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.Our: men ro S THIU MODEL 21st. -B:? ?i :G.':H B. I3aratt,; who is con nectcd withltherlst Battaliodt A.I.F. -writes [fromr Egyipttl-~,,' You ' ight be interested' hear friom an old rcadcr of the "Cross' at present: with .the Colouirs. i hot . and dusty Egypt. We oftlhe 6th Brigade A.I.F., are training at Heliopolis for our part int this great fight for' the liberty of the civilized world. We are fast making 'tlhe "6'th" the best Brigade, that ever left" Australia. Our n. marching is ,always admired, . wherecer w.e go, as every; man's, soul 'is thrown .'into his, work. Wei are training very ver hard; and . night enitrenching, ala'rms, and marches are very, frequient. We have just corn pleted a five days' inusketry course at .Abbassieh range. :We fired -65 .rounds of ammunition: Our Cornm pa'iy (C Co 21st Battalion) came out top' dogs" 'in our averages, but o'6f5. course' there" are many Citizen ;Forcer lads "here o;:yquite : a good sprinkling: of: 6thl 'Batthliori boys too..: We w-ere very sorry to ,hcear that Lieut. J.. G. T.: anlby had. ,been ,wounded, but we hope lie wilL, soon be- back at his : Work again. We : are all eager to get awsay and do our. little "bit.. Those who stop home at a time like this are missing a "great thing. Ma-ain more, ,are vwanted;. X7When' we :visitifospitals here- " full of wounded and mutilated 'lads, once in the prime of life, we 'realise' how cruel this+war is,- and 'what. a heav 'bill the mad-brained IKaiser must pay. Our iriends 'and relatives will .tie pleascd to ihear that ,our behaviour in Cairo and 1Heliopol is has' been so .good (even on pay days) that the authorities have noticed: it, andl hae increased our 'leae' from' 20 .perr cent to 410 per cent. of the strength. We are treated better bec?aise of this" change. We have been issued two Holland shirts, and twso pairs of shorts, on account of the heat; and e are shortly to g?et helmets. WeX are being fed very swell and'in additibiion we being an army of occupation; are given a mess: allowance of S'dl " per day, whichl gets us extras,' such as tinned fruit, fish; pickles and sauce. Alto gether we are a big, happy family. Those cold-footed ones who stop be hind are missing the time of their lives.- .