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Derby News


The Koolinda on her south bound trip from Wyndham berth at Derby Jetty at 2.30 pm on the 29th June and after taking on 400 odd head of Mt House and Charnley River Bullocks continli ed on her voyage on the follow ing Among the passengers on board the Koolinda were Mr B.vfield. the assistant under rfirens urer and Mr Taylor, the Public Service Commissioner, both gentle

men wore doing the round "trip

and in their official capacities met responsible persons at each Port in an endeavour to make the lot of the people of .th'e North more comfortable In any way that they could assist. Passengers to em bark on the Koolinda were Mes dames Wood/and and wyburn, who were returning South after having spent a» enjoyable holiday with Ron Woodland at Kimberley Dbwns Stations.

v v v v

The "Gordon, south bound from Singapore, also looked in at Der by on. the 28th June and picked

up 450 Gogo bullocks for the southern markets. Mr G. Davies embarked for Fromantle.


Visitors tt> ' town during the weekVinfcluderl Bishop Riable and Bishop Frewer and Fabler Bres land; Messrs R. Wood! fid fivm Kimberley Dow/u* O. C lioso t«f M> Anderson; N. Greer, jjiid Wt Connel from Mt House.



A very pleasant eveninng was held at the Club Hotel on the night of June 29, in aid of the Derby Hospital "appeal. As' the Koolinda was in Port and had a number of round trippers on. board, all took advantage of the night's entertainment and thor oughly enjoyed themselves. Gam es and dancing were the main source# of jolification. & a dainty supper was relished by all pres cut. Thanks l%d and Mrs Cos non for~the excellent night's enter taliiment. which aa a result the funds of the Hospital advantaged by> more of the nfecessary.

Another evening held at the Club was that held on tine- night of the 1st inst, when a, surprise and impromptu party was given to Mrs Cosson, wife of "Mine Host" Ted, the Occasion being that of the celebration of her rcat al tiay (no guesses you kids). A representative gathering was pre? cnt and enjoyed the hospitality extended. A beautiful sit-down supper was provided and the hap py evening was concluded with all good wishes being showered f>n

the Guest honour.

v V v» v

AHcfc Scott, accompanied * by his %vif<> and youngest child, jour neyed from Tenants Creek this w«ek to spend a holiday In their old .haunt of Derby. Both AHek and Mrs. Scott look well inl are busy renewing old ncqutaint»:t*«»

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