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TRIUMPH FOR AUSSIE TRADESMEN A charge that has been level ed against the American movie men Is that they have no concern for the Australian other than as a 'bank.' The latest; 'Blrtnday Book' of First National flings this foolish charge back In the teeth of the squealers. For this is the work of Australian artists and Austra lian tradesmen working under the direction of Mr. Ken. G. Hall.

publicity director of the ┬╗ig Win organisation in this country. And ' no finer publication of its type i ever came West. j Owing to delays in delivery our copy of this handsome book is slightly be hind hand. But it is --r absorbing Interest In the message 5t -? ??-.?:?: ?s, and there is in its technique soijicihing to delight tlie heart of the tradesman and make him glad that he belongs to the Australian community of printers. Striking faces look out of pages of heavily varnished paper, thrilling ac tion Is told in a few deft touches in the brilliant color scheme of the plates and a collection of portraits gives an insight into the h^ber art of Austra lian printing. . 'The Volga Boatman' and other great First National pictures of recent months are here pictured, and the show ing of COMING ATTRACTIONS is. an inviting one. ; These include pictures from JCorma Talmadge ('The Sun of Montmartre'), Corinne Griffith : ('Ashes'), Richard Barthelmess ('The Amateur Gentle man'), Constance Tahnadge ('Silky Anne'), Johnny ('Kid Gloves'), Cecil B. de Mille (who has made an other 'Ten Commandments' with 'The King of Kings'), Marie Prevost ('Up in Mabel's , Tloom'), K. B. Wbrner CWTuspering Smith') and lots of other popular artists who make pictures for this organisation^ ' ' But splendid as this entertainment promise is, a MOST REMARKABLE FEATURE j of the work is the excellence .and the distlncti veness of the book itself. ] The heavy gloss of the pages J throws features and expression j into clear relief; the three-color* . ? printing is beautifully done, and j Mr. Ken. Hall can rest content j that hi this has been produced a masterpiece for Australia. The book was wholly set up and - --printed* in -Australia by-Simmons ^lAdV Sydney. :: :

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