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In a little American country town, so far away- from anywhere that most or the population still go to church, they have evolved a novel set of com Already they nad the ten commandments that Moses chiselled out «? Mount Sinai. And they kept them well. To these the wives added a decalogue for their husbands to obey And their spouses sat cheek by jowl in their clubs fill they prepared a counter ten with which to control their, wives. And now the strangest part about it is that both husbands and wives promised to obey each other's ten conunandments. These rules for a happy married life are as follow:

FOR WIVES 1. Thou shalt not talk all the time; for verily thy husband may wish to be heard at rare intervals. 2. Thou sbalt love thy hus- * - baud, if it be possible, and pre pare for him such food as he provides, fit for the palate and at regular intervals. 3. Thou shalt nof meddle in the purely masculine affairs of f hj husband. ' 4. Thou slui'l not spend hours at lhi- .telephone in useless gos sip, fur verily there may be other parties on the lino whose business: may be of importance. Neither shall thou deiigbt in re peating unfounded rumors about ll;y neighbors. 5. Thou slialt not boast of thy husband before men, remem bering that he desireth the good will of his brethren under the yoke. 6. When thou shalt quarrel with thy husband or when thou findeth it necessary to scold him, make it snappy and forget it. 7. Thou shait be patient with thy husband's shortcomings, oc casionally exaggerating his good qualities, if he has any, before his fellow man. 8. ffiou shalt -not make a maid fervaut of thy husband ex cept in s^ave emergencies, re membering that thy husband was given to thee .neither as a cook nor as a dishwasher, but as ? a man. 9. Thou shalt not give thy thoughts wholly to dressing, neither shalt thou magnify the importance of tby social engage ments, for thy first duty in to thy home and family. 10. Remember that at times it is good for thy husband to b* alone. At such times than sbalf aatjgistarfc thy husband. ^

FOR HUSBANDS 1. Thou shalt show the sam* courtesy to thy wife to-day that thou didst when thou were first married, treating fier with the same deference as thou dost thy stenographer or the stranger within thy gates. 2. Thou shalt express in a word or a look an appreciation of the dinner in which is set be fore thee, for it has hot come on the table by ifself. 3. Remember thy wife, eon suit Tritli her about thy pros' lems; -e!F her about thy work: share with her thy pleasure, such as the circus and the county fair. 4. TI100 shalt at aTI times aroid the appearance of evil, for the world despiseth the man v uhom it suspects of duplicity in his standard of morals, observ ing the same standard thyself which thou deemest to be reason- ? ? - : able for thy wife. 5. Thou shalt not He about thy income, for the Ix-rd ivfll not hold him guiltless who keepetlt his wife in the dark in resoect to domestic finances, for such de- *.*, ception is the root of all wil. '^ 6. Thou shalt not forget thy anniversary, remembering the birthdays of thy wife and child* ren and thy wedding day as cer tainly as thou dost the anniv ersary of thy lodge or the open ing of the baseba'l season. 7. Thou shalt not ind tfge in heated argument with thy wife, for thou knowest that the last word belongs to a .woman; never shalt thou attempt to impose thy will upon the household; for thy home must be built upon' the spirit of love and not stand on the senseless dominion ' of any one membei. 8. Thou shalt assume a gen erous responsibility for the bring ing up of thy children, realising that a portion of their disposition has been derived from thee. 9. Thou shalt appear inter, erted in thy wife's social prattle ;-s thou dost expect her to be fa* feresfeel in thy business chatter. She married thee for a compan ion, not a thrcs»-meal-a-day brarder. 10. Thou shait accompany j^ thy wife and children to church JT «ach Sunday, and not be satis* , T* r' ' fled to let the reUgfon of -b» . __ nuiiny »? u* toy mtVi wna- ^

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