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Business 'Directory. -The Mlldura IrrlgatlionColony'omnreon a ter ritory of 2s0,000 acrssituated on the Iurral -River, Parish of Milduar, Counties of Krararoo and Millewa;ln the forth-westernprovince ofth Colony of Vlctorai.. 'he'towni - distant in direct line from Melbourne about ' miles, from Swan Hill 112 miles,from Warranknbeal and Wy. cheproof 142 miles, from Dimboolaand Donald 160 miles, from uoton (N.S.W.) 40 miles, from Bal. innald (N.S.W.) 82 miles, from Wentworth .S.W.) i1 miles, and from RenmarG (S.4.) bout 70 miles. The munioipalityis theShire of Mildura, which has an rea of about 4,000 square iles, and tha towsrluTn the Swan Hill division of the N.W. Province, of which the representa- tives in the Legislative Council are the Hons. James Bell, Thomas Comrie, Joseph Major Pratt and Henry Williams. For the LegislativeoAissem ely it is reckoned in the MilduraDivisilon of the Donald and Swan Hill electorate, of whichl the re oresentative in the House is Mr. John Willian raverner. Mr Pharcz Phillips represelots the listrict (The Wimmern). in the Feleral House if Representatives. At present the settlement is rached either by boat (in recson), coach or Sam, but arailawy from Woomelanug has been mnctioned and the work of eonstrlletion com. senced. PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. IIILDURA AND YELTA RAILWAY CONSTRUC - TION TRUST. Chairman: F W Pickering. Esql., J P.; Comn ntisioners. The .Shire Cooncillors ; Secretary, Br Edmund Semmenns. - MILDURA SHIRE COIUNCIL. President: CR. F. W. PICKERI\c, J.P. COUNCILLORS: - To?n Rfiding. - T. W. Thomson retires -August, 1902 W. P. Douelas ,, ., 1900 J.T.Grossmann '· ,, 1904 Sndoslong Riding. L. H. Iredale retires August, 1902 D. Gordon - ,,. 1903 SJ.W.Thomas .,. ,, 1901 lake Riding. it. F. Paul retires August, 1902 F. W.Pickeriog ,, --, 1903 SC. J. Skinneor ,,, . 104 - oorong Riding. - - .-a. Harrins retires August 1902 W. H. Downing: - 190s -: . Co isver.. 1904

Water Supply-Councillors for.Toa:n Riding. Health and Cemetery-Crs. Thomnsoa, Gross. nann, Thom?e, lredale, Pal and Douglas. Works-Ors. Pickering. Downing. Orossmann, Skinner, Iredale, Martyn. Thonson :ald Gordo. P iuance-Crs. Pickering, Thomnes, Iredale, Hoarris, Gordon and Paul. Shire Hall-Crs. Pickering. Douglas, Harris, Hartyn, Thomas, Downing;Skinner and Thom son. The time of meeting is 2 p.m. on thie first Thursday in each month. "". OFFICERS.. Secretary &Valouer, E Semmens; Rate-collector, S. H. Semmens; Engineer, A.ID. Thomson, C.E.: Health Officer, W. J. Cameron, Ch.y, Treasurer, T. S. Dove; Soliitor,, Percy T. Park, Protu keeper. Sexton and tamplighter, C. Miles; Ranger, Sanitary Inseector, Hall Caretaker and Librarian. Frank'Egge. The general rate is Is in the £1 and the sanitary rate (llock D and Williamstown) Cd int the el.- The rateable property in the Shire was in September 1901 valued at £273lS1. FIT MILDUirA IRRIGonATIONo TaUST. Chairman: Comin. J. J. LEIER. COMMISSIONERS. J. -Lever retires January, 1901 T.W. (Gooch 190 R S.oopp ,, ,, 1101 T. T-W.Thomson , 1904 H;P.Thomaon ,, 190 W. LM'Eachrn 1905 OFFPICERS: Secretary, H. E. Barnes; Chief Mechanical Engineer, Thomas Kelly ; Head. Ganger, E W. Burbry- C.E., C. J. Grant. MILDOURAaDISTRICT HOSPITAL. President, H F. Leviouen ; vice=presidents,J. T. Grossmann andE A Harris; treasurer, E. R. H. Cerossley; secretary, G. T. Farriea: ecommittee, Messrs. Green. Johnston, IMuller, Hawker Wightman, Dove, Morris and Riddell. " DOCTORS: 0. L. M. Abramoweski,, M.D., Berlin V. J. Cameron, Gh.C., mdin. CHEMIST : * fCaeoosrl G. W. Sobee, M.P.S. SUItGEO DEONTIST: C. A. Sutton HORTICULTUA SOCI ETIY : President, F. T. Pitzroy ; vie-cresident, Jas. Orr ; treasurer, H. C. Laothorne c; secrletary. G. T. larrie ; committee, W. B. ChaCey. J. W. Thomas, J. Edmonotone. C. Trevatt, i. Johooon, J. G. Lane and . . rma.r. ,

