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(Appointed in the year 1897)— . Officers,

Patron, and Patroness.— H's Excel'- lency the Governor, Lieut, -Colonel Sir Gerard Smith, K.C.M.G., and Lady Smith.

Chairman of Committees.— The Rev. D. L Freedman, B.A; Vl-oe-Chairmen.— The Hon. Alexander Matheson, -'M.L.C., Mr. J. A. Wright, R.M., Mr. Charles Moore (originator of ?the movement). Trustees.— Mr. J. S. B jptye, B.A., LL.B., Cr. E. J. Bockford, J.P., Jfr. H. Hocking, J.P. , Hon, Treasurer.— Cr, E. J. Blckford, J.P. , . ?-' Hon. Secretary,— Mr. W, Watson; ; , Committee.— The.Very Reverend Dean .Goldsmith, M.A., the V«ry Rev. Father Bourke, V.G., the Rev. W. T. Kench, the Rev. David Rosa, M.A., 'the Rev. A. W. .Bray, the R.OV...D. J. Garland, Rev. Thos. Bird, th'e Rev. D. Ho well Griffith, B.A., the Rev. F. J. Price,' the Rev. A. S. Wilson, the Rev. J. Wall bank, the Rev. W.. A. Potts, the Rev. W, Corley Butler, Mr. B. C. Woods,

M.L.A.,- Mr.- A. Sandover, Mr. E.G. Shenton, Mr. H. D. Holmes, Mr. A. J. Cantor, Mr. A. Lovekln, Mr. E. Dlmant, Mr. Fred. Davis, Lieut.-Colonel Phil lips,- Mr. J. W. E. Archdeacon, Mr.' J. T. Hobbs, Mr.. J. Veryard, Mr. J. ,W. ^Wright, Mr. W. H. Gobbetb-, Mr,-, H. Prockter, Mr. F. Mondoza, Mr. Theo. ' Lowe, Mr. G. Peel, Mr. R. H.\ Barrett, Mr. J. G. Hay; Lady Forrest, . Mrs. Riley, Mrs. Goldsmith, Mrs, A. jtos-'. sell, Mrs. Handover, Mrs. O'Grady.Le-' froy, Mrs, F. Monger, Mrs. Strickland, Mw; N, O. Hassell, Mrs. E. c/sliin ton, Mrs, E. Darldt, Mrs. Pretty, '.^.rs. Sedgwlck, M^8;'H. J. Blckford, Mr-. T. W. Hardwick, Mrs. J. A. Hicks,, ^rs. D. Crawcour, Mrs, Higham, Mrs.^G. B. Phlilips, Mrs. Lovekln, Mrs. W.'Oats, Mrs. W. H. Gobbfttt, Mrs. B..C. Wood, Mr?. W. Wood, Mrs, E. Cooke, Mrs. W. Philpott, Mrs, T. Bird. Mrs. Gibb-Malt-' land, -Mrs. Vines, Mrs. Lionel Thro* ?sell, Mrs. Gao. Saunders, Mrs. —R'?* H. Barrett, Mrs. John Tasde* Mm. Frank

.Wilson,' Mrs; -H. Mosey, 'Mrs; -A. Bern stein,-, Mrs..'; Bateman, .Mrs. A.' J. Can tor, Mrs. J. H. Joseph, -Mr(8. W. Watson, Miss 6. Streat', Miss Waltoh,'Mlss H«r. man1,. Miss Ci.Hardle, Mlss-,Gerloff. Mlsa ^?rlnVwood, Miss M. -blion, ,,-'?-' Officers and Members of Corrimittoe On June 27,;1908 (date of - laying of .foundation-stone). ... , Patron— His Excellency Admiral' Sir Frederick iBedford, K.C.M.G. ' President— Sir ' .George Shenton,1 k.c.b: , ? Vice-president— Mr. Charles Moore (originator of the Children's Hospital movement).

