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The following are some of the prices realised for wool from the Gascoynne district at Messrs. Elder, Smith & Co.'s appraisement in April: Brick House - 7 bales fro 16d, 17 do 15½d, 22 do 14½d dble fce 11¼d, lbs to ll^dw pes 9jd, blls 10.d. *

Calligiddy.-*r2 bales I7d" 4 do 14fd, 1 do 15|d, R 14fd, dble lOfd, lbs to llfd, pee to. 12fd.

Ella Valla-7 Wales 17^d. 19 do 15fd, 1 do 161*1, R Ǥd, dble 10|d, lbs 10|d, pes 10|d.

Williambury -30 bate 16fd, 4 do 154 18 do 14|d, 3 do I2|d, dble llfd, lbs 6§d, ?ik§, 13§d.

Lyons River-18 bales . l?|d, 21 do 16|d, black 10§d,. B 15fd, smr lbs to IHd, lbs t2fd, pes to 13d.,

Wahroonga.-58 bales 18|d. 17 do 16|td, R 15fd, dble 'llfd, black lid. smr lbs to 16£d, lbs to 12|<$, pes^ to. 15fd.

Mardathuwa.-33 dales 17Jd, M do 16§d, 6 <fO ' 15|d, 16 do 15^ 17 dp 13fd, 22 4o 14ld, 25 do 13fd, R 14|d, dbl llfd, black lOd, ^anr lbs 13§d. lbs to 12d, pes to 15§d;

Mt. Phillip,-Washed locks 10§d. ^ Cobra.-Pes 10d, washed 12d.

Point Charles.-n3 bales 12|d, 2 do fl^d, pes to 9fd.

Towrana.-2 bales 17|d, 1 ao 15§d, |bs lfd.

Ningaloo,--6 bales 14¾d, .6. do 13fd. 2 do 13|d, ,5 do* 13d, U do 12§d, soft lbs 12fd, "pes to 13|dL . Boologoorcsq -24 l)ales 15|d.; 5 do M2Jd, dbl 10|d;' l%ck ^ 10|d, pes jto l?|d, lbs to lOd. > .

MaBgari«jo.-L43 tales l^d, 5 do %$£&, 9 kfo 16|rf, Ife to 12fa, bkn

14fd, 2 pes I6d, .13 do 8|d.

- Wiiinr'ng.-32 bales lofd, 10 do 16d, 3 . doT 15Jd, 7 do. 14fd, 24 14|d, R i5|d, lbs to 12|d, pes. to

, 13R \ ' ? - - ... ?

Warroora.-18 bales l6d, 32 do 15|d, H do t3|d, 51 do 4J3H 22 ;do 12ir-dbk 9d, S to l^d,* black 9|dj. lis to lOld, pes llfd, scd ewes 29§a,sca lbs 22|df scd pes 21 JdT -spd-Tjfcs 24|d. sod lks l3kl. ^ .

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