. NORTHERN VRlMIN BOARD. Members: B. Chaffey, A T. Oreawick, J. J. Robertson, H. A. Peglar and A. Crozier. Secre tar, John McLeod, jur. BANKS. The National Bank of AeutrAlasia Limited, Deakin-avenue., Manager, NE.. .W. Crossley. Bank of Victoria Limited, Langtree-avenue. Manager, E. L. B. rnlmett, .FRUIT ORGANISATIONS. DRIED FRUITS TRUST Chairman, T. W. Thomson ; Other Directors: .?cssre. W. B. Chaffey, F. W. Pickering, H. P. Paulsen, WV P. Douglas and WV. M. Plant; sec retary, F. J. Pennifold MILDURA FUUITaROWERS' ASSOCIATION LTD Directors: T. W. Tomson, T. S. Dove, P. n. Bell, T. 0. Rawlings and W. '.. Newton; socretaryand manager. J. rHaukes. IRYMPLE PA'KINOG. OOLPANY-Manager. E.J. loecrtI ' MILoDpn PRUIT CO -Maanager, VW.M. Plant, RAILWAY PRUIT PACKING HOUSE, Irymplo Valley. SWALLOW &d ARIEt.L LTD.-J. P. Riddell, Maanager. LEVIEN BROS.' Preserving Works Melbourne agents-Gollin & Company, G. G Crespin, M'Clure, Valantine & lo., Fraser, Ramsay & Co. - PUBLIC OFFICIALS. Deputy Electoral Registrar, Births and Deaths, E. \V. Borrett ; Postmaster and Savings Bank Accountant, E. W. Borrett; Collector of Customs, J. Hiauser: Protector of Aborigines, Ambrose Carter. There is a Post Office also at Irymple (IS mils from town) with Mr. J. G. Lane as poFtmaster. COURTS AND LEGAL. Police Magistrate, W. W. Greene; Clerk, Am brose Carter; Justices, Jas. Matthew. (chair man). Dr. Cameron. eo. Desailly, .T. J. T Lever and F. W. Pickering. Policemen:- Constables Carter, Drummonil and Hickey ; Solicitors P. T. Park ind C. H. Becler; Commissioners of the Supreme Court for taking ffidavits : A. B. Cirter and C. H. Becher. SCHOOL BOAtrD OF ADVICE, No..S3.

District, Block A, Mildura. Members: AMrs. (Dr.) Cameron, Mrs. Desaill ; Messrs. R. Semmons. J. i. Adams and T. B. Jenner, J R Adams (correspondent). SCHOOLS. Mildur,-R, T. Cochrane, Head-master; 459 scholars on roll, with average attendance 250. Nicoll's Point-Mrs. Jessie Richardson; 89 scholars; attendance 40. -Irymple-W Mowbray (temporary); scholars 5 ; attendance t1. ltigh Schonl-Mr W. L Dalrymple Teacher of Frenech-l-ra. Voullaire. CHURCHES. Anglican-Vicar, Rev C. B. Burgess. Services conducted at "S. Margaret's," Eleventh-street and Deakin-avenue. Secretary, J. R.-Adams. SWesleyan -Rev. Hortonn. .. 'Williams, with several local preachers: Services at Ninth-street Church, Irymple Valley and Nichols Point. Presbyterian-Mr. A. B. Harvey. Weekly ser vices are conducted at the Ohurch, 12th-street. Roman Catholic-Mass is celebraeed monthly in the Church, Pine-avenue, by the Rev. Father P Shore.

Salvation rmy -Regular Services in open-ah and at.Barracks, Orange-avedne. 1 Each Church has g weekly Sunday School LODGES.. :: Masonic, "3ildura, 170-V.C." W.M., J. E. Cowie ; secretary, Bro. E. R. W Crossley. LO.L.-W.I ; Bra. Green: secretary, Bro. A. M.U.I.O O.F- C.G., Bro. H. Sharp secretary, J. W. Green.. U.A.O. Drds . Bro. W.,Patterson; sec rsetary, Will. Buckle. s. 0. Rechabites-C.B, Bro; A. C. Hillier; secretary, ro. J. H; Chapman - - WN.L--Presideut, AlR Burbary: secretary, A.W.A.-President, Mrs Martyn ;`secretary. Mnrs Burgess Commonwealth (FemPle Druidrs)-A. D;, Sister Ianley ; secretary, Siaster Voallalre AMUSEMENTS. Rifle Ulub--A D Thomson, catain ; F E Lsevesley, secretary ; upward of 100 members nife Club Band--I MLeod, bandmaster; Jans I Atkinson, secretary Double Quartette Party-A F M'Henry, see' Entertainment Society-C B King-Church, secretary Literary'Guilds or Debating Societieso in con nection With Anglican, Wesleyan and Prcsby terian churcthes anl Recreation Clob • SOCIAL C.UBg " Mildura Club, Deakin-avoneo Settlers' Club, Orange-avenue Workilg Masll's Club, Madden-avenue Musical, Dramatic and Recreation' Club, Lslg tree-avcuue.. - ei ycleClub-P T Park, president ;F Scott secretary Cricket Council. IT C Latthorac. secretary Tennis Club. g L R Emmett,tJsecretary Golf Club -Sydney Browne