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Cameramen have many experien ces and have to 'shoot' from dangerous positions many times daring the making of ? a film, but few have had worse experiences than the two engaged to take the Australian angle of 'The Ex ploits o f the Eniden' an absorbing pict u r Ok

'The Exploits of the Emden' screens at the 'Ambassadors to-night. One ca meraman, -while shooting the broadside -firing of H.M.A.S. 'Sydney,' had to be lashed to the bows of a destroyer steaming at the rate of 20 knots. One slip on his part — the breaking of a rope — meant certain death. 'I have been in a few dangerous po sitions while on location,' he said after, 'but I must say that this was the '? MOST NERVE WRACKING Still it was a wonderful experience, and one forgets danger when work has to be done.' The bow wave of the Sydney had also to be taken, and this could only be done by being lowered- over the bows in a sling. It seemed a difficult feat, even to the sailors, but the cameraman went through it without a tremor. A plank was lashed to the deck and allowed to project over the bows. The sling was fixed to. the end of -the plank, and the camreaman was lowered down less than two feet off the water., ? A heavy sea was running and -hat added to the sensational nature of the cameraman's task. Not content with that, the photographer signalled FOB GREATER SPEED and at more than 20 knots the 'Syd- ney' plunged on. When hoisted back on deck again he was heard to remark, 'I 'got a bit wet, but took some wonderful shots,' and then walked away as if he had just completed an ordinary job. Ambassadors fans will be able to judge the calibre cf those shots for themselves to-night. :: :: :; TiOlian Grey never flops on a sketch roll and as the termagant wife in 'The Sailor's Wife' was certainly good. Maurice Moscovitch brings some spine-chilling thrills to Perth next month.

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