Trusteea— Mr, J. S. Battye, ?.B.A., LL.B., the Rev. D. I. Freedman, ' B. A., Mr.'H. Hocking,' J.P. Finance Committee— The president, Mr. Chades Smith, Mr. S. Copley, Mr. A. Jf Cantor, J.P. ' ???..?'?' Constitution and Rules Committee—* The Rev. D. I. Freedman, B.A., Mr. A. Ci Rust, and' the trustees. .-.'.' Executive Committee of Manage ment— Mr. Charles Smith, Mr. A. J. Cantor, J.P., Mr. John Mosey, ; Mrs. Cantor, Mi-si Fallows; Mrs. Falrbalrn, Mrs.' Joyneiy ifrs. Pretty, and Mrs.. J. A. Hicks. I ? Building Committee— Mr. A. Lovekln, J.P., 'Mr. Charles . Smith, Mr, ; John 'Mosey, an'd the trustees. . ? ? ? Hon. Treasurer— Mr. H. Hocking, J.P. Hon. Secretary— Mr. W. Watson. ? Hon. Auditor— Mr. Thomas ? Nankl fvell, F.F.I.A. ','.?'? General Committee.— The Very   Reverend Dean (now Bishop) Gold- smith, M.A., the Very Reverend   Father Bourke, V.G., the Very Reve-

rend Dean Latham, M.A., Rev. J. Snell, the Rev. W. T. Kench, Rev. A. W. Bray, Rev. D. J. Garland, Rev. D. Howell Griffith, B.A., Rev. F..J. Price, Rev. W. Corley Butler, Mr. J. Veryard, M.L.A., Mr. H. Dagllsh, M.L.A., Dr. Saw, Dr.   Frank Andrew, Dr. Black, Dr. Am- brose, Dr. Leo. Robertson, Messrs. A. Sandover, E. C. Shenton, H. D. Holmes, A. J. Cantor, J.P., A. Lovekin, J.P., Fred. Davis, J. W. E. Archdeacon, Major J. T. Hobbs, J. W. Wright, H. Prockter, F.. Mendoza, .Theo. Lowe, R. H. Barrett, J. ,G. Hay, A. W. Brown, ,TP. (Mayor of Leedervllle), J. G. Mil-. ner, J.PM bavld Harwood, J H.Frows'e, E.F. Ebsworth, H. -Bennet,. W. Gutt man, Pyman, A. H. O'Connor; Lady Forrest, Mesdames T. G. Molloy (Mayoress of Perth), Mrs. Dagllsh ('Mayoress of Sublaco), RUey, Gold ?smlth, Latham, Sandover, O'G.Lefroy, E. C. Shenton, E. Darlot, Pretty, M'Donlad, Sedgwlck, T. W. Hardwick, J;u A. Hicks, D. Crawcour, 'Lovekln, W^'Oats, W. Philpott, T. Bird, ;Malt fand, D. I. Freedman, Lionel Thros sell. Frank Wilson, H. Mosey, A. Berri steln, A. J. Cantor, 'Mendoza, (W.Wat- spnj A. S. C, James, D. Hafwocidi Havry Rennett, Falrbairn, ' F. p. North, Fred. Mosey, Mllner, Keep,' Casper/' Southee, Knight, J. Snell,

Prowse, Burt, E. P. Solomon, Mose, Goyer, iMllls; Misses Gerloff, Walton, M. ,Dhcon, Grlmwood, Hocking, and Withers!,'. ?, ' '. ' ' ;..;. The committee extends, a cordial In vitation to the public to attend to morrow's ceremony. . ' . ;, ! ' '' .-? ' . :' ' ?'? ': ??': . : ?..?,.?? ' . ..t, , Othor Substantial Sums -?? ,,, we.?o ?donated ' or ndsed by' the folio' w- trig:— dlaremont State Schol (per' Miss C. Streat (now.Mrs. Fallows) and Miss Sharland), Mrs, M. : A. Saw, Mr. Edgecumbe, Mrs. Howell,. Mr. and Mrs. W. Philpott, Mrs, Lionel Throssell, .gaptain Oats, M.L.C., State School, Xorth Fremantle (per . Mr. A, M. Cooke), Wesley Church, Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church, Perth

