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Victorian Govt. Defeated;

Election On May 28

MELBOURNE, April 20.-The Victorian Legislative Assembly election will be held on May 28, It was learnt tonight. This is the re sult of the defeat of the Cain Labour Govern ment at 4.25 a.m. today.

The Government was defeat ed after a 12-hour debate on a no-confidence motion, moved by the Oppasilon Leader (Mr H" S. Bolte).

The Premier (Mr Cain) law the Governor (Sir Dallas Brooks) at 3 pjn. and obtain ed a dissolution of the As sembly.

A special Cabinet meeting to decide an election date was held When Mr Cain returned from Government Bouse.

Mr Gain said later that the date would not be announced officially until he met' the House tomorrow.

There will be five parties and more than 200 candidates -both records-for the As sembly election. There will be rival Labour candidates for at least 50 seats-one endorsed by the "new" ALP executive and the other by the "old" execu


When the vote on the no confidence motion was taken at 4.25 am. today, the li Coleman-Barry Labour mem bers crossed the floor to vote against title Government.

The three Hollway Liberals left the Chamber and did not


Mir Gain claimed tonight that the Coleman-Barry group had entered into a shameless pact with the anti-Labour parties to defeat his Govern-1 ment. I

He said It had committed the

L '

| greatest act of political treach

ery in the annals of the La [ bour movement, it had apllt *

great pert? that had been re l turned to govern &t the 1952

elections by ┬źn overwhelming majority. .

It was the first time In tbe State's history that professed Labour men had joined forces with the Opposition In an at* tempt to destroy a prrty that had won the tight to govern,

Mr Gain said.

Mir W. p. Barry tonight dial lenged Kx Cain to accept the offer of Dr Svatt to tate the Labour platform during the As* sembly election campaign.

"Mr Gain and his friends would not be game to have Dr Evatt here during the cam paign," he said. "In any case, 1 am sure that Or Evatt would soon find there was a conspiracy among his Victor* lan supporters to keep him off the platform."

Mr Barry said he had put out peace-feelers for unity, but they had been rejected. He believed that Sir Cain htmnrff would have liked to listen, but was "a prisoner In the hands of Mr stout, Dr Svatt and the Communist group."

Mr Barry claimed that his party had done the right thing in assisting to defeat the Gain Government.

"I feel that the people, when they hear our story, will re turn us as a Government," he