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-Derby Notes


Miss Anne Wyatt left on Thur sday's south-bound Douglas, after spending a holiday* with ber aunt, Mrs. Naughton.


Mr. Harry Strickland passed through Derby irum Wyndham on Thursday's Douglas.


After working on "Liveringa" station for the past" 16 years, Mr.

Don Sears, accompanied by his j

wife and child, left for Perth on Friday's plane. He is taking a position on "Mileura" station on

the Murchison.


Mr. Harry Freeman, head dril ler for Freney Oil Company, ar rived by plane on Thursday with some of his crew. They chartered a plane to take them to "My roodah" station on Sunday, and will go out to the bore-site by



Mr. Kim Rose, of "Liveringa" station, was in town on Wednes day night, and returned to the station on Thursday morning.

Merv. Otway, well known in the Kimberleys, came up on the plane and is going out to Freneys. "Blaekie" is going out there, too.


Mrs. Kennie Ah Chee returned to Derby on Thursday after a brief holiday in perth.


Messrs Jim Coleman and "Bun ny" Hamilton went down to Broome on a hurried visit last

week end.

P. and C. MEETING "

The Parents and Citizens meet, ing for March was held on March 14, but the attendance was not uip to expectations, especially as the bazaar is being held in June to raise money for the purchase of a piano for the kiddies, und it was thought that more parents would have been along to give their ideas and suggestions. Please make every endeavour to pe along at the next meeting, which willi

be held on April ll.

Those present at the meetrag were Mrs. Chandler (chairman), and Mesdames Chalmers, Lange. Dunn, Rolf, Kent, Nickels, Pow

[ ell, Naughton and Miss William-. i son and Messrs Dunn, Glaus and


' Mr. R. Bell, of "Ellendale," was

in town during the week. i

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