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? ♦ (By 'JOHNNIE*)

Clarrie said to Skank on Saturday afternoon, "I will have to dig up a sheila, for to-night somewhere." Spake Skank: "If I had known you wanted a sheila I could have brought one or two, but it will be hard lines if you have to go to the cemetery to dig one up!" The Mt. Lawley hoboes' still visit the Shaftesbnry Theatre one night a week. :

Phyllis from Subiaoo was seen on the Zephyr on Saturday night. Phyllis loves her name to be seen in the 'Mir- ror.' Jim W — — is becoming a great thumper. He was seen to try and thump poor little Colin at -the Fair on Friday night. We believe Jim lost his girl over a par. which her mother saw in the 'Mirror.' Shame! Billy McM's. sunburnt nose shone out above everything at White City last Friday night. (Willie, be more care ful!) Joe was seen to get a box of matches given to him last Tuesday morning1 with his weekly packet of Havelock. Beryl, Joe' wants to know when you are going out to Mt. Lawley to eee that friend of yonrs? Ridley from Midland (or the bush)

| is trying very hard to find out who is I telling a certain young lady his career for the past couple of years. George W., why wear a frown? Is it the Como girlV Edna D— — . doesn't anyone ever take him for your young brother? Seen on Tuesday night at tie Lyceum pictures— Gordon, with, his sixteen year-old American-hair-cut four-wheeler. Answers to the name of J ? . They say that Perth is not liyejy enough for Johnnie S-, so he decided to pack his kit and make for a Boulder City. Keith Me, what i» tih« ides of always singing that song, 'Peggy O'Neir'? The mob insist on a? knock-down to Peegy! ? You should have seen Allen off to the Esplanade when Joe said the mob were going yachting. . ? Charlie F- next -fame you deliver wear glasses, and you won't be right off it. Kitty, it is better to live on love than exist on air. Edna and Ruth— great patrons of ? Carnival Square. ! The Atalanta is now controlled by ! the Mt. Lawley aristocrats. * Bill Macf is going to the bow-wows. Seen out yachting recently! Nucker is seen at Point Walter every Saturday evening. Whaffor, James? Jerry -Mac is in funds owing to Renunciation's win. Barney wishes to tell Ivo that there's a backwash to that juvenile joke of his. Keith Mac's imitation of the Flying Winskills act at Nedlands was a fail ure, but the finals was greeted with applause by the crowd who ' witnessed his descent into the water. Be careful, friend! Joe and Skank thank Beryl for those delicious chocolates which she insisted on them having. Stumpy -M. and treorge B. were the

epicureans, but Sunday at the dinner supplied by the girls who were aboard the 'Leslie.' Fervent readers of the 'Mirror' but disappointed because their names are not always included axe Hope. Beryl, Jess and Sis. Never mind, girls, there's ) a jfood time coming. ; Like a recurring decimal the No. 19 tram appeared on Saturday afternoon to the boys. Why? Because it was minus , Joe! Why is the 'Leslie' like Noah's Ark? ' Because it has .two of every animal aboard, including the goat. Its crew know a. (noah) tittle about sailing and are 'narked' at the speed of other boats! His many friends will be sorry to hear that Mr. Jack Smitjiers has left us. During the week he departed for Boulder, where he has obtained a pro mising position. We wish him every success in his new habitation. ' ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ? Six hundred miles per motor, Picked ' winners ,by the score, — een with more .girls than God created Who? Nobby, tell us some more.

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