spray; Bnb Glas son, lavender creipe trimmed silver sequins; Mrs. Bridget Gordon, black brocaded- ring velvet, trimmed se quins, red velvet spray; Mrs. R. Creevey, black moss crepe, trimmed sequins and bugal beads; Mrs. W. MeLellan, black georgette, trimmed gold sequins; Mrs. D. Butler, black moss crepe lace yoke; Dorothy

Barnes, cream. lace over taffeta, bine velvet spray; Mrs. M. Taylor, floral cortel silk; Sirs. T. Corbett, ftfrifr silk linen embroided sleeves and peplum; Teresa Gordon, pink silk rayon, trimmed black bows; Margaret Smith, gold taffeta, trimmed silver sequins; Mrs. Roy Ware, black taf feta, trimmed black sequins; Vivienne Condren, flame taffeta, black lace yoke; Adell Butler, Bittersweet bro eaded crepe.

Mrs. Mac Gordon, white organdi trimmed lace and coloured flowers; Mora Ware, old gold taffeta, em broidered butterflies on bodice; Joan Dawkins (Charleville) bine satin, trimmed sequins and velvet shoulder spray;' Mrs. T. Cook, black regency crepe, lace ' yoke, pink - shoulder sptay; Mrs.- W. Bradbury> MaoK

georgette otfer satin; embroidered yoke and sleeves, trimmed' loops; I-.Ir-. A. Carter, Orientcl silk, trim med silk lace ana shirred, white shoulder spray; Mrs. E. Condren blue jersalido, trimmed buttons and loop trimmings; Mrs". A. Twist (Lucknow) pink sheer over taffeta, trimmed pin tucks and laee, large velvet shoulder spray; Mrs. H. Thomas, pink silk linen, trimmed navy; Mrs. J. McKay (Torres Park) cream lace over satin, trim med pearls; Mrs. G. Schmidt (South hampton Downs) blue crepe, trimmed coloured sequins; Mrs. K. Finnigan (Charleville) blue crepe, embroidered in black.

Gladys Spence (Gladys Vale) brown & beige French model, trimmed pink and mauve spray; Marie Winters, blue silk crepe gold trimmings; Rita McKellar, mauve taffeta, trimmed bows and i'oiwers; Bi'idgie McKellar, white tulle skirt, lace top over satin red shoulder sipray; Mrs. F. Mc Queen, black beaded top with black and gold dewdrop net skirt; Carme! Brassington (Charleville) blue satin, stencelled flowers; Joan Kelly (Charleville) white organdi, blonde trimmed, black velvet, pink floral skirt; Mrs. T. Beazley (Poseiden) white organdi, trimmed lace, red shoulder spray; Mrs. 11. Taylor, green silk crepe embroidered sleeves and pepltim; Mrs. D. Meek, rose pink flat crepe, embroidered yoke and ipoekets, plastic buttons; Mrs. M. .Lonergan, henna floral silk; Ellen McKay; Tangerine tafi'eta, trimmed gold sequins; Mrs. Joe McKnighL, blue georgette,. trimmed silver so

quins; Mrs. Ward (Tambo) lilark moss crepe, trimmed black beads; Mrs. J. Weir, floral monotone silk trimmed bows; Mrs. G. Porter, pink taffeta, velvet spray; Amelia Elmes (.Walton Downs) pink satin; Norma McWha (Brisbane) pink tulle over pink lace; Mrs. F. Vowles (Booka Bo oka) wire moss crepe, trimmed gold sequins; Mrs. Joe Seheimer (Manly) black sheer over satin, em broidered in green. and white; Mrs. Lea Jarvis. white brocaded drepe; Mrs. A. Cook, pink embossed satin sheer yoke, trimmed sequins; Kate Piihce. black georgette over satin trimmed sequins; Mrs. Les Frazer cream satin trimmed cream lace; Mrs. P. Creev*ey, blue shadow taffeta trimmed (pink tulle bows; Shirley Del force, pink tulle skirt, lace top, trim med blue bows; Mrs. 'G. Murray pink crepe trimmed mauve flowers; Mrs. T. Andrews, white satin, trim med coloured sequins; Mrs. F. Z0I2I blue moss crepe, embroidered yoke

Rene Lonergan, rose pink silk act over taffeta, trimmed silver sequins; Mrs. H. Zohl, green floral crepe-de eheue, tie neckline and Imttons; Mrs. D. Schalk (Buckys Creek) Mack moss crepe trimmed red and white embroidered butterflies; Paulina, Spenee (Gladys Vale) silver studded butterflies on black net over satin; Mrs. J. Vowles (Books Booka) cream chiffon over satin, trim med cream satin buttons; Mrs. G. Frougheger, beige crepe embroidered gold and brown; Mrs. A. Belforce, pink taffeta, trimmed black inching and sequins; Mrs. N. Cook (DaJbyJ powder blue crepe American sleeves beaded yoke; Dorothy Corbett (Cooli l>ri) red crepe trimmed white net bow; Mrs. J. Gildea (Bursnaai blacl net skirt, red and yreea embroidered top over satin; Mrs. B. Lord (Bidden ham) black cheneile Velvet, Mi's. J Jiilett (Chatham) cream satin, lace yoke, satin collar; Mrs. T. Lapthorn, pink and black striped 'crepe-de ehene, black bows; Mable Bradbury, white net skirt, lace coat, over satin trimmed sequins; Esma Johnstone,

white net oVer taffeta, red and blue shoulder *fl>ray; Dot Bnmekhnrst; green taffeta, trimmed colonred dow ers; Lorna Gads by (Charleville) wine crepe skirt, white satin coat trimmed sequins; Mrs. |E. McWfca - (Water ford) black seqnin net over satin; Mrs. Kevin Williams, gold satin, trimmed beads; Amelia Follington white net over taffeta, mauve shoulder 'spray; Ruby Beazley (Wavely) gold lame, large bow at back; Mrs. A. Frazer, black satin, trimmed sequins; Mary Kane, red and white, check taffeta; Mrs. Dempster, pink shot taffeta; I. Lewis, white net skirt, lace top- over taffeta, trimmed baby plastic bows; Millie Taylor - pink moss crepe, trimmed beads; Mrs. S. Creevey, candy striped crefpe-de-chene.