Hebrew-Congregation, Salvation Army, J,^- M'Henry Clark, ThrosaeH, Son, and S^pwart, Hon. Geo. Throssell, Mines and Railway Departments, Rev. Thos. and Mrs.. Bird, Brisbane-street Choir (Christmas Carols), Dr. M'Wllllams, Dr. and Mrs. Young, Peet and Co., M'Bean, Bowker, and Co., Holmes Bros, and Co., Gordon and Gotch, 'Albany Bell, Robertson and Moffat, Ballngup Sports Committee (per Mr. P. Stewart), Mrs. Lot-on, Mrs. F. Men doza, K. H. Bunnlng, Rosenthal, Aron ?son and; Co., Cr. Patterson, Mr. E. A. Pyman, ? Nicholson and Co., Mrs. L. Farmer, Hon. ;B.C. Wood, M.L.C, and Mrs. Wood, ? Dalgety and Co., Mr. Ppman, Mrs. Sandover's child,. Mrs. Edward Sholl, Gold Estates of Western Australia, Ltd., Mrs. Bateman, sen., Gutterldge and Co., Flora Ann Le Cornu, . Mr. Plzer, Mr. . Rendle, Mr. O'Callaghan, Mr. ' Robert Cottle, Perth Cycling Co., Mr. F. Sdgecumbe,

Master Plumbers' Association, Ladles' Fremantlo Cycling Club, per Miss Jes sie Smith, Mr. von Blbra'a station, hands, Carnarvon; Mrs. Osborne, E. S. Wlgg and 'Son, Mr. George, J. C. Port, M. Good and Co., A. H. Jones, L. M'Namara, Richards and Co., R. Sand over, Mrs. Harrod, Sons of Temper ance, Mrs. A. J. Cantor (annually), Mrs.. B. Fysh, Miss A. Hardle, Miss Cragen, Mr. J. S. Battye, Mr. JH, Hock Ing, Dairymen's Association, Mr. Leake (grassier,), Theo,' Loive and Co., F. D, Sowell, Dr. F. Wilkinson, Mrs. D. Crawcour (annually), Claremont Swim ming Club, Gunther's Bavarian Band, Miss Hero Owen, Miss Violet Sherwood, Mr. W. J, Knox, pupils of Misses Bird, (North Fremantle), Metters and Co,,. Wiseman Bros., Crowder and Letchford, Mrs. A. Hassell, Miss C. Hardio, Mrs. O'Grady Lefroy, Sir John Fgrrest, Mr. H. Gutteridgo, Silver Pan Confectionery Co., Federal Band, J. Johns, cycling sports (per Mr. Rolph Potts), Mr. Bert Lawson's concert (per Mrs. J. A. Hicks), Chldlow's Well's works' (per Mr. James Thompson, engineer ? for railway construction), railway goods sheds (per Mr. Jaques), Metropolitan Water Works (per Mr. Hall), Mr. and 4Mrsi T. Conway, Miss Dann, Master and Miss Roberts (Yatheroo), 'Master Chas. Carty Moore, Mr. J. G. Sara', Dr. Rendle, Miss Sara, Master Hedley Rowe, H. J. Proctor, Miss Philpott, Mrs. G. L, Throssell, Mrs. M. -Sherlof.k, Mr. \V. Anderson, Miss Dillon, -Lliydale;' Mr. d.' M. Smith, Miss Muriel -Hicks, ?? Mr.'1 J. C- Jones (Empire Bakery), Miss Vera Robey, MlssCarmlchaol, Mr, J. Robinson (Grass Valley), Mr. Noble, H; J; Preston, Mr.E. King, Mrs. Geo. Caunders; Mrs. Hessay Mose,y, Cr. Fred Mosey (city treasurer), Mr. F. Wheeler, Mr. Hanier, Mr. Moylo, . Messrs.' M'Ewan. and Watts, Mr. W. Goss, Swan TBrewery; Coy., Messrs.- Cuias and

?Watts, Mr. Archibald Macadam,. Mes'sr Watts, ? Mr. Archibald Macadajm, Messrs. Meston, Cummins and' Co.* Mr. Sharland, Messrs. Smart and Co., Mr. A. M'Callum, Cr. Taiomsou, Mr. R. B. Oreagh, Mr. Arthur Abbott, Mr.,;.Coul ta's, Mr. W. FaJ.lows, Mr. L, J. Denny.