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ON iind after this dftte ADVANCE SUB

SOEIPTIONS to the WARWICK AUQXJR will be charged at tbo rate of FOUR SHtLttNGS per Quarter, or SIXTEEN 8HILLING8 per yenr.

ABTHUE MORGAN. Argiu Office, April 1,1881.


A£JOOUNTS fortbe Quarter ending j

vfh'Slat have been deliverod.Ojir

tftjpg very heavy, wo would thank,

indsforan early settlement. ?


ce, April 4th, 1881. 288 .

Bamrpir oir '«»'

Secretary-haa ..y&Sehfea'"4

Batavia, stating that th« leariag there by tbe Torfea Straita mail ateamerOlftr Brisbane on Monday last.

AtWtSww Bj^.^-Thiai Atnttfci,tftt»a\h\ announced ^jpg^pt^^ ^JpgrB Hall, Warwick, on .Saturday. and Jdwaday, Juofs 11 anof'iS. 1 ' '

Can this be?-The writer of "notes from Bananaland" in the Sydney Bulletin, says:—     William Coote has entered an action for

£1000 against the Evangelical Standard and

the "black dragoons" as Carlyle calls the parsons, are fluttering like caged sparrows.

Chihisk in?'Ntw-:S4WrrlWaiM He Sydney afail "_'We~'todenrt«iid that many of thufe who bo&4 here go to tbe New England diatrict, with a view of getting

into Queqnaland either ,nitht>»tj$»jiir!th«"\ tax or fnuxb|iring the 'permltfMtiw CMnosl


I mvs analysed an' origiinllpacket rot.

" The Taeping Mixture," and I fsettVf that,,

in ita chemical properties aa tea, it frea^bea^'; much higher standard than tbat whlehianow required by the London Board of Xrtde,' The . mixture it compoaed of pure uncolored tfeiu.

and admirably, flavoured witlj a, delicate «^d.<

harmleea scenting, which :Vp|jr; palatable. 1 can recommend it as. being a wholesome and refreshing artjole ot 4»et. Kabi. Tuxobpx STAI6*b, late Government Analyaiat.-[ABVT.I ..!..?

Hottowix's Puts.-The stomafch anil'its troubles cauBe more discomfort _ and, bring more unbappineis than is commonly mp' posed. The thousand ills tint settle.there may be prevented or dulodged'by. UMjndi oious uee of these purifying Fills, which act

as a sure, gentle anti-acid aperient, without. annoying the nerves of the tnoe't atiwwptiblo or irritating the most delicate organization. Holloway'a Pills Trill bentow oomfort and con for relief on every headachy, dyspepifo, and eicldy sufferer, whose tortures make him a burden to himself and a bugbear to his friends. These PiUa have long been the popular remedy for a weak stomach, for a disordered liver, or a paralysed digestion, which yield without difficulty to their regu lating, purifying, and tonic qualities. [ADVT.]

ANGELINA was caressing a pretty spaniel and murmuring i " I do love a nice dog I" " Ah 1" sighed Edwin, "I would I were a dog." "Never mind, Edwin, dear," said Angelina, gently, "you'll grow."