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''COOL WOOL" SWUITABLE FOR SUMMER WEAR. So much has been written and said about the warmth-giving qualiteis of wool, that woollen clothing is accept ,ed wthout question as the best for winter use. "Wool keeps oat the cold" has become a truism, but the suggestion that woollen garments can lie the coolest for summer wear might lbe expected to raise a doubt in the minds of" most people. In ancient times when civilization was confined ,to tropical and, semi-tropical zones, wool was 'used?aud valued as the most suitable covering for the human botdy. It was recognised as coul and healthy arnd textiles made of the finest qual ity wool were prized by the great. Now modern scientists, acknowledg ing the wisdom of the ancients, ara itdvocating the use of more light wool len clothing in all countries, including the tropics, in the summer time. No doubt is entertained by any of us 'about tha superiority of wool for the winter months to keep out the cold. There need be no doubt, either, about the capacity of wool to keep out the heat. In fact there is a pronoune ed tendency, among the more enlight. ened people living in hot climates to return 'to woollen clothing. The mann facturers and merchants of Japan are ihelping materially to extend the use if light woollen fabrics throughout the Eastern. countries within the trop ics; In the. Netherlands, East Indies, there: are signs of a growing. demand for wool. In' America "cool wool" is no? a trade term to describe light material for' wear in the hot months. particularly in the Southern States and Mexico. "Wool absorbs moisture," says an American publication, ''and prevents the clammy' feeling. It will not stick to the' body in a soggy mass. Light weight wool is actually cool in sum mer .bectiise it prmits the skin to breathe. That is what is meant by cool wool, the., best ,preventative against* summer colds.'' If 1?ople can he converted to the fact that wool is cool in sumnmer, as well as warm in winter, wool produc ers and. Australia will benefit. A cam_ paign to make ,"cool wool" popular would be of special value to the pro ducer of super fine merinos. The manu facturers are doing their part: by their efforts to .exteid the markets for light woollen fabrics to keep out the heat, and -it would be well for Australia ;n paati litlar to recognise that wool is cool in summer a. well as warm in winter. s