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Last shearing, Messrs. DarlotBros. purchased Byro and Billabalong sta tions. The latter (or, actually, the part of it not purchased by Messrs. J. & C. Butcher) comprises 350,000 acies, and contains 15,000 sheep and 600 head young cattle. There are 25 windmills at present, and it is intended to add about fifteen more. There is one tank to every mill but another will be added

shortly at each well. The paddocks now from six to eight miles square, uill probably be subdivided into more workable sheep paddocks. The intention is to bring all improve ments up-to-date and enhance the carrying capacity of the land. The shearing shed will be practically reconstructed and new shearer's quar ters and men's hut built. When [ these necessary buildings are finish ed, it is probable the floor and roof j of the homestead will be raised three 1 feet, and . the old house thoroughly

renovated. Other Improvements in j dude dearing an eight feet line on

I all fences to facilitate riding them, , and 12-feet roads to all windmills. The statioq will be kept practically ! for sheep, but most of the breeding will be done at Byro, Billabalong be ing kept as a depot. Shearing starts early in September and it is probable that" from 16,000 to i7,000 will be shorn, provided that satisfactory rains fall in the meantime. The stations* carting Is done by their own teams of donkeys and camels. The rain fall 1901 to 1913 'has been as fbllows: 465, 478, 585,893, 827.563, 405, 1293 £1908), 1238, 1277, 365, 773, 864. To

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