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JANE Russell's true biography, in which Jane will star herself, is being planned in Holly wood as a film. Idea will be to play up highspots in the star's life, including the censorship storm which her first nun The Outlaw caused, her life as wife of professional footballer Bob Waterfield,

and her true nature as a home-loving type who prefers picnics to night clubs. They won't miss the fact that she organised a group to bring God and religion to the show 'business, after the tngrid Bergman scandal!

TlANA ANDREWS and ±J Robert Mitchum, appar ently aspire to join the sing ing division of Hollywood iaos. Mitchum is recordng an album of popular num bers with sister Carol. Dana Andrews has just recorded 'Peaceful Mind,' which was written by his brother John. The song has been publish ed. * * * CUSAN SHAW was learn ^ ing German. Lunching with a German visitor to London during the week, she found her conversation lag ging. YOU try to make an intelligent conversation out of 3 phrases: 'Ride a cock horse*, 'Pall in a puddle,' 'Three days sunshine, three days rain. ' ♦ * ♦ VIRGINIA MAYO, first * choice for the leading lady in Richard Todd's new Hollywood film, 'Lightning Strikes Twice,' hopes to go to England to play 'Captain Horatio Hornblower.'

?»i ?» m ltf OT so many years ago a *' good - looking young citizen of Philadelphia was minding his own business driving a truck for a piano company, dishing out 'La Donna e Mobile' as he went. He was Mario Lanza, who has been billed as the 'Celluloid Caruso.' His first film (for Metro) shows him as a singing truck driver. Lanza carried the film over such names as Kathryn Grayson, Jose Iturbl and Ethel Barrymore. He really can sing.* ¥ * * TTERBERT MARSHALL xx is haunting West- End pubs and the Ivy Restaur ant in London. Clearly homesick, he's having his full of his native England, but denies that he'll be stay ing. A gammy leg restricts his stage and screen activ ities, and .while he has a regular outlet in radio in Hollywood, he couldn't live on BBC shows.


MARG. LOCKWbOD Is scheduled for a return to films after net present provincial tour as Peter , Pan.

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