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Kalgoorlie Mines Reopen Monday

? ♦ ? KALGOORLIE, Today.

Residents of Kalgoorlie and Boulder today are hopeful that the threat of further floods is diminishing. General manager of the Kalgnovlic Power Corporation (Mr. W. 11. V. Mar-. ruion) said today that lie would be able to supply sufiic-ient power to enable the Kaigoorlie tramways to recommence a skeleton service this afternoon and. that by, Monday sufficient power wouid be available to enable the idle mines on the Golden Mile to resume operations. MOST OUTBACK ROADS ARE STILL IMPASSABLE,. BUT THE POSITION GENERALLY AP PEARS TO BE EASING.

In a --!i-iiilbin-t jibonl n miie we.. I of Kalgoorlie l;i*t ni^ht. 48 points of raiu fell in five minute-, but neither Kalgoor lie nor Boulder received more thau a lew points. Kaljroorlic aerodrome w;is I'.kc a lake and pilot George Lewis, of -!olilfie'.ds Air ways, said thi.s morninjr that while- it was --:ife to land --mall machine.-: -on it. ho did not think it wi-e tor a heavily-loaded air liner to land. Aerodrome superintendent (Mr. Williams) and A.X.A. officials tay that unless further heavy rains i'a!I. the Bun^iina will be able io land neve to morrow. Road between Mousses and Riveiina is :kiw passable for lijht motor traffic. TREES ARE DOWN Madura Station received an inch of rain, and all dams and weirs in the cliffs on the tableland are full. Overland route both through Norse man and alonq the Trans line can not be negotiated by road traffic. j Between Zanthus and Karonie trees are down across the road, j

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