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NfiWS. V

On Pridaj, the^lOth . ^nHfc., a, sharp tbtmderstorm passe3 over-*3tixip of country

between here and theWooramel. -At the ? site of the bore which is to be sank on Mr Shell's property about an inch fell, there being a heavy hailstorm. On sople partsof Ella .Valla the fall ranged fromtrae to two inches, but Caliagiddy had only a light


"We learn that all the Lower Lyndon waters are now dry or salt. Mia Mia Pool has dried up, and it is rather risky country for travellers till rain falls. Feed, how ever, is plentiful and good.

At Doorawarrah 4L points of rain had fallen when the coach passed last Sunday. The fall at Jimba Jimba was heavier, and

it is tbonght folly ?0 or 70 points fell, the.:

road from that station to Doorawarrah

being sloppy for 24 miles. It did^oot ap pear as though the rain extended farther up the Oasceyne.

Writing to us. from Billabalong station nnder date December 26, Mr. J. Waldeck says : " I have had a good trip this far, bat have bad trouble with my sheep, which do

not care for the water in the fresh water

wells : v.-here it is slightly salty they drink it readily. I have never seen the stock route looking better at this time of the year. The weather has been very hot, and the day I passed Nairn's it was 116 deg. in

the shade at three o'clock in the afternoon.

J. Platt is on his way to Minginew with 1,500 wethers purchased by Mr. G. J. Gooch from Nairn Bros' Byro station. These sheep were guaranteed to average

56 lbs. on the station. J. Brown is to lift 150 fat bullocks from the same place for the same buyer on January 15. A. Cream is passing here to-morrow with 1,500 wethers, these sheep coming from Tyson Bros. Very few sheep .passed here this year for Minginew, only tome 10,000, most

of which were for G. J. Gooch. About

5,000 head of cattle passed here during the year for Minginew."

Mr. J. London, manager of "Wandogee station, informs us that less than half an

inch of rain fell there on December 28.

Seme parts of the station, however, have

had heavier rain.

Dalgety & Company, Ltd., report that *fche Paroo arrived at 8 p.m. rather later

than expected and got away next morning ; at 7.30, with very little cargo but a good number of passengers. The ss Hinilya only -arrived at 12 noon on Monday, and sailed again for Singapore via ports soon after midnight, some delay being caused through the ss Bullarra being alongside at

same time. - No wool was taken away by ? the Miniiya owing to the repairs now being made to the bridge, and consequently the next steamer, .ss Paroo, will have several hundred bales, but with the exception of a few oddments this will probably be the last wool shipment of the season. : During the past week we have placed 1,000 ewes at a price satisfactory to both buyer and seller. We are still open for fat sheep. Onr Perth friends advise that 4|d. is the value Carnarvon for Febrnary/March delivery. The ss Saltan is doe here for Sooth on or About the £3rd inst., and the ss Paroo will leave Freman tie coming North on the 26th.

.Messrs. Wbitlock & Co. advise having received for shipment: 33 bales wool account B,. Newman , 24 bales account D. N. McLeod, 7 bales account S. J. Phillips and Co, 1 bale account. Glass Bros., 44 bales account Matthews & <Jors, 4 bales kan garoo skins account J. Hatch, 1 do. do. D. G. Sloan.

Amongst the passengers by the ss Miniiya were Mr. Alex. McPhee (who will visit the Ashburton on a stock-buying mission) and Mr. H. E. Bates (manager of Cooyapooya station, JJoebourne).

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