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[fbom'a CORRESPONDS* J\]

February 24.*

TiiEercnt'of the week lias been the holding of the Assises in the folice Court, in Mar garet-street. Judge Harding presided, «sd the HOD. I'opo Cooper prosecuted on behalf of the Crown. The criminal list was swollen to an upusAn). g|n]> tha phief case bifag one of perjury, arising out of the' i&of of one Donovan at the last assites. Two prisoners wore accused of tarnishing wilfully false evidence <>n that occasion. One pleaded guilty, and got five yean' penal servittid*. The other threw himself on bis country, unci was splendidly defended by Swaawick, who' acquitted himself in a manner that would have done honor to Bring. His client had to be tried twice owing 'fo the jury id the first cose disagreeing as to their verdict. The sccond jury found the prisoner guilty, and liis Honor gave him three years' hard labor.

Ity skies seems to be raiuingtea-potsond tciptoerance orators to judge by the way in which wo are being RUiteited with tea meet ings just now. it is " one down-another come up" Before Ve have quite recovered from the last ohe, Another is 'advertised for Friday next. At ^he ,meeting which will

follow the tea, the Hev.' Dr. Nelson will, preside,- nnc > several l(K|al gen#emcn will

deliver addresses.

3'he Hibernian Society are pnaparing , ft programme of, held iufime public park- on St. Patrick's Day. TkWj^ntiyitieg will be wound up by a ball in ,®b evening. I trust tt^ill^ake placp in the School of Arts, and'not In the shabby little building which is called the Hibernian Hall, but which |o<jkii,Hji{ood deal4l|tea back pounhy woolshcd in uxccedinglyH'ow splritk

Aldermim M'Leish baa been eleeted Mayor of Toowoomba. for the 'current jrear. Tile appointment appears to give genenl satis


Have you heard of the burning question that is at present agitating all classes of society in Toowoomba—disturbing the peace of families, setting father against son, and brother against sister? Sir Arthur Kennedy   lately distributed the prizes at the Too- woomba Grammar School. Some of the recepients advanced to take their prizes from the hands of vice-royalty with the gravity of privy-councillors, and retired erect as May-poles, without inclining their heads, or even us much as saying; "Thank'ee, Sir Arthur. It is my shout. What will your Excellency have to drink?" As a gentle re-   minder to the Boss' that he should teach his pupils better manners, Sir Arthur naively said that Miss Kennedy would give a special prize to the boy who made the best bow next year. Thereupon a newspaper war arose. The editor of the Observer ridiculed the in- tended gift with that withering sarcasm whicli distinguishes him from every other writer, ancient or modern. The Chronicle then took the field in defence of the Gover- nor, and in a grave, elaborate, and well writ- ten leader, rebuked the Observer for its un- becoming levity, and in doing so nttrlbutod to General Len an act that haa been attribu ted to every illustrious military hero from Julius Casar down to ' Obtain Skinner. Apropos of this subject there is an incident

which Jjord Holland was never tired of it'-, peating to the splennid circle which foHy years ago usod to meet at Holland House, ub appears from some memoirs of tho family re cently published. Tho Neapolitan ambassa dor went to pay his respects to Chriatain, the mad King of Denmark. The envoy mode u profound bow to His Majesty. HiB MajeBty boired still lower. The Neapolitan bowed his bead almost to the ground, when to the sui prise of the assembled courtiers, the King clopped his hands on his Excellency's Bhoul dera and vaulted over him like o boy playing at leap fwg- Slmoge Id say (ieoijjo Fox, the founder of one of the most respectable of C'hrislain sects, tunght that a Christian was Imund to face death rather than litl his hat to the greatest uf mankind, and in support uf this dogma eiled tho passage iu which it in written that Shadrach, Mcsliach, ami Abeilnogo irere Hung into the tire with their hats on. Hawing lie strictly prohibited, and rnnsideivd it an lliainfl'ect of SiiUinical influ. rnri', nlisiM'ving tlmt tiif> woman in tlin <iiw pel, while she lind a spirit of infirmity whs i/oH'vd together, ntul ceased to bow as soon lis she was ivleased froui tho tyranny of the Uvil One. The latest phase of tho newspa per controversy is that the Oktemr luan challenges the Chronicle inuu to a * bowing match' for ten "iillonp of Helidon Spa water