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Mr. Dan Mulcahy's homestead is   on the Murchison river, some eight een miles west of Beringarra. Milly Milly is a holding of 1,600,000 acres.

There are 48 windmills, and the wells, are mostly shallow, though some are as deep as 120 feet. The sheep now number between eight and ten thou sand. It was hoped there would be a good lambing, but the eaglehawks have been very bad, 150 of them being killed since February, Last year, 1,500 head of cattle were must ered, not counting tbe calves. This season the cows are in very fair con dition and the mustering is looking promising. . Where the Murchison river flooded early this year the only green food on the run is to be found, but the Wooramel country has had no rain for four years. There are between eighty and ninety miles of frontage on the Wooramel river, and splendid   country it is in the average season, but since the last good rain up there it has not been fit to run the cattle on.

The rainfall at the homestead has been as follows :-1914-January 64, February 112, March 5, April 56, total to date, 237 ; 1913-January 64, March 73, April 158,: June 136, July 138, August 60, September 6, total 635 points in 31 falls; 1912-January 55, February 10, May-64, June 110, September 12, October 92, total 343; 1911 - January 76, February 2, March 6, May 36, June 83, July 29, August 15, total 247 in 18 falls. In 1909 the fall was 15 inches, but the average '

rainfall is about 7½ inches. At Yed erradda outcamp, about 20 miles south of the homestead, this year's rain has been : January 31, February 77, March 1, April 105. A few years ago, during the bumper seasons, some eighty acres of erop were put in, and though the sowing was late, there was a good return. A repetition of the experiment has been made im possible by the incidence of the falls and the very low rainfall since theu. Mr. G. R. Monger has been manager of the station for the past two years